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Ok, I'm a white guy so if that's reason enough to
discont what I say, fine. Try to remember that RFK &
JFK were also white. But there is something in this
country called 'innnocent until proven guilty.'
Michael Jackson has a skin disease, or didn't you know
that? I think it's called lupus. he has given so much
of his life to entertaining and caring for children.
His childhood was robbed of him by an abusive father.

The tone of your article makes it sound like you are
cut from the same cloth as his father. Are you too
bitter to get it that the mainstream , right-wing
controlled media just loves to lynch a black
entertainer any chance it gets?

Just look at OJ, Kobe,
Snoop Dog, the list goes on and on. all guilty before
being rpoven so, right? New-style character
assasination works much better than the old-fashioned
kind employed against malcolm, medgar & martin because
it strips away any potential of martyrdom. We're not
allowed to have any black heroes in america. I pray
they don't try doing it to obama. you should really
not convict michael before the jury does, don't you

Hhis abnormal childhood may have made him a
freak, but if his freakishness makes him want to love
his fellow 'children' and have them as his playmates,
I myself know a (white) child (female) with cancer who
adores michael because of her visit to neverland. is
it that he likes boys that pisses you off? that he has
a peter pan complex?

Is it because many of the kids
with cancer are white? Do you think dick gregory,
oprah winfrey, chris rock and dianna ross are less
black for being his friend? Get over it. If you don't
think there are people out there willing to take
financial advantage of celebrities (of any color) then
you must live in a cave. If you think there are no
district attorneys who fudge the truth to convict
black men, perhaps you haven't seen the statistics on
u.s prison (including death row) poulations.

ted quinn
joshua tree

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