To The Editor

I happened upon your website through a link in an article I read concerning Harry Belafonte's comments likening Colin Powell's dedication to this administration to that of a 'house nigger' in slavery times.

I am most impressed with this site. As an unprejudiced white woman (raised in GA in the 50's and 60's), I was filled with promise when I found a forum for speaking out against the blatant misconduct of this administration (as well as tributes and other truths). I was appalled when I saw the CEO of the USA barge in at the memorial at King's tomb with his poor attempt to prove he was "compassionate" with King and his ideals. What a crock! The only people he feels compassion for are those in his own inner circle. Everyone else is expendable. After reading Mr. Belafonte's statements, I wish he would run for President. It is too bad Harry's comments are not more readily available to the general public. Instead they are relegated to fine print that one must search for (or in my case, stumble upon).

PLEASE do all you can to get people out to vote this year. I am deeply concerned that this administration is in the process of returning us to darker times and must be stopped. I have read that more and more funding for social services, including child care, is being cut in an apparent attempt to keep more people in the grip of poverty, thereby keeping them subservient to this administration. People must rise up to reclaim this nation before it is completely given over to a police state. I fear for our future.

Keep up the good work with this website and GET THE WORD OUT!


Patricia Anne Ansley

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