To My Dear Friends at Black News Week.Com,

Please be assured that I send my sincere best wishes to all of you. My name is James Shepherd. I am a 56-year-old African-American and a resident of Sanford, Florida. The matter about which I am writing is rather complicated and involved. However, if you or some of your staff can find the time to give it careful consideration, I am sure you will not regret the effort. This is (admittedly) a most unusual matter. It might however have a very serious impact upon the future of all of humanity. I would not be attempting this communication unless I honestly felt that this might in fact be a matter of life or death.

For over 26 years, I have been working on an abstract, artistic/intellectual project that I call a â•&Mac254;Portfolio of a Genius â•„ A Collage in the Key of Lifeâ•&Mac255; (or a â•&Mac254;Portfolio of an Undiscovered Howard Hughesâ•&Mac255;). This is an ongoing and very ambitious project. It is also potentially highly controversial. However, despite any potential controversy, this is a completely legitimate undertaking.

This is NOT any sort of COMMERCIAL venture. As strange as it might seem, if there were to actually exist a credible and highly developed effort of this type, it would (in fact) be a matter of INTERNATIONAL SECURITY. And, I most respectfully submit that, all indications clearly suggest that the case in hand precisely qualifies as such an occasion.

I have posted important elements of my work on the Internet, at, for review and scrutiny. This is (admittedly) a somewhat complicated project. It is based upon a very unusual concept that has, by now, become very obscure.

The reason for my online presentation and contacts such as this one is in an effort to try to locate other individuals who are (for any reason) already familiar with the (now very obscure) concept upon which my work is based.

It must be understood that my search is not for material directly related to the life and activities of the late American billionaire, Howard Hughes (such as biographical and historical information). Rather, I am searching for a certain television, documentary type, VIDEO PRESENTATION (circa 1969-1970) and other material related to an obscure artistic/intellectual concept that, in part, bears the name of Mr. Hughes (i.e., a â•&Mac254;Portfolio of an Undiscovered Howard Hughesâ•&Mac255;).

Although my overall production is (unfortunately) very lengthy and must properly be evaluated as a progressive and coherent whole, please pay particular attention to the portions of my project designated, "Consolidated Links" and "SECTION_X". These links are found near the bottom of my web page at,, as well as on my CD-ROM disc. Any future changes or updates to my ongoing project will likely also be found in this same area. Official court documents and letters from the Florida State Hospital that are highly relevant to this undertaking may be found in "SECTION_I".

I am very much open to questions or comments from anyone who might possibly be interested in my work, even if they may not fully understand my undertaking or the pre-existing concept upon which my work is based. Although you might not presently be aware of this material or concept, I honestly believe that it could not be a waste of your time or resources to investigate this matter, as may be possible. The underlying motivation here is PUBLIC SERVICE, completely above and beyond any political, social, religious or economic considerations.

Thank you so very much for your own fine spirit of public service. And, thank you for any research and/or other consideration you may be able to give to this matter. But, of course, I do not consider you to be under any obligation whatsoever. Health, happiness, success and long life to all of you.

Truly yours,
James E. Shepherd Jr.
(407) 221-0109 â•„ cell phone
(407) 323-2380 â•„ fax - e-mail - web site

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