Bill Cosby’s Remarks Too Stupid To Believe

By Noble Johns

Los Angeles (BNW) —
Bill Cosby complains that the media rumors that he has abandoned the African American lower economic community are grossly exaggerated.

If he hasn’t abandoned the lower class struggling Blacks, I don’t know what he calls his disparaging remarks last week regarding how some of our poor uneducated Blacks behave. Why, Bill Cosby abandoned his culture and race a long time ago, so why is everyone surprised when he flies the coop and rants and raves against poor Blacks.

A report in the "Reliable Source" column of the Washington Post reprinted in many newspapers across the country left no doubt as to how Cosby feel about poor Blacks. The article in the Post mentioned that Mr. Cosby's remarks were specifically in context to addressing the epidemic of an estimated 50% of African American males in the inner city that are dropping out of school.

People like Bill Cosby just don’t get it! They always fail to mention that racism is still driving most of the negative behavior found in some of our young people.

While the Post article accurately characterized Cosby's remarks as a general criticism of the Black lower economic classes in particular, it smacks of a total condemnation of the Black community in general.

I would like to ask Bill Cosby what has he done to help empower poor Blacks? We know what he has given to Black universities that continue to fail the Black students; yet, I don’t hear any disparaging remarks against them.

Mr. Cosby explains that his comments were intended to be a call to action, to "turn the mirror around on ourselves."

What action is he talking about? He has never been known for any action! Where was he during the Civil rights movement? I have never seen Bill Cosby in any of the pictures with Civil Rights icons like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or Dick Gregory. While he more than any Black in America has benefited from the Civil Rights movement, but has given so little to the struggle for civil rights in this country.

Just where was Bill Cosby during the Civil Rights movement? He was at the Playboy club; trying to screw as many Playboy bunnies as he could!

"I think that it is time for concerned African Americans to march, galvanize and raise the awareness about this epidemic to transform our helplessness, frustration and righteous indignation into a sense of shared responsibility and action." He said. What a hypocrite from a man whose greatest contribution to the Black community was to star in a show that gave a distorted view of Black American life.

In his quest to remake the Black community in his own image, Bill Cosby states, "I travel the country and see these patterns in every community-stories of 12 year old children killed in the cross fire between knuckleheads selling drugs, the 14 year olds with a sealed envelop as their first step into the criminal justice system, the young males who become fathers and not held responsible, the young women having children and moving back in with their mothers and grandmothers, and the young people who choose not to learn standard English," he said. Again, it’s racism that forces our people into a life of crime, and Bill Cosby, you can just go screw yourself if you think that’s not true.

I wonder if Bill Cosby every heard of “vernacular colloquialism” when he points out that media critics such as Christopher Farley at Time Magazine are flawed in their argument that African American literary greats such as Langston Hughes and Zora Hurston honored the dialects that Mr. Cosby criticized as a lack of language proficiency that further denies opportunity to inner city Blacks.

I would hope that Bill Cosby has gotten over the tragic loss of his son and not taking his frustration out on poor Blacks. Ennis William Cosby, Bill Cosby only son, was shot to death early today after stopping on a Santa Monica Mountains road near a freeway exit in Los Angeles.

The body of the 27-year-old Ennis was found alongside his green Mercedes-Benz convertible parked at the top of the Sepulveda Pass, Cosby's publicist said. Police said he died of a single gunshot wound.

Apparently Cosby was finishing changing a tire on his car in the remote area of the San Diego Freeway--about 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles--when he was shot. The body was found at 1:45 a.m. by a passing motorist who stopped to help.

Bill Cosby was notified in New York, where his Cosby show was produced. He and his wife Camille also have four daughters.

"We have every confidence in the LAPD. Our hearts go out to each and every person to whom such an incident occurs. This is a life experience that is truly difficult to share," Cosby said in a statement.

A puffy-eyed Cosby briefly appeared outside his Manhattan apartment after hearing the news. He shook his head as reporters asked for comment, then said, "He was my hero," before returning inside.

"He was my friend and I loved him," said Malcolm Jamal-Warner, who played Cosby's son on TV, a character loosely based on Ennis.

Ennis Cosby, who lived in West Los Angeles and in New York, overcame learning disabilities to earn a master's degree in special education at Columbia University's Teachers College in 1995. He was studying for his doctorate, college spokesman Roy Campbell said.

Ironically, he spent his last day at the college on December 18 tutoring a young boy with learning disabilities and was due to return next week when classes resume, Campbell said. He apparently had more compassion for the poor that his father.

Police said the car, which is registered to Cosby Enterprises, was found with both the trunk and passenger door open. The car's emergency flashers were still blinking.

Apparently the woman who found the body witnessed part of the crime. Police Commander Tim McBride said she saw at least one suspect, a white male. McBride said the presumed motive was robbery.

He said the younger Cosby made at least one call from a cellular phone in the car before he was accosted and shot. McBride refused to say, though, to whom the call was made.

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