My Opinion:


By Joan Thompson

THE Mexican President panicked after the Minute Men Project along the Arizona border became a success. When ever things are going badly the US and Mexican Government reach and get the real scape goat; the American Black Man and blame him because those idiots running the Mexican government cannot stop shipping the many illegal Mexicans or illegal drugs to California and Arizona, so got to blame the Black American male living in the good old USA.

Bush did it when he started the Iraq War. They got KOBE and he distracted most American when that white bitch in Colorado told the world that he had raped her. We now have the Michael Jackson trail here in California.

The Mexican Drug cartel put out a contract to kill 1000 black men living n California not one national news paper carried the story, but people in California heard about the contract to kill 1000 brothers that day 05/05/05.

The brothers on the west coast did not go out of the house with out the peacemaker. We think what you are about to see is every Mexican drug cartel and illegal drop house address located in south central LA on-the Internet daily. A group of Black men got together and started paying school kids who know every drop house in the south central LA area.

We now know the Afghanistan drug lords are going to use every black urban area in the country to distribute cheap Afghanistan heroin processed with chemicals which will cause Aids, the bush administration is using the same tactics used by Nixon putting cheap heroin in every black community in the country.


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