Two more girls murdered; they’re eating their own young

'Best friends' stabbed to death in northern Illinois town

By Noble Johns

ZION, Illinois (BNW) –
It is getting a bit sickening the way these nuts and freaks are killing these children in this country. We just got though the killings of two young girls in Florida and Alabama, and now two girls, both under 10 and described as best friends, were found killed in a wooded park near a small Illinois town. This is not a reflection on any one race of people, the murders of these young girls, but it appears that some whites in this country are eating their young.

The area coroner said Laura Hobbs and Krystal Tobias died from "stab wounds" but were not sexually assaulted.

"We do have two murdered children, and we don't have anybody in custody," Zion police chief Doug Malcolm said. He added investigators have "no solid leads."

The girls were reported missing by their parents Sunday evening.

Malcolm said: "No stone will be unturned. It's a heinous crime. It's a crime against not only those kids, but against all of us."

The cause of death appeared to be multiple stab wounds with a knife, said Lake County Coroner Richard Keller, adding at an afternoon news conference that autopsies were still under way.

No initial signs of sexual assault were found, he said.

Keller earlier said the girls were found in a wooded area and were not covered.

Keller said there were "obvious injuries" and that police were looking for murder weapons. He said no DNA evidence had been found so far.

"Apparently these girls were best friends and had last been seen riding their bikes together earlier in the afternoon," Malcolm said.

The mother of one of the girls called police at about 8:50 p.m. (9:50 p.m. ET) to say that her daughter had failed to return home as scheduled at 7 p.m., the chief said.

He said police conducted a search with help from a rescue dog and local citizen volunteer group.

"They were out all night helping us search," he said of the volunteer group.

He said police put out flyers urging residents to look for the girls, but did not take further steps because "there was no indication that there was any specific foul play."

The bodies were discovered at Beulah Park around 6 a.m. (7 a.m. ET); police did not identify the person who found them.

Malcolm said the bodies were found off a bicycle path in a wooded area on the north end of the city park. At least one of the girls' bicycles was found at the scene.

Home to about 23,000 people, Zion is 44 miles north of Chicago. The town was founded in 1901 as a utopian society by a Scottish minister, Dr. John Alexander Dowie, according to its Web site.

Zion had three reported murders in 2002 and none in 2003, according to the police department's annual reports.

"This is an unusual occurrence for our community, and we are going to do everything we possibly can to bring this to a quick resolution," Mayor Lane Harrison said.

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