A comment on your website

I just found your website while goggling for news. I am a white male living in Florida. I am taking it from the title, that this is a primary Black news source. The first thing I thought I would have found was "Bush is guilty of killing Blacks."

It surprised the hell out of me when I finally saw a website stating that the mayor is guilty. Isn't it the responsibility? Of the mayor, and the Governor to take care of the state. Think of the political mess if Bush would have federalized the National Guard (which I never want to see happen because that’s the states army in theory to protect the states from the Federal army if something twisted happened), and nothing happened.

Or if everyone was made to leave their house by the Feds then the hurricane moved to Texas. Then it would be "Bush is trying to steal the Black man’s house." I hate when race is brought up for political reasons. Of course more Blacks are going to be left in New Orleans than whites considering Blacks are the majority in the city.

It just makes more ratings if you don't mention that fact. If this happened in Houston and you had a bunch of white rednecks trapped in the city, is someone gonna say blame Al Sharpen he hates whites?

Black Congress leaders and Democrats can blame Bush, but what the hell did they do? Fine if you don't like Bush, use his picture on a dartboard or toilet paper, but don't bring politics in when people are dying.

Gary Stadler

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