Hate Mail

If MJ moslested any boys or girls - then we all have.  Botton line!  They are trying to convict Michael because he was in close proximity to young boys - and some didn't like it.  May haps he should not have been - but because he was - is no reason to convict him of something that he did not do.  I'll be damned.  Is is a set-up all the way round - and because the brotha is worth one half of a billion dollars - and owns interest in the Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Little Richard and Elvis's catalogs - some can't stand it - and especially Sony, and want to see him hung and ruined.

The way his skin is has been proven to come from the vitiligo (sp?) that he has.  He wears his hair like Youngblood Priest of the Superfly movie did, and he has had good realtionships with caucasian's - and because of that - he should be falsely accused and lynched?  Some here need to look at the "Man/Woman in the Mirror", and realize that a person should not be lynched in a modern day witch hunt and lynching for a crime said person didn't commit - just because some don't like or appreciate him, and thinks he is getting what he deserves.  Get real!  Who made you all King/Queen, or better yet - God?

Michael is not guilty of molesting a soul - and God will insure he is not strung up for it.  Now if some don't like him - and think he is getting what he deserves, and et al, too bad - for you don't matter.  God is in charge.  If he was guilty - God would let him fry - but I'll be damned if that is the case.

And - I don't even want to go into the non-evidence of this trial - because evidently some haven't been tuned in.  They proved nothing - but that he had a few heterosexual magazines of some women.  No DNA - and some more stuff - so talk to the hand - and get over your self-righteous selves - the some of yous.  You need to shut your face - because surely - you haven't followed the case.  The persecution proved Jack Shit - you loser. 

You got your nerve - because you don't hardly represent me - and I am a black person. 
Go play with your ignorant self in traffic.

Valerie Lee

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