Race never played a part

I'm sooooo tired of hearing about Bush and his failure to support the victims of Katrina......first local government failed to take care of it's people (New Orleans).... second state government failed to take care of it's people (Louisiana).... these are officials elected to take care of New Orleans, Louisiana.....when help was waiting at the door..... local and state officials turned it away....and all you and the media can do is blame our Federal government....get real...wake up smell the flowers and call it like it is.....don't point to the feds while overlooking the biggest failures to ever be elected....and the results of this disaster isn't just from Katrina but a history of crooked lazy politicians spending the money that should have been used for protection of the citizens for other projects that never had the people of New Orleans in mind at all.

Race never played a part in this tragedy....Poor versus rich...I'll go along with that but playing the race card at this time is vastly distorting the truth. Had poor white people lived in those houses they would be suffering the same fate had the mayor left them there to drown.....Be honest and tell the truth if you can.

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