Black News... Worthless Education Before their Loans, Student Loan Debt Statistics: So nothing from nothing leaves nothing!

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)

Elon Musk subpoenaed over JPMorgan’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s activities. What about the rest?

Millions flowed to Biden family members. Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter. Maybe for Crack!

US Air Force posts highest quality video ever of secret B2 stealth bomber dropping two 'mother of all bunker buster bombs' as tensions with Iran increase

This freak Bill Gates pushes back on Jeffrey Epstein questions in new interview, says he regrets dinners

Bill Gates says meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were 'a mistake.' You liar!

Trump claimed the Durham probe would uncover the ‘crime of the century.’ Here’s what it really found

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces impeachment articles against Biden. You Go Girl

Virginia Demoratic Rep. Gerry Connolly said two staffers were injured Monday by a man wielding a bat who came into his district office in Fairfax.

Debt Limit: Meeting Ends Without a Breakthrough. The House Is On Fire. So, Let's See It Burn

Sex Offender Registry: Can I Get My Name Removed? No, if it's Pedophilia!

Trigonometry is also useful for general triangles, not just right-angled ones

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized weeks ago but there’s still not much publicly known.

How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal. I may be alone but not lonely.

Belafonte Sues Heirs of Martin Luther King Jr. Three Surviving Children

When car notes are more than rent; Americans are struggling to pay off their car loans. Three charts explain why

Chaos' unless Congress raises the debt ceiling! Headed to abyess; Friedrich Nietzsche

The State of Biden's Border in Crisis; Only a Fool Will Step in His Shit Twice

Born Slaves! The Convict Leasing System: Slavery in its worst Aspects and how white racist got rich!

says when you look into abyess. The abyess looks right back at you!

Five Takeaways From Trump’s Unruly CNN Town Hall. They Say He's Crazy, Yeah, Crazy Like a Fox

Frequent shootings put US mass killings on a record pace. They all crazy!

Title 42: Biden officials press on with deportation plans and warn those crossing unlawfully face tougher consequences

California reparations panel approves proposals for lawmakers to take

Worst than Henry 8, ‘The crowd were saying, “Kill him, kick him to death”’: what happened to the people who protested against King Charles?

Julie Chavez Rodriguez: The woman running Biden's 2024 campaign

FCC relaxes rule limiting foreign ownership of media stations. In the end, look what we got for

Biden bleeding support with Black voters as 2024 campaign heats up: poll

Shake up in mayor's office! Joda Thongnopnua, Kirsten Yates Leaving Administration; Tony Sammons Named Chief Equity Officer

Effects of Triage Education on Knowledge, Practice and Qualitative Index of Emergency Room Staff: A Quasi-Interventional Study

After putting all content providers out of business, Google is being sued by the US government and eight states over online advertising

DOJ Sues Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies — They bought off Double Click

Black And Latino Students Are More Likely To Be Killed In School Shootings. Here’s The Story Of One 16-Year-Old Boy.

Oklahoma county worried about fallout from racist recording. A hidden voice recorder was better than a fly on the wall!

How were the Great Lakes formed? Before the Ice Age there were no great lakes, only shallow basins, except for Lake Superior

Tommy Brown change agent! Brown v. Board of Com'rs of Chattanooga, Tenn., 722 F. Supp. (1989)

What are genome editing and CRISPR-Cas9? Genome editing (also called gene editing) is the ability to change an organism's DNA.

Stampede against Trump: New wave of GOP candidates poised to join 2024 campaign

‘Everybody’s grieving’: Community mourns teens killed in Alabama party shooting

Fulton County, Georgia, bug-infested cell got leadership to resigns after inmate’s death, and accusations of unsanitary conditions

Kansas City police: Probe of teen’s shooting moving quickly on Ralph Yarl.

How the Higgs Boson (God Particle) Was Found. Einstein had it wrong. It wasn't Quantum Mechanics but Quantum Entanglement

How Brandon Johnson won over Chicago’s youth to become mayor

Weight loss may mean a risk of death for older adults, study shows

Trump to appear in New York court on Tuesday to answer criminal charges

Trump facing at least 1 felony charge in NY case, and that's his good news

Congress Members Announce Hearing, Demand Chief Justice Investigate Clarence Thomas’ Trips

Should Mexico's Drug Cartels Be Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations?

No bailout for sucker investors in cryptocurrency; Inside the international sting operation to catch North Korean crypto hacker

When car notes are more than rent; Americans are struggling to pay off their car loans. Three charts explain why

Ouster of Tennessee 3 Dems Justin Jones and Justin Pearson catapults them to national political fame!

Penalties for Hiring Illegal Workers

Mandatory E Verify Doesn’t Stop Illegal Immigrants from Working in US

Vice President Kamala Harris meets with expelled Black Tennessee lawmakers

Incompetence, Not Racism

Mississippi closer to more state police in mostly Black city

Flooding, treatment plant failure leaves Jackson, Mississippi without drinking water Black incompetence or racism

Worst than the assassination of Martin Luther King, Tennessee’s House expels 2 of 3 Democrats over guns protest

Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to visit Jan. 6 riot defendants in prison

How The Voting Rights Act Got Hijacked By Black Democrats. We Broke, They Living Large

Welcome to the snake pit! Traffic delays expected for VP Harris' visit to TSU in support of Tennessee 3

A case for Black political incompetence Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities

‘Like lighting a match’: Trump ramps up rhetoric as legal walls close in

Black women deserve spaces designed for and by us

Florida reels after two children allegedly ‘die at hands of their caregivers.’ All gone crazy!

Real Black Power of the Black Vote! Brandon Johnson, the Black guy Is Elected Mayor of Chicago

Ida B. Wells and the Lynching of Black Woman, Eliza Woods, inTennessee!”

After Nashville, Congress confronts limits of new gun law. W'll die for our guns!

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 4 answers, under oath, that invite scrutiny China Warns US House Speaker Not to Meet Taiwan President Liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz wins Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Worthless Education Before the Loans, Student Loan Debt Statistics: 2023

Tina Turner: legendary rock’n’roll singer dies aged 83

Tina Turner death: ‘Simply the Best’ singer dies aged 83

Inside the House Freedom Caucus’ identity crisis. For Real

With work requirements for safety net programs emerging as a central issue in the debt ceiling negotiations.Will Biden throw US under bus again Going nowhere fast; what you need to know about the debt ceiling as the deadline loom. Caught between a rock and a hard place

The great Jim Brown, all-time NFL great running back and social activist, dies at 87

What a friend, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to extort Bill Gates over extramarital affair

Butler and Williams literally went head-to-head in the fourth quarter

Jimmy Butler GOES OFF For 35 Points In Heat Game 1; It Was The Butler Who Did It...

Jimmy Butler TAKES OVER After Scuffle w/ Grant Williams

A den of thieves; Supreme Court avoids ruling on law shielding internet companies from being sued for what users post

Epstein: Deutsche Bank to pay $75m over sex-trafficking lawsuit. Do not forget Bill Gates

Final countdown; What you need to know about the debt ceiling as the deadline looms

Caught in a death trap. An 8-year-old girl died while in US Customs and Border Protection custody in Harlingen, Texas, the agency said


China’s loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse

Here’s what’s in the GOP bill to U.S. debt limit. Going at the poor is true and proven tactic.

Left-wing lawmakers Rep. Cori Bush press for federal reparations for Black Americans: 'We're here to demand. A woman of our own hearts

16 Options To Consider for What To Do After College. Your Degree is Only Something To Build On!

House Republicans are using the debt ceiling standoff to advocate for one of their longstanding goals – requiring more low-income Black Americans to work in order to receive government benefits, particularly food stamps and Medicaid.

Debt ceiling $31.4 trillion: A trillion here and a trillion there; now we're talking about real money! Here's what could happen if they don't raise limit

What happens when a unstoppable force (Dems) meets an immovable object (GOP)? Hell on Earth!

In past two years, Greene County TN has collected over $2.7 million from national settlements with opioid manufacturers and distributors, and stole it all

How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal. I may be alone but not lonely.

Doing anything to satify US drug addiction, ‘Pregnant’ woman takes off running as drugs fall out of her fake belly

Addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people.

Biden Warns of ‘Sinister Forces’ Trying to Reverse Racial Progress. What Progress? What You Said!

Appealing to uppity Blacks won't get you off the hook! Biden uses Howard University commencement address to appeal to Black voters. Find the gressroots voters!

Just two months after Ja Morant was suspended for waiving around a gun on an Instagram live story, the Memphis Grizzlies star is in trouble yet again for that same exact reason. One caveat, Tennessee got an open carry law. Leave that man alone.

Police: A Texas woman fatally shot by a boyfriend angry she had an abortion.' That's my baby's daddy

Jamie Komoroski, driver in crash that killed bride on wedding night was 3 times over legal limit, blood test shows

Mother of Samantha MillerUS bride killed in crash condemns driver who ‘chose to drink’

A Day We Should Never forget! Mayor W. Wilson Goode. I'm From Philly. 30 Years Later, I'm Still Trying To Make Sense Of The MOVE Bombing

The day Philadelphia bombed its own people. Niggers do it every time

Ex-Philly Mayor, Wilson Goode Has Regrets 35 Years After Deadly MOVE Bombing. Fool bombed his own people!

Trump found liable of battery, defamation in E. Jean Carroll Case. She Gets 5million

Takeaways from Trump’s CNN town hall: election lies and attacks on E. Jean Carroll

For more than two decades, Thomas has accepted luxury trips virtually every year from the Dallas businessman

Democrat urges Justice Roberts to act over Clarence Thomas’s ‘tangled web’ He did it for bananas

Clarence Thomas and His Wife's $680,000 of Unreported Income

Black News need to apologize for comparing Thomas to a gorilla. Yes, we apologize to all gorillas, monkeys and apes

‘I did all that I could’: the tireless activism of Harry Belafonte

How much money will Bryce Young make on his rookie contract with the Panthers?

NFL owners get defensive after scouting combine gets compared to 'slave auction' by league exec Troy Vincent. Worse than slavery!

No love here! GOP use debt ceiling bill to push work for millions receiving Medicaid and food stamps

Times; Why We’re Capitalizing the Word Black

Belafonte Sues Three Surviving Children

Usher and Chris Brown Get Into Heated Argument in Las Vegas, Allegedly Turns Violent. Who won?

A Cautionary Tale for GOP in 2024; Abortion bans fail in conservative South Carolina, Nebraska

Harry Belafonte, King's Friend Who Worked for Black Civil Rights, Dies at 96

The Story of Oedipus: The Most Tragic of All Greek Myths

Look What Happened When the FCC Offered Murdoch a Way Out of US Broadcast Ownership

Oklahoma sheriff Kevin Clardy says recording of killing Blacks talk was illegal and evil even for whites

Much to do About Nothing! Black Smokers at Center of New York Fight to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Racist texts by members of Antioch, California police force lead to federal lawsuit among racists. Why they hate US

In Fight Against Violence, Asian and Black Activists Struggle to Agree

Common mistakes, uncommon reactions in 3 separate shootings

Convict Leasing: The prison labor that built business empires in Tennessee

The gig is up! Fox and Dominion settle $787.5 million defamation lawsuit over on-air 2020 election lies

Hate crime! ‘Racial component’ in shooting of Ralph Yarl, who went to wrong house

Grand jury declines to charge 8 Akron police officers who fatally shot and murder Jayland Walker

Oklahoma sheriff Kevin Clardy says recording of killing Blacks talk was illegal

When Yarl fell to the ground, the man shot him again. Yarl got up and ran from the property. Running for his life!

Update: Neighbors respond to police shooting in Farmington

At least 4 people were killed in a shooting at teen's birthday party in Alabama

Report finds democracy for Black Americans is under attack from the right!

He feels unstoppable’: DeSantis plans to export his chilling immigration policies to the nation

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, testifies before Jan. 6 panel

Odd couple. Ginni Thomas ‘never spoke’ about 2020 vote to supreme court justice husband. Liar!

Who Is the Archangel Michael? Dropping in During The End Times!

The Beast is US and the False Prophet (sic) Is the Bible in the hands of the church! The antichrists — are Jews aka Little Horn led by Satan

Like in South Africa, disinvestment against racist Tennessee will make them see the light of money

Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to expel two Black lawmakers Justin Jones and Justin Pearson.White woman Gloria Johnson off the hook

Not far from the scopes monkey trial , Tennessee, GOP to oust 3 Dem lawmakers startles state.

Cut the root and the plant will die! Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings

Racist GOP lawmakers in Tennessee to vote on expelling Democrats in gun protest. No monkeys and Niggers allowed!

State v. John Scopes ("The Monkey Trial") It made all of Tennessee look like monkeys

A heap of hypocrisy! Predictions about the decline of Christianity in America may be a good thing!

It stared in Chattanooga, Tennessee Law Limiting ‘Cabaret’ Shows Raises Uncertainty For Drag Events

The anti-drag bills sweeping the U.S. are straight from history's playbook not new at all



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