Letter to the Black Community

Blacks need to wake-up in this country

You people have no ties to Africa, so why do you wear all of this Afro garbage?
You make up some silly ass holiday like Kwanzaa. You know the whole world laughs at you.

The Army was full of Negro's during peacetime. Now, you people are refusing to serve your country. You say this isn't your country? Well, take a slow boat to Africa.

Integration has not worked and it will never work. You people took over all the cities and now they are slums.

We don't want to live around you people and you do not want to live around us. So why play games?

You know, every time a few white people get together, be it Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Police Officer, Firemen, Church folk, Farmers, etc. regardless of what social/economical class they are from, we always end up talking about "The Negro". Everyone laughs at you and nobody wants to be around you.
You might have some ugly, fat ass white girl and a zebra baby or you may have a beautiful white girl, who is mentally ill but look at them as just white trash.

I wish you would get on with the Malcolm X grassroots movement where you would have 3 or 4 states to call your own. That way we wouldn't bother each other.
Or better yet, go back to Africa, Jack.

Another thing: Why do you people make up silly ass names like Lakaschaunda, Latiefe, Ugaboooga and other names that mean nothing?


Tyrone Shoelace

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