Chattanooga honors longtime resident, racist, J.B. Stoner who died at 81

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Chattanooga honors longtime resident, J.B. Stoner. Stoner, known for his extreme racial views and hatred towards Blacks, died Saturday at age 81 at a Walker County nursing home, near Chattanooga. A memorial service will be held in Chattanooga next week to honor Stoner's work in keeping racism alive in Chattanooga and the old South. Many local leaders are expected to attend.

There were private funeral services on Tuesday, attended by hundreds of loyal Chattanoogans, and he was buried at Forest Hills Cemetery in St. Elmo and praised for great works in keeping this community divided along racial lines. Chattanooga has long been known for being one of the most racially divided, corrupt, rotten and racist cities in this country and J.B. Stoner is its native son.

Chattanooga ain't fit for a Black dog to live in, and the city just recently let a white cop off for shooting an unarmed Black man in the back. As a result, it appears to be a conspiracy between the prosecutor's office in Chattanooga to put on a weak prosecution of the case, and the lawyers of the killer cop to set the cop free from justice. It was all a big legal trick in the first place designed by the prosecution to make the trial look fair.

This was an obstruction of justice case put on by the prosecutor's office in the city of Chattanooga, not only against the dead man killed by the racist cops, but the entire Black community in Chattanooga!

Many in the Black community accuse Attorney General Cox of selective prosecution in Chattanooga. Right now, the Black community in Chattanooga begs the question about, "how strong of a case will the prosecutor's office put on against that crazy, Black man, who accidentally killed that white woman cop, officer Judy Jacks?" Cox wants to lynch him!

The longtime Chattanooga Valley resident had spent his last few years at the nursing home. Stoner was the worse scum during the civil rights movement, and had his biggest following and success in Chattanooga Tennessee.

He was in prison in Alabama for over three years for the June 1958 bombing of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham. No one was killed in that blast. This support for known murderers of Black Americans during the civil rights era is not new for the city of Chattanooga. Byran de la Beckwith, the convicted murderer of Medgar Evers, found refuge in Chattanooga for years because the city is perhaps the most racist city in America,

J.B. Stoner had served as national chairman of the National States Rights Party, a white supremacist, anti-Semitic group. Most Black citizens in Chattanooga are upset that this racist cracker is buried in the city.

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