Rodney Jackson
4440 Dorris St. Apt. A
Chattanooga, TN 37410

Chattanooga Police Department
Internal Affairs
Chattanooga, TN

Citizen Complaint against officer Bolton and badge #328

To whom it may concern:

My name is Rodney Jackson, a citizen of the city of Chattanooga Tennessee, and I am filing a citizen’s complaint to the Internal Affairs Department against two Chattanooga police department officers (officer Bolton and the badge #328) for the violation of my First Amendment rights and my Forth Amendment rights, and slander in profiling me as a drug dealer.

On Friday Nov. 26, I was walking from an ill friend’s house when I encountered two city police officers. As I turned the corner on 38th St., I saw the two cops pull up around me as I entered a friend’s business. While I was in my friend’s business, the two officers parked in front of the business as if waiting for me to come out. When I came out of the business, they approached me and asked me for my identification. Since I had not broken any law, and was walking in my own community, these two officers violated my First Amendment rights by stopping me for no reason and demanding me show them identification.

After being stopped as I came out of the business, they accused me of being a drug dealer, which I am not! When I denied their false claims of being a drug dealer, officer Bolton demanded and took my identification and placed it on the dashboard of the police car. This arbitrary act of detaining me for no reason, was a violated my Forth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure. When I asked why I was being detained, they told me I was being detained for suspicion of drugs. This is a flat lie because I have never been charged-with or ever sold drugs in my life.

Next, officer Bolton went into the business that I came out of, and again accuses me of being a drug dealer and slandered me again by telling the lady who worked in the business, Nicky Fry, that I was a known drug dealer. While being detained outside with officer badge #328, I complained that I was going to file a complaint with the Internal Affaires Department. The response I got back from badge #328 was that, “No one will care because we control the Internal Affairs Department now that Chief Dodson is gone.”

While officer Bolton was in the business, I told badge #328 that I thought that he and officer Bolton were just harassing me for no reason, and he replied to me that the police department will not believe me.

I personally feel that this is a racial profiling incident! They resent me because I am a Black man, and they assume that all Black men are drug dealers.

As a result of this racial incident, these two officers appear to be two sociopaths who are psychologically unfit to ware the badge.


Rodney Jackson, 11/29/04

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