Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Tom is enough for Black to vote down stupid Bush

By Sinclere Lee

) Supreme Tom, Clarence Thomas has voted consistently to limit the power of the Supreme Court and to narrow the rights guaranteed under the Constitution to Blacks. As a result, you would think he was a card-carrying member of the KKK, but he’s just a black-ass nigger from Pinpoin.

In his efforts to undermine his own race, he has aligned himself with some of the most racist elements in our country to trump every gain that Blacks have made over the past fifty years. No member of any race in my knowledge has ever done that — no Jew, nor white man would ever do that to their own people!

He has fought against affirmative action, which got him on the Supreme Court in the first place. He has fought against prison reform, where the incarcerate rate of Black men is 75% when we represent less than 7% of the general population. He has fought against a woman’s right to choose. And, the most destructive act of his tenure on the court is when he voted against Black voters in 2000 presidential elections.

Clarence Thomas is he worst so-called Black man who has ever been given birth by a Black woman in the history of our race.

President George Bush, stupid Bush’s father appointed Thomas in 1991 to replace retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was the first African American on the court and had been a key figure in the fight to dismantle racial segregation and discrimination. Thomas, who is also black, has a far different philosophy. He opposes affirmative action, busing and other programs designed to help minorities.

Early in his career, Thomas focused on tax and antitrust law because he did not want to work on civil rights cases. In 1981, he reluctantly agreed to join the Reagan administration as assistant secretary for civil rights in the Education Department. President Ronald Reagan quickly promoted him to head the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency in charge of enforcing federal laws against discrimination in the workplace.

Thomas moved to eliminate the use of timetables and numeric goals, giving companies more flexibility in their hiring of minorities. He also stopped using class action suits that relied on statistical evidence of discriminatory effects. This upset many Democrats and civil rights groups who complained Thomas was dismantling many of the programs that had benefited him.

Thomas attended Yale University Law School, in part, because of its affirmative action plan to recruit qualified minorities. He later said that troubled him. You had to prove yourself every day, because the presumption was that you were dumb and didn't deserve to be there on merit.

When Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Congressional Black Caucus announced they would not support him because of his positions on civil rights. Instead, conservatives, including former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., embraced him.

The Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee questioned him for several days. During the hearing, Thomas did not express his opinions about policies or approaches to constitutional interpretation. He said he had never formed a position on the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

A sensational story interrupted Thomass confirmation hearings. An FBI report was leaked alleging that Thomas sexually harassed a former employee at the EEOC. University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill claimed Thomas sexually harassed her when she worked for him. The Judiciary Committee called Hill to testify about her charges in nationally televised hearings. Thomas denied the charges and called the hearings a high- tech lynching for uppity blacks.

The Committee did not find convincing proof of Hills allegations and forwarded his nomination to the full Senate without recommendation. Thomas was confirmed by a vote of 52 to 48, the closest confirmation vote of the century.

Thomas has been called a junior version of Justice Antonin Scalia and has voted with him more than 90 percent of the time between 1994 and 1998. In a 1994 case challenging the Voting Rights Act, Thomas criticized the idea that race defines political interest and that minority groups all think alike. He has also argued that a persons poor background and troubled upbringing should not be considered in criminal sentencing. In another case, he opposed the view that the federal constitution must address all ills in our society. If this is not enough for Blacks to vote stupid Bush down, I don’t know was is!

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