FBI warns of possible suicide attacks in America; well duh!

By Sinclere Lee

The FBI is warning state and local partners to be on the alert for suicide bombers. This is brilliant induction coming from an agency that is only good at spying on its own people through urban terror, yet, can't catch cold when it comes to defending this country.

We all know that we will sooner or later be struck by suicide killer again, and leaving the southern boarder open to cheap labor coming into this country is not making the problem any better. It so many illegals coming across the southern boarder, the INS don’t know its ass from a hole in the ground.

The bureau says there is no hard intelligence warning of any plans by terrorists to launch suicide attacks in the United States, but wants those on the front lines in the war on terror to be aware of such a threat.

In its weekly bulletin distributed to 18,000 agencies, the FBI says to look out for people wearing bulky jackets on warm days, smelling of chemicals, or even individuals whose fists are tightly clenched.

The bulletin also says suicide bombers may disguise themselves in stolen police uniforms or even as pregnant women.

The FBI has warned before of possible suicide bombings, but officials tell CNN extremist rhetoric following reports of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, as well as concern over several special events coming up in the United States, have renewed concern. Those special events include the official opening of the World War II memorial in Washington, the July Fourth holiday and the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Officials say suicide bombers are often impossible to detect. There is usually no advance intelligence and so-called soft targets such as shopping malls are nearly impossible to protect from such an attack.

The Arab world should be showing "a higher level of outrage" over the death of Nick Berg whose beheading was posted on an Islamist Web site last week, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday. You damn fool, these people don’t give a rat’s turd about that, they want to get in this country to behead Americans. Powell has gotten just as stupid as Bush!

"There's no excuse for silence on this kind of murder," Powell told NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I would like to have seen a much higher level of outrage throughout the world, but especially in the Arab world, to this murder," he said.

"What we saw with this horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible murder should be deplored throughout the Arab world."

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates condemned the killing of Nicholas Berg, 26, who made his second trip to Iraq in March to work on communication towers.

His family said they last heard from him on April 9, and they notified the State Department he was missing four days later.

Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab League, said Sunday that "decent people" cannot tolerate such treatment.

"We are against such acts of extreme violence and despicable actions towards human beings," he said.

Powell said that there was "no comparison" between Berg's killing and the revelation of abuses at Abu Ghraib prison by American soldiers. "All this kind of behavior is unacceptable in the modern world," he said on "Fox News Sunday." "Torture of any kind is unacceptable."

"Arab leaders need to look at what's happening in their own societies," he added. "They need to reform their own societies. Torture is torture is torture. It is unacceptable. It is not the way you treat human beings."

In the video posted Tuesday on an Islamist Web site, Berg is shown sitting in an orange jumpsuit in front of five armed, hooded men. A man standing behind him reads a statement, and Berg is then pushed to the floor. The man who read the statement pulls out a machete-like knife and decapitates him. One of the captors then holds up the severed head to the camera.

Berg's body was found May 8 in Baghdad.

The CIA has said there was "a high probability" that the killer was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of an Islamist terrorist group that the United States says has close ties to Osama bin Laden. Agents made their determination by analyzing the video and the voice of the man who read the statement.

Linguists who listened to the tape questioned that conclusion, saying the speaker does not have a Jordanian accent.

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