What's Fair?

Five years ago, I couldn’t find work after graduating from college with a B.A. in Political Science, two years of law school, and Microsoft Certifications in computer networking, so I accepted a job as a janitor from Manpower temporary agency in an apartment complex for independent senior citizens.

To make a long story short, after being denied full time employment because I was not married, I got fired by my manager’s supervisor despite my manager’s recommendation in my favor to hire me as a full time employee. Rather than see me out of a job, my manager found a job at a different apartment complex managed by the same property management company. When my manager’s supervisor found out, he fired me again. But before I left that complex, the painter loved my work and referred me to still yet another apartment building managed by the same property management company.

When the supervisor found out about that, he fired me again. My neighbor found a job for me at St. Lukes Hospital in Pasadena but it closed down a month later. By that time, the married couple hired in my place at the first building was caught selling drugs on the property as well as opening up fraudulent cell phone accounts and making purchases of office equipment in the companies name. They were fired and I was called back to the same place as a temporary employee.

By this time I was so upset, I asked God to help me solve this problem. He spoke to my spirit and told me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Instead, use your time to learn how to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese. All of the tenants are from Mainland China. I did. As soon as the Supervisor found out I was interpreting and translating for my manager, he hired me full time, gave me two raises and a benefit package.

I have just finished Chinese Four at Pasadena City College. I have just finished filming a documentary showing how I learned to speak, read and write Mandarin. It shows my daily routine of reading Chinese while mopping a floor, assisting Monterey Park Fire and Police officers during 911 calls on the property. It shows how I teach English while learning Chinese from tenants and their caregivers in the complex. It shows how I teach kids how to count in Chinese while I teach them Kenpo Karate at the Pasadena Studio on Los Robles and Colorado Blvd.

Daniel Stanfield

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