Jim Crow is alive and well in the ATL

Please pass on to Sinclere Lee:

By Robert D. Bullard

I write you not as a professor of sociology and director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University but as a U.S. citizen, taxpayer, and victim of the corrupt and racist Fulton County Superior Court System.

Someone needs shine a spotlight on the "judicial plantation" court system in Fulton County (Atlanta). Jim Crow is alive and well in the ATL. Having written 14 books on race in America (see http://www.ejrc.cau.edu/books4sale.html) and having testified as an expert witness on countless civil rights lawsuits and hearings, I know a little something about racial discrimination.

You should know that back in September 2004, six months before the shooting of a judge, a court reporter, and a bailiff in the Fulton County courthouse (where Brian Nichols is accused) in March 2005, my ex-wife, who is a novelist - Shades of Justice and I filed a $100 million lawsuit against the judges in Fulton County Superior Court (see <http://www.send2press.com/PRnetwire/pr04_092001-bullard.shtml>) charging them with race discrimination against plaintiffs —who are overwhelmingly black in that court system.

To date, the seamy side of the Fulton County Court System, where the violence occurred in March, has not been thoroughly explored, while Brian Nichols has been thoroughly demonized in the press. I read your "Atlanta courthouse killings suspect has disgraced Blacks, but the “criminal justice system” is not without blame."

While not condoning the court shootings in any way, it is no secret that the Fulton County Courts are notorious for grinding blacks (poor blacks as well as "successful" blacks) into the dirt. It was only a matter of time before someone exploded. My ex-wife and I are not crackpots nor are we criminals. More importantly, we did not resort to violence against the Fulton County judges. We filed a lawsuit against them.

The problem is national in scope. Unless dramatic changes are made in the judicial system, this country is likely to experience more violence directed against the courts.

Have you considered doing an in-depth piece exposing the institutional racism and discrimination against blacks in the courts the Atlanta/Fulton County court system? This is timely with the court gearing up for the Brian Nichols' "trial."

Take care.

Robert D. Bullard, Ph.D.
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