Letter to the Editor

I am a white American man, and I have to tell you that the neo conservative Republican party is using "class warfare" to not only destroy many of the positive things that Blacks saw happen, Black leaders should be proud of all of this that occurred from the 1950's up to President Carter. Then these low life bastards starting with Reagan right up to this guy Bush, are using "class warfare" to destroy all of us.

We so much need to stick together now, because the strategy is to allow as many Mexicans as possible to take jobs from both white and Black peoples. To destroy the labor movement, and to destroy the middle class, and let me say that Black Americans were starting to join and become a part of the middle class. I remind you that I am not against Mexicans, but the plan is to drive wages down for all of us. And this promotes friction between white and Black Americans in the job market, because there are less job opportunities, and these bastard Republican neo cons sit back and laugh.

And these Republican neo cons control talk radio and network t v news. And we no longer have someone to defend the working poor, be they Black or white. I have a Black American friend, and in a conversation I had with him once was "if ever there were a group of people who deserved to share in the wealth of America, it is the Black American, not the Mexican American.” What about all of the inner city Black young people who hang out on street corners, and see no future for themselves?

As I say it was the new deal Roosevelt, which was the start of the middle class. And then it was Kennedy and King; both put their necks on the chopping block, and sacrificed their lives, so as to allow black Americans to share in voting rights, education, good jobs, and acceptance. Now it is all being lost, because we just do not get it, how important it is to vote for those who will allow labor unions, improve minimum wage, health care, all of those things.

I am willing to bet that if you gave a choice to an inner city Black teenager whether to sell drugs and carry a gun, and/or a job with starting pay at 12$ an hour with benefits, and the opportunity to succeed, and to be proud of yourself, and not be in danger of being shot, well that young man will take the job in a heart beat. Working blacks and working whites, we are in this together. If we do,?????

Then the game is up, we win and they, the neo cons lose. Then we can raise their taxes so as they pay their fair share, and if they do not like it, then they can move to china or India or Mexico, where they are sending our jobs. Ok, I am out of here, hope I make some sense, sincerely,

Howard from Pittsburgh

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