Letter to the Editor;

This letter is in response to the silly, hateful and ignorant comments by Tyrone Shoelace. Such comments
and feelings are widespread in many circles---and often these rednecks also publish ugly cartoons and
stamps--such as the ones that the Mexican Gov't has been selling.

It is a SHAME before God---that they pretend that they are so "good" and that others are not. WHITE PEOPLE
have no moral, ethical or any position of superiority whatsoever !!!

Apparently, this person is living in a fantasy world---and has amnesia about the CRIMES of his own
White people. He claims that White folks laugh at Black people.

****HELLO-- McFly:

Most of the world does not like White Americans. China and Korea have threatened to blow up the
US---and most other countries are not very fond of the US actions in Iraq either.

WHY ARE THE TERRORISTS trying to run the "wonderful Americans out of the Middle East???"

WHITE AMERICANS are in NO moral position to tell other "ethnic groups" to go back to Africa --or to pass
judgement on them ---or to laugh at other people.

In fact, White Americans have NO business in Iraq or other countries trying to falsely portray themselves
as "fair, democratic, moral, or decent."

If anyone should "go back" to someplace--- it is surely these war-mongering White people who have
perpetrated their venom all over the world for centuries.

The entire USA was built upon death, destruction, war, theft, slavery, lynchings, rapes, and racism---not to
mention the genocide of the American Native (Indians).

WHITE FOLKS perpetrated the GREATEST CRIME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND when the enslaved millions of Black Africans.

And then after Lincoln freed the slaves from the White House ---it did not really stop.

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