Key document warned of possible al Qaeda scenarios that Rice said didn’t happen

Noble Johns

CRAWFORD, Texas (BNW) — There appears to be good news and bad news for the American people as it relate to Condoleezza Rice’s testimony about what she and her boss knew before 9/11. The good news is that most Americans are still alive. The bad new is that if we don’t get Dr. Rice out of our national security business, this bitch is gone get us all killed!

For example, the daily intelligence briefing delivered to U.S. President George W. Bush a month before the September 11 attacks warns of various scenarios of al Qaeda's intentions to strike inside the United States, sources confirm today.

Sources confirmed highlights of the classified August 6, 2001 presidential daily briefing, or PDB, which is expected to be declassified and released in the next several days.

Highlights of the report entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US" include:

-- An intelligence report received in May 2001 indicating al Qaeda was attempting to send operatives to the United States through Canada to carry out an attack using explosives. This information had been passed on to intelligence and law enforcement agencies;

-- Al Qaeda had been considering ways to hijack American planes to win the release of operatives who had been arrested in 1998 and 1999;

-- Osama bin Laden was set on striking the US as early as 1997 through early 2001;

-- Some intelligence suggested suspected al Qaeda operatives were traveling to and from the United States, were U.S. citizens, and may have had a support network in the U.S.;

-- At least 70 FBI investigations were underway in 2001 regarding possible al Qaeda cells/terrorist-related operations in the U.S.

Sources aware of the PDB say much of the intelligence is uncorroborated, and none of it is related to the eventual September 11 terrorist plot.

The White House continues to work with the 9/11 commission to declassify the two-page document which became the highlight of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the commission on Thursday.

Officials say the PDB could be released as early as Saturday afternoon, but more likely the beginning of next week.

Rice told the commission Thursday that the August 6 briefing included mostly "historical information" and that most of the threat information in the summer of 2001 referred to overseas targets. She said she did not recall any reports about al Qaeda using aircraft as weapons before September 11.

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