The AIDS epidemic

The AIDS epidemic is a government covert biological warfare operation aimed primarily at people of African descent. This is not a joke. This is not fiction. This is not speculation. The fact is. And the statements in this e-mail in which originated from site proves this. As a black man with my understanding of how this sick country operates, I am not surprised that this evilness has been going on. But what is interesting to me is how intricate, detailed and chronicled this scheme is documented in a flow chart. Make no mistake about it, these people have no regard for us and we better wake up. This is our 911 terrorist attack that can be traced back the year 1878. We are in the end game but this is not game.

The US government / secret government was and is actively working to annihilate select groups of people primarily people of African descent. This secret policy of the government is only characteristic of a system that historically terrorized native and black people. These documents show numerous presidents knowingly endorsing genocide against its own so called citizens, and biological warfare against peaceful non-threatening nations. Jimmy Carter who is supposed to be a Christian and democrat endorsed this policy so no black person should be under the illusion that one political party is better than the other. They are both demonically inspired. If the black people in this country need a wake up call this should be it.

Elements of this government have made it clear that it is at war with us. What more do you need for these demon inspired people to do to you. Don’t wait for the ovens to be heated up because it can happen. Take a stand against tyranny and fascisms because you don’t have a choice. Pass these documents on.

Knowledge is power. Use your knowledge power as a weapon in the battle to defeat these devils. Note: There is a history of the development of AIDS timeline document and a government flow chart document that outlines, details and summarizes this whole sinister depraved plot that this government has been engaging in. You can find all this information and more at

Thank you

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