The Insanity That Is Bill O’Reilly!

By Mister Baddass

The more I hear and see of Bill O’Reilly; the more I believe that he is a mental case in search of a laughing academy that will feel sorry enough to take him back.

If you do not think so, get a load of his show on Monday, October 13, 2003.

First, the guy devotes an inordinate amount of time discussing the Red Sox/Yankee fisticuffs and the supposedly negative impact such incidents have on, you guessed it, the children.

It’s always the children.

The fact that his show with his ranting and raving against his guests fails to set off the light upstairs that he too has a similar effect on children.

Let’s face it, Hannity and Colmes, Greta, Hardball, Scarborough Country, O’Reilly Factor, and other shows are merely variations of Jerry Springer, Maury, and Jenny Jones etc., the same shows they rail against for having a negative effect on children.

An Ann Coulter vs. a so-called liberal on Hannity and Colmes is every bit as seedy as Jerry Springer having a mother who is sleeping with her daughter’s husband.

That is another story.

Later, Miss America presented yet another opportunity for O’Reilly to weave his favorite subjects into his daily venom of racism, ACLU, Gansta Rap, and Ludacris. If you do not think O’Reilly has a set agendum on these subjects daily, you need only to watch him cast an eye down to his script as he is interviewing his guests. This in itself is odd since, I think, it is his policy that guests cannot bring their notes to the interview.

He likes to ambush his guests.

The young lady held her own. Imagine, a black youngster who listens to Gansta Rap and ends up being Miss America. To top it off, when she came back with Rock and Rock and Heavy Metal music being just as “destructive” as Rap, O’Reilly had to go into major recovery. Mentioning Columbine did not sit well with him either. He tried to make diversity and inclusion into something they are not.

One of the most telling parts of his interview with Miss America was his saying that he really did not care about Miss America. He never indicated if his attitude were against her or Miss America pageant generally.

However, he should have.

After all, his bullshit about the negative effects to children by New York/Boston, and Rap music, he tells his viewers about the next segment on Sexual matters and warns that children should not watch it.

To promote the next segment the screen is filled with X-rated pictures of females in various positions. All graphic and in living colors just like those unwanted emails we get these days.

Ain’t that a bitch!

Poor Bill O’Reilly, were it not for the LA Times, New York Times, ACLU, Ludacris, Rap Music, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Larry King, the plight of Black Children, his fondness for pornography, out of wedlock pregnancy rate among Blacks, putting the military on the border, and the liberal press, Bill O’Reilly could compress his propaganda into one 30 minute commentary each week.

But then, he would be without a full time job for the Bush Administration Office of Propaganda.

No wonder, I think, after Fox bought up 30,000 copies of his new book, it is falling like a rock, with Al Franken regaining the number one sale spot on the NY Times Bestseller list.

The man is suffering from rigor mortis of the brain.

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