More Hate E-mail

Your online newspaper “Black News” is a hoot! You got the whole country laughing with that absurdity you write, But, we don't know if you are black or white. Some say no black person in this country has the skill level to create the site. Others say your tone is identifiably black in content. Whatever the case, Niggers in this country are too stupid and cannot read what you are saying anyway, and if they could, they are too stupid and won't invest their money to buy computers to better themsleves. Nor do they have the sense to get on the Internet and read your rag.

I think you're black, and you are wrong about President Reagan because he was a president for blacks and whites in this country. He was a great man; not that like that Malcolm X you love so.

I hope you are white web designers making a joke about stupid Blacks on the Internet because I would hate to think some Niggers can produce something like this for the world to see!

Jack Lord

Crooksville Mississippi

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