By Brother Salim Kujitawala

National Black United Front P.O. Box 15073 Jersey City NJ 07305

During the summer of 2004 there have been many efforts to mobilize the “hip hop” generation around political issues and voter registration. This summer there was the National Hip Hop Political Convention and the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) Youth Summit. Also there was the National Black United Front (NBUF) 25th Annual Convention, as well as the continued efforts of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network. The organizers, supporters and those in attendance should be commended for their efforts to organize young people around voter registration. Now the next step is voter education.

It is not enough to just be registered, young people must have a thorough understanding of the power of their vote and what it can and is supposed to produce. As Malcolm X stated in his speech “The Ballot or the Bullet”, the Political Philosophy of Black Nationalism means that Black people should control the politics and politicians in their community. Black people need to be re-educated on the science of politics.

Black youth must use the power of their vote to force politicians to take a position on issues that affect them. Black youth should ask politicians how they are going to stop racial profiling and police brutality. What do you plan to do about the disproportionate amount of financial resources white suburban schools get in comparison to the inner city Black schools? Will more summer employment programs be cut to give more resources to support the military?

Another point that the Hip Hop generation needs to put forth towards politicians is what will happen to the enormous amount of young people that have been convicted of federal crimes, many of whom are victims of racial profiling.

This is important because in many states if you have been convicted of a federal crime you cannot receive financial aid for college, get a federal job or vote. What is in store for these young people? Going back to prison? The military? Or what?

The above issues are all vestiges of slavery, which leads to the most important question Black Youth should ask politicians; what is your position on full and complete reparations for African people in America.

The bottom line for young Black people is not whether Kerry or Bush is president, because neither one of them can produce freedom, justice and equality for Black people. Which ever one wins will do what is in the best interest of White Supremacy and White Nationalism. Neither Kerry nor Bush will ever put the care and concerns of Black children before their own.

The bottom line for Black youth is putting in office and supporting politicians that will help them gain access to resources that will improve their quality of life. This can only be achieved by receiving proper political education. A good way to for young people to get that political education is to get organized and actively involved in liberation organizations such as the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, NBUF or NCOBRA. Also young people should study the writings of Amos Wilson, George Jackson, Huey P. Newton and the speeches of Malcolm X. FORWARD EVER.



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