Open Letter to Mayor Nagin


I have been unsuccessful in my email attempts to Mayor Nagin and City government in New Orleans. I have the following concerns as addressed in the comments below. If by chance you can forward these concerns on my behalf, I think they are worthy of some response.

Thank you,

Ron Carter

Dear Mr. Mayor,

We all are deeply saddened by the devastating impact of hurricane Katrina on your city. It goes without saying that much was lost, far beyond the physical destruction. It concerns me greatly that many residents are leaving properties, which have been owned for generations with no intentions of returning, many, because they are being encouraged to go by government officials.

What will happen to the deeds of trust for these properties? I think it’s only right that they be retained in abeyance until your city is fit for these people to return. At a minimum, some form of leveraged equity should be available to those who choose not to return. Losing land that they have owned for years should not be the outcome for people who have already lost so much. Have the deeds of trust for these properties been salvaged/secured and if so, what will happen to them?

Thank you kindly for your response. May God bless you and your city, and
Provide a future as vigorous as your spirit.

Ron Carter

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