American Legacy Foundation setting Black community up to be ripped off!

By Sinclere Lee

One of the best kept secrets in the Black community is how these Black organizations steal money from the Black community and no one ever says a thing. So, if you want to make sure that Blacks don't get the help they need, put the money in the hands of a corrupt Black organization.

American Legacy Foundation, the nations only foundation solely focused on tobacco prevention and cessation, is ready to give African-Americans organizations $4.5 million for a three-year grant. A coalition of six Black thieving organizations: the National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation, whose members have been hustling the Black community for decades, and can't give them rages away. The NAACP, who is in the hands of white liberals who pretend to help Blacks. The National Urban League, who ain’t worth spit. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, who the hell are they? The National Conference of Black Mayors are just a bunch of stupid Nigger who cannot get one thing done for the Blacks in their own cities, and the National Association of Neighborhoods.

“We are excited that these six major national African-American organizations have decided to unite for such an important purpose,” says Cheryl G. Healton, president of the American Legacy Foundation. “This campaign is unique in the sense that it approaches the problem from several different angles. There are several components including paid and pro bono advertising, editorial coverage and peer-to-peer training. These varied approaches will allow the organizations to reach numerous African American audiences.”

This white woman just don’t know who she dealing with! The Niggers have looted the Black community; to them it’s just another hustle.

The National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation is suppose to hire Legacy Foundation Journalism Fellows to write about substance abuse and tobacco-related issues. Right! Where are they gone get the money from? They can’t sell their papers because most Black publishers hate writers (sic).

The NNPA News Service will also provide coverage of the anti-smoking activities of the other grant recipients, which will work to educate and raise the consciousness of the Black community, as well as be participants in a series of tobacco-awareness Town Hall meetings that will be held across the country. They don’t have writers, and they plan to steal the money from the Black community to support their failing newspapers.

Check the activities out:
The National Urban League will teach youth to become peer-to-peer anti-smoking trainers and will expand its health education and behavior modification initiative targeting urban and other African-American families and neighborhoods; they gone steal the money!
The NAACP will form a health advocacy work group that will make tobacco control a part of the organization’s health agenda as well as establish a health advocacy presence on its national website,; they gone pay for their other expenses.
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation will conduct tobacco control prevention and cessation initiatives at 10 historically Black colleges and universities and collect data that will subsequently be disseminated through CBCF publications; they gone steal the money!
The National Conference of Black Mayors Inc. will heighten awareness about second-hand smoke in African-American communities and work to collect 100,000 commitment forms from households promising to participate in second-hand smoke reduction. The NCBM will also provide cash awards to municipalities for carrying out innovative local programs to reduce exposure to second hand smoke and they gone steal the money!

The National Association of Neighborhoods will serve as the coordinating and managing partner of the overall initiative and six key annual events. The NAN will also form and facilitate a policy committee, composed of Legacy and coalition members to oversee the initiatives, and they gone steal the money!.

The coalition is already being viewed as setting a precedent for future collaboration against social ills in the Black community to seal the money!

“Each of us has the African-American community as a constituency and we tend to work separately to solve the same problems,” says NNPF Chairman Brian Townsend, publisher of the Precinct Reporter in San Bernadino, Calif. “This time we’ll be able to provide a focused, centered and viable solution to a health issue.

We’ll have all of these groups working together on the same issue focusing on similar solutions at the same time with dialogue. And so for the first time ever, we should see a real dent in that issue. In fact, it should inspire us to find some other issues in our community where we can come together at the same time in a focused venture to solve those issues as well.”

Under the grant, each organization will receive $250, 000 per year, for a total of $750,000 over the three-year period, and they gone seal the money!.

About 45,000 African-Americans die from tobacco related deaths each year. If current smoking patterns of African-Americans continue, an estimated 1.6 million Black people currently under the age of 18 will become regular smokers, and about 500,000 of them will eventually die of a smoking-related disease. These lowdown Nigger don’t care because they gone steal the money!

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