Comments from Melvia

by Melvia Miller

'I'm So Sorry'

In emotional private meetings with the families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Bush offers solace-and seeks some of his own.


I think Bush made a terrible blunder by going into Iraq. Even though we know Saddam was a bad dictator, he did not attack us on 9-11 nor did he have WMDs. And a good military general should never bite off more than he can chew--- put his troops in the middle of a large number of hostile forces.

Bush claims that by going to Iraq--we take the fight to them. Ha!! The "terrorists" continue to bomb in England, Philippines, and wherever they so chose.

Our American troops are getting bombed and shot at daily in Baghdad. And for what?????

That war is NOT stopping the terrorists---and in fact, the number of people dying in this mess has increased-- rather than decreased.

The people responsible for that tragedy on 9-11 are still "at large." Al-Qaeda and Osama put out more tapes than a Rap Group.

Many Americans, particularly Black folks, find it incredible that our Gov't attempts to set itself up as the "wonderful democratic savior" of the world—when we know that the USA is full of hypocrisy, injustices, racism, and immorality. Black people have never been treated in a "democratic" or JUST way in this country.

Right now, thousands of Black people are being subjected to Police "racial harassment and profiling"---and the jails and prisons are filled with many Blacks who did nothing to deserve to be there. The jails and prisons are being used like modern day PLANTATIONS.

Although researchers and scholars constantly advocate the education & training will help improve society, reduce prison populations, etc.--- FUNDS ARE LACKING for such programs.

While we build schools, buildings, etc. in Iraq—our own nation suffers from high gas prices, lack of funds for our own schools--- millions of Americans have NO
health benefits.

There are more than 60 bad dictators in the world...IS THE USA GOING TO FIGHT ALL OF THEM?

There are also millions of children starving in Africa, India and other places. What are we going to do about that? Or are we going to ignore this problem?

Much of the terrorism is rooted in "dirty politics" that the USA and England have practiced over in the Middle East--- cheating and deceiving those people
over the oil, and their lands.


He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.


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