Mueller Speaks: If I Coulda, I Woulda, and Shoulda. Too Late now for Coulda, Woulda Shoulda!

Black Census Project Shows Black Voters are Not of One Voice

Felon Disenfranchisement: A Policy Whose Time Has Passed? A Thousands Crooked Politicians Can't Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Trump’s Plan to Stop Biden: Turn Black Voters Against Him

The tactic worked against Hillary Clinton in 2016. And top Democrats are fearful it may work again.

Mueller: 'If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so'

Mueller Speaks: If I Coulda, I Woulda, and Shoulda. Too Late now for Coulda, Woulda Shoulda!

We thought we were past this first Nigger shit! Smithsonian's first Black leader: 'There are still doors people can't get in.' Really, you in!

The Pension Fund Problem Just Got Much Worse

Cheataman, Cheataman, Cheat Them Niggers Fast As You Can: Georgia stops voting by felons.

Joe Biden’s long record supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration, explained. Trump's no Goody Two-Shoes because of the 'Central Park 5'

The Scottsboro Affair Will Always Leave a Bad Taste In Your Mouth About Chattanooga's Part In This Atrocity.

Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Forget How Bad the Status Quo is

Pete Buttigieg needs Black and Latino support to win. Here's why that could be a problem.

Why are so many people dying in US prisons and jails? Eugenics is the wave of the future for Blacks!

Eugenics: the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.

Are Jews In Israel Spying On US And Stealing Our Secrets To Sell to China

Has Israel been Sharing American Technology with China?

Pollard, The Chinese Spy

How much has the US lost from China's IP theft?

Trump, you're crazy! Nancy you're crazy too! For once, they both maybe right. Crazy right?

Trump wants everyone to know he is extremely calm and Pelosi is “crazy”

The Deepfake of Nancy Pelosi

How a large-scale effort to register Black voters led to a crackdown in Tennessee. Cheataman, Cheataman, stop them Niggers the best way you can!

Feds arrest dozens of people, seize millions in property and cash as part of black market marijuana

Feds Raid Illegal California Grow Houses Run by Chinese Mob — Even them Chinks want our weed money

Edna Varner you one ugly ass 'Aunte Toming' bitch. A disgrace to Black women in Chattanooga

Miss ugly, Edner Varner's UnifiEd doing robo calls urging citizens to take part in rally to raise their taxes. This Bitch is Nuts and Ugly!

This ugly ass nut Edna Varner trying to raise our taxes. Bitch get your face lift!

Fake educator Edna Varner was in a beauty contest with a bulldog and the bulldog won

In loving memorial to Civil Rights Martyrs

Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs

From police to parole, Black and white Americans differ widely in their views of criminal justice system

Ben Carson is no Oreo. He's a fucking Tom! Do you know what an Oreo is Nigger? Carson: "Thin or double stuffed?" You double stuffed, Nigger!

HUD Secretary Ben Carson sent a pack of Oreos to a lawmaker after he flubbed a question about REOs during a congressional hearing

Rep. Katie Porter Had to Explain the Difference Between an REO and an Oreo to Ben Carson

Black on the Outside, a Trump Nigger on the Inside

See tornadoes forming in Oklahoma. Is this payback from God for the Tulsa Massacre that killed Blacks

Payback is a Mother: At least 19 tornadoes touched down from Texas to Oklahoma, causing widespread damage

Tulsa gone because of racism today and right now.

During the oil boom of the 1910s, the area of northeast Oklahoma around Tulsa flourished, including the Greenwood neighborhood, which came to be known as "the Negro Wall Street" (now commonly referred to as "the Black Wall Street")

Black woman charged after ‘playing Malcolm X speeches too loudly.’ Don't play it at all Niggers

Listening While Black: Police Raid Woman's Home After White Neighbor Complains She Was Playing Malcolm X Speeches Too Loudly

At about 10:00 p.m. Thursday, a swarm of Garner cops banged on Mikisa Thompson’s door, demanding that she and her family step outside.

Trump And The Half-Madman Theory Of International Negotiations. That Shit Didn't Work With Nixon And it Won't Work With You

‘US will RETREAT’ - Iran issues CHILLING warning to Trump as tensions escalate

Nobody knew that he was this crazzzy: President Trump’s global juggling act puts China, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea all in play

Broken promises of the past weigh on black voters as they consider the 2020 presidential campaign. That's fucking right!

Trump, Saudi Arabia warn Iran against Middle East conflict

Will Trump let these two fools send US to war over what Israel lied about. We may lose everything we have and love in America fucking with them crooked Jews in Israel. These Jews will sell you a rotten apple, knowing it's rotten! The'll sell you poison apple too!

2020 candidates fighting for support of Black lawmakers and their powerful voting bloc

Congressman who voted for Biden's 1994 Crime Bill says it was the 'worst thing to happen to the Black community in 50 years' in emotional clip

Rep. Rush reveals startling details of Panther Party Assassinations

Why Black voters are gravitating to Biden. They are not. If Blacks are fools enough to vote for Biden, they need to be run back to Africa

Rep. Bobby Rush Faces Wage Garnishment on $1 Million Debt

The Many Lives of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Are Jews Out To The Rule The World?

'The Elders of Zion': 113 Years of a Lie That Refuses to Die

Al Jazeera suspends two journalists over exagaration the Holocaust report. It could be true, Jews lie about everything else

The House just passed a sweeping Faggots' rights bill. See you Faggot lovers at the polls in 2020

Iron Lady Pelosi and her "House Niggers" in Congress put the 'Gay Agenda' before the 'Black Agenda', and now they want the Black vote!

Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder is the knockout artist fans have been waiting for

Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder threatens to kill rival in the ring

Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Dominic Breazeale in First Round to Retain WBC Heavyweight Title

Give US a corrupt Niggers school Superintendent like Dallas Dance, and Black politicians will be 'Shitting in High Cotton' stealing from Black students.

How Black politicians have looted 'Black Schools Boards' across this country, and left Black students out in the cold scoring lowest on SAT

Who to Blame for the Widening Racial Scoring Gap on the SAT College Admissions Test? You!

Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline is Knowing how Blacks have fucked their own kids up

Warren building unlikely connection with Black female voters

Here's why 8 Democratic presidential hopefuls think women of color should vote for them

I ain't the one, you stupid mother-fucker!! You the one Nigger!

Is abortion Infanticide? No! It's murder and in Alabama you gone get 99-years 'hard labor' for it

Extreme Abortion Bans Are Stepping All Over the GOP’s ‘Infanticide’ Message

Write Black Americans a Check Already... ASAP

Direct payments to individuals are an important piece of any reparations program.

Curry Brothers to Face Off in Western Conference Finals — A family affair!

Blazers’ Seth Curry vs. Warriors’ Steph Curry: Brothers make NBA history in Western Conference finals

5 Things to Know About Stephen Curry's Younger Brother Seth Curry

New York Will Pay Eric Garner Family $5.9 Million To Avoid Lawsuit

After a humiliating death, and crying 'I can't breathe', Eric Garner's murderer finally held accountable

US may find itself stumbling into next World War by deploying even more missiles to Middle East

US sends Patriot missiles, warship to Middle East to deter Iran

Details about the "intelligence" used as a pretext for the military buildup have been scarce, though multiple reports suggest the tip came from Israel's Mossad, which is far from a neutral source when it comes to Iran.

Black Christians reflect on white church's condoning of slavery. The white church condoned lynching too.

Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner. The video traveled far, but it wouldn't get justice for his dead friend. That was a crime against nature!

'Breathing while Black' videos, Smollett case have something in common — public condemnation of Black men

I was in 'Fear of my life!' those magic words are allowing mass murder and genocide against Blacks in America.

Mapping police violence, mass murder and genocide against Black Americans

US seizes North Korean ship amid tense moment in relations. Give Lil' Kim that raggedy shit back

“The Crime of Being Black in a City That Doesn’t Want You There”

Photo of principal, teachers posing with noose in leaked photo incites outrage, boy these some Nigger hating poor white hags

The 'One Drop Rule...' does it apply to Meghan and Harry's newborn?

The One Drop Rule of Meghan Markle in The Black Community

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan debut newborn son at Windsor Castle: 'It's magic'

Gov. Lee, Lt. Gov. McNally condemn reported misbehavior from House Speaker Glen Casada's office

Coming straight to Tennesse State Capital, with all he did Cade Cothren must be the Red Headed Devil from Hell

Got them Christian Faggots on the run, them N-words in Nashville got them Faggots on the run

Christian faggots! Cade Cothren, chief of staff for Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casadais and Speaker himself are two crazy Christian faggots

We don't know who is pitching the ball or who is catching it, but what we do know one of these Faggots is giving up booty

Trump's Tariff Threat Leaves Beijing Up Shit's Creek Waiting on Next Talks

What can China do to stop Trump vows to raise tariffs? A lot but mainly...

China’s intellectual property (IP) theft cost the U.S. economy between $225 billion to $600 billion annually, according to the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property.

For Black Americans, experiences of racial discrimination vary by education level, gender

First ever openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's speech was remarkable

Pete Buttigieg, kissing another man in public while running for president is a bridge too far

Jericka Duncan sets standards others should follow

'CBS This Morning' Hosts Support Reporter Who Received Jeff Fager's Threatening Text

CBS Reporter Jericka Duncan Helps Oust ‘60 Minutes’ Producer After He Sends Her Threatening Text And Became a Shero

Some Black leaders see support for Kenney fizzling as primary nears. Send me to the unemployment line

Anthony Williams for Mayor of Philadelphia over Jim Kenney

Williams: ‘Dirty,’ ‘dangerous’ Philly needs new leadership

Reshuffling Niggers on the Titanic: Joe Biden seeks to build on strength with Black voters by courting 'House Niggers' — That Superdelegate Shit!

Malcolm X - The House Nigger and the Field Nigger

Activist says Tenn. House Speaker's Chief of Staff altered email in attempt to keep him behind bars

Chaos, an altercation and a Black Democratic walkout mark calling House Speaker Glen Casada a lowdown racist

Did House Speaker's office attempt to frame activist? Did Tennessee murder Martin Luther King in Memphis?

From census questions to activism, refining the definition of 'Black.' I Black before Black was cool

The white man who pretended to be Black. Now, you got Wannabe Black pretending to be Black

Census question should finally answer the question about whose Black and who's a Wannabe Nigger in America. If you don't share our slave culture, you're not one of US. Period!!

Facebook bans conspiracy theorists, controversial Black activist

Just like suspect Michael Cummins, the rest of Tennessee are backward crazy Rednecks

A Journalist Interviews A Bunch Of Racist Rednecks

“Hands off Ilhan Omar” Black Women leaders rally in front of the US Capitol

Michael Bennett is a Super Bowl Champion, a three-time Pro Bowl defensive end, a fearless activist

Michael Bennett, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable

‘Things that Make White People Uncomfortable,’ a book review

Josh Jacobs' extraordinary path from north Tulsa to NFL first forged by his father

Black Fathers know best: Raiders draft pick Josh Jacobs shares incredible story of overcoming adversity

How thousands of voting Ex-Felons could impact Florida’s elections. Gonna be Hell to tell the captain

Israel's siege of Gaza: When does it become a genocide? Worse than the Nazi

Yes, What Israel Is Doing To Palestinians Is Actually Genocide.

New York Times says its controversial cartoon shows ‘numbness’ to anti-Semitism, and Jewish racism

Did Eliza Woods do the dirty deed or was a dirty deed done to her

During a period of time in our history, Tennessee had a least a lynching ever week. They still lynching Niggers

Opinion | Ida B. Wells and the Lynching of Black Women - The New

Where is the Black Woman? She done run off again, now she back at the big house fucking the white man

The white man's claim to the slave body, male as well as female,

Northwestern professor wants lack women to look for love outside their race

Freedom fighter, Julian Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks in Prison For Skipping Bail

Even Nazi prisoners of war in Texas were shocked at how Black people were treated in the South

Mass incarceration of Black men worse than Nazis concentration camps

Can You Compare African Slave Trade to the Holocaust?

Joe Biden’s long record supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration, explained

Democratic Candidates Line Up for Al Sharpton’s Call for Reparations

Reparations for Slavery, Shelved for Decades, Are on the Table for 2020 Election

A nation divided must unite on facts of it's behavior

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Lindsey Graham draws a challenger who mocks his ties to Trump

Expanding the Vote: Two Decades of Felony Disenfranchisement Reforms

Contract Buying Robbed Black Families In Chicago Of Billions

Fifth-Grade Teacher Put Black Students In "Shackles" For Mock Slave Auctions

The White Racist Church in America on the Wrong Side of God!

John Boyega Calls 'She's Gotta Have It' "Trash" After Scene Slamming British Black Actors

New York: New Report Released Showing Ongoing Extreme Racial Disparities in Marijuana Enforcement at City and County Levels

No Love For Trump: Michael Wolff says Mueller drew up obstruction indictment against Trump

Rotten to the core; Reagan - Memorial Day Tribute - We are Americans

Fresno Grizzlies apologize to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for 'offensive' tribute video

32 shot, 5 killed so far in Memorial Day weekend gun violence. Lock 'em up!

'Rite of Passage' for you Niggers: Fifty percent of all Black men are under some form of correctional supervision (in jail or prison, on probation or parole)

They were the only battalion of Black women deployed during WWII. Now, they're finally getting the recognition they always deserved

In Vastly White Iowa, Black Dems Poised to Play a 2020 Role

Baltimore junkey political leaders seek briefings after report that NSA stolen tool was used in ransomware attack

Robert Smith's gift to Morehouse graduates and its meaning for education, especially Black colleges. It doesn't mean shit if they went to that dump for 4-years and didn't learn a damn thing

American slavery: Separating fact from myth

Eugenics and Birth Control

‘Negotiating with devil’ bears no fruit – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on talks with US

2020 candidates for president courting the Black vote

Why Black student loan borrowers fall behind more on payments? Because they can't find a fucking job to pay for a fucked-up education

Black Official: Annexation Could Change Starkville Politics

Chasing China Theft, U.S. Uncovers Bonuses for Stolen Data

Trump's doctored Pelosi video highlights the threat of deepfake tech

Boston's Museum of Fine Arts apologizes for alleged racist behavior toward Black students. We don't like them Niggers

Going rogue again. Defying Congress, Trump sets $8 billion-plus in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

Deepfakes are getting easier than ever to make, new research paper shows

Black Girl Magic Conference brings love, support together for more than 400 Madison students

75% of Americans don’t have $10 in the bank for emergency expenses: Federal Reserve

If you're fucking a transgender and finds out she's a man, don't kill it!

Assange indictments aim to 'discourage media from reporting atrocities & war crimes'

Mayors say feds plan to ship thousands of migrants to S. Florida. What do feds say? In your fucking backyard!

December Spotlight: Meet Edna Varner, this ugly ass, Toming ass, token ass, gatekeeping ass Nigger

Man shouted slurs at Black beauty queen — but she got arrested: suit

House Speaker Glen Casada dodges reporters, denies bribes in exchange for votes. He did more than that!

Who is Cade Cothren? What to know about the House speaker's former chief of staff

Celebrities like Killer Mike and Jay-Z equate Black ownership with liberation—but you can’t end racial inequality with consumerism. Buy a chicken processing plant.

Don't do it stupid: Almost two-thirds of Americans oppose pre-emptive US strike on Iran, fresh poll finds

KKK, New Black Panthers and Antifa Call Rival Rallies in Dayton, Ohio: 'Potential Danger Will Be High'

Our God is a good God: God tonadoes got Tulsa in its Crosshairs because of the Tulsa Massacre. Jesus said I might be late coming but I Am right on time.

US president tweets World War 3 – George Galloway. Ready to die?

Lori Lightfoot sworn in as Chicago’s first Black lesbian mayor

Hate heaped on black heroines of the French Resistance would look familiar to AOC and Rashida Tlaib

For Black Americans, “Jury of Your Peers” Is a Hollow Phrase, and a fucking lie

Abortion: Is It The Black Community’s Holocaust?

Nigger cover-up: Some Virginia’s shrug as yearbook probe ends

Photo of 3-year-old girl reaching out to Harriet Tubman mural goes viral

Trump is replaying his aggressive '150% pressure' North Korea negotiation playbook against Iran, but experts fear it could backfire spectacularly

This crazy Trump gone get US all killed. With the chance misinterpretation of Iranian moves or miscalculation so high, it’s possible the crisis could end in a deadly confrontation.

Texas police: Transgender woman killed weeks after filmed assault

Americans must stop believing their own lies

Will Russia support Iran in a war with US? If Tehran wants to fight, that'll be the official end of Iran, Trump warns

Al Jazeera Pulls Video Claiming Holocaust Was 'Different From How the Jews Tell It'

How do we know the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust is six million, as opposed to six hundred

Florida Senate passes anti-Semitism Bill while denying voter rights to citizens

Polish PM: Restitution to Jews akin to posthumous Nazi victory

Billionaire pledges to pay student debt for 2019 class at historic Black college

Mississippi jury awards $3 million to black strippers in discrimination case — Ho' need love too!

In Augusta, Sanders makes pitch to state’s Black voters in first Ga. campaign stop

House Majority Whip Rep. James E. Clyburn (D.-S.C.), who holds a top leadership position in Congress, told the Post and Courier, “I think pure reparations would be impossible to implement." Good thing that stupid Nigger don't speak for the Black community

Corruption Charges Filed against Five in San Diego School District Probe. Fuck the Students — We Gots to Get Paid

Sen. Kamala Harris heads to home state of California to appeal to Black voters

To You Racist Devils, There Is No Pass for the N-Word

For a corrupt Democratic politician, especially Niggers, controlling a major school system is like finding low-hanging fruit and stealing the money helping Family and Friends. Not Black Students! Fuck the Black students — we gots to get paid!

After Gov. Deal of Georgia suspends six crooked ass Niggers from DeKalb School Board, Stupid ass Niggers go and elect them crooks back. Fuck students

West Point set to see record number of Black women graduate. Who gives a fuck now?

Condemned inmates in Tennessee can spend up to $20 on a last meal before they are executed. That's a lot of money in the joint for a 'Dead Man Walking'

Do Jews Control the American Media? Will a dog fight a cat?

The Jewish Media: The Lie That Won’t Die

The Latest: Police release name of officer who killed woman

Texas officer fired after shooting Black man in traffic stop

The hypocrisy in the South over abortion. These crackers will beat Blacks down 'til they fill-up potholes in the streets but are concerned about the life of the unborn. But, God is on their side!!

Facebook temporarily suspends Candace Owens over post about ‘liberal supremacy

Herman Cain Black People Are Brainwashed To Hate Prez Trump

Leave these Niggers alone. Clearwater police investigating after father posts Facebook tirade over treatment of Black teen

Tennessee Black caucus calls on House Speaker Glen Casada to resign, and get to it ASAP

Abortion Bills Raise Questions That Republicans Want to Avoid

Bill & Camille Cosby Accuse Judge of Profiling Disgraced Comedian as ‘Brutal, Black Buck’

World’s Top 5 ‘Most Evil’ Corporations

Florida's New "Poll Tax" Law Disproportionately Suppresses Black Vote. Them Stinking Racist Crackers Running Scared Because in 2020, Florida Will Fall Like The Alamo.

‘He’s white, male and gay’: Buttigieg hits obstacles with Black voters

Even with a Black Mayor and some more Bubblehead Nigger, DC police disproportionately target Black people for minor violations: study

Secretary Of State Jesse White Plans Legislation To Regulate Body Donation After Alleged Black Market Body Part Scheme

Black woman shot and killed outside her apartment complex by officer in Baytown, Texas. Sorry, that Nigger was crazy! She took the taser and tasered the cop. That ain't right! Bitch that shit hurts!!

Report: Tiger Woods sued after bartender at his restaurant was allegedly over-served, died in crash

Welcome Back To Black News Gugomaster

National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

Civilian Oversight of Police Appeals to Many. But Is It Always Effective?

U.S. Democratic leaders back Muslim lawmaker after Holocaust comments

These are the 10 episodes Mueller investigated for obstruction of justice

Did Trump Obstruct Justice? Mueller Didn’t Say, but Left a Trail to the Answer

Trump blasts Rep. Tlaib for comments on Israel, Holocaust. Fuck Trump and them crooked Jews because no reasonable person believe that fake shit

Rashida Tlaib on Trump: We’re going to impeach that motherfucker

Where is the Kamala Harris says Black press more important now than ever, but where is the advertising money for the Black Press?

2020 candidates are still pouring money into Facebook ads, even after Democrats slammed the social media giant for its role in spreading ‘fake news’ during the 2016 election

Pulling out of the 'Nuclear Treaty' didn't work, putting economic sections on Iran didn't work. Now, telling a lie on the people to start a war won't work!

Black Men Should Care About Survivors, No Matter How Many White Men Are Accused

Black Cops Are Just as Likely as White Cops to Kill Black Suspects, and more likely to steal from you.

The original 'House Niggers' of D.C calls it a 'A dream ticket': Biden-Harris to beat Trump

If You Don't Hate the Government, You're Not Paying Attention to Their Crazy Behavior

Election Security in All 50 States Are Left Up To Political Morons in The 50 States

Despite efforts to boost their numbers, Blacks account for just 6% of doctors in SC

Chances of war with Iran are rising. And Donald Trump is to blame

Trump’s Iran policy is making war more likely

Challenging the Administration’s Many Iran Lies

Why Racial Gaps In Maternal Mortality Persist

Author accused of shaming Black Metro employee for eating on train. Book deal halted because I tried to beat some sense into this bitch

Tennessee Black Caucus asks U.S. attorney to investigate Justin Jones email

I Won’t Let Racism Rob My Black Child of Joy

Opinion: Investments in Black-owned businesses pay off

Man, where they getting all these Niggers from? Inquiring minds gots to know!

56 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police

Black Cops are just as likely as white cops to kill Black suspects, and more likely to steal from them.

Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Sanders Are Struggling With Black Voters — The Black vote belongs to Blacks.

You gone be a Nigger 'til the day you die, Nigger! Montgomery County police officer call Black men racist slur; probe underway

U.S. escalates trade war amid negotiations, China says it will hit back, yeah and come and get all this cheap ass shit.

Sears' complicated history with Black customers

Body-cam video shows white Maryland police officer calling Black men 'n----s' while questioning them outside a McDonald's

Jamila Woods’s Neo-Soul Captures the Power of Black Pride

Opioid Addiction Drug Going Mostly To Whites, Even As Black Death Rate Rises

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram - Don't Let The Devil Ride

Lock her up. Huawei CFO Meng arrives in Canada court for pre-extradition hearing

Video sparks calls for new probe of US Black activist's death, and they let that racist devil cop off

Why is unemploymet for Blacks 86% higher than US average? Blacks say if you don't like the way I do this job, do it yourself.

Comedian Nick Di Paolo apologizes for flipping off murdered Black activist in comedy promo

We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America! Trump reacts to Facebook ban

Please leave this tired, Theresa Kenerly, bitch alone: Georgia mayor facing calls to resign over alleged comment on Black job candidate


Hoschton officials told to resign over handling of Black job candidate

Georgia mayor under fire for alleged remarks about Black job candidate. That ain't new, they do that shit all the time to Blacks looking for work!

Homeowner who killed an unarmed Black man gets new trial after prosecutors raised issue of race — If you buy this shit, we got a bridge in London for sell

Mia Turel Skipped six grades to attend California university

19 examples of artificial intelligence shaking up business as usual

A royal baby with Black heritage will have absolutely no effect on the issues facing Black Britons like me. Forget! It will be not change for you

Pete Buttigieg is trying to overcome terrible poll numbers among minorities and win over Black voters in the South. It ain't gone happen

One in 15 US student loan recipients have considered suicide over debt, study suggests. Just do it!!

UPDATE 1-Trump slams China on trade, says won't lose to Beijing

Meghan Markle Gives Birth to a Baby Boy With Prince Harry

Former SF Supe’s House Egged After Using Racial Slur In Front Of Black City Workers, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger!

Who Owns the Internet? Not that Jew name Zuckerberg

The Top Ten Owners of the Internet

Did The South Win The Civil War?

Joe Biden Pivots to Courting Black Voters in South Carolina

Buttigieg confronts his Black voter problem. Your name is fucked-up!

No Democrat in the last four decades has secured the party nomination without the support of a majority of Black voters.

Exclusive: Trump fixer Cohen says he helped Falwell handle racy photos. A den of crooks and thieves

Students arrested after 'heated' MAGA hat dispute during protest, police say

Coard: Happy Birthday, John Brown — and salute to his Black comrades

John Goeken, Who Led MCI and Splintered AT&T, Is Dead at 80

Louis Farrakhan Is More ‘Far Right’ Than Left. But Mostly, He’s an Opportunist.

Always some shit: Unemployment Is Falling, But Jobs Aren’t Going to Black Workers

Pete Buttigieg Announces 2020 Run, Makes a Great Speech (Kisses His Husband) & Makes Us All Proud. Watch

Quit patronizing US: 3 Black Women Just Made Pageant History — & The Internet Is Celebrating

History-making wins: Black women reign as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America

Miami Cop Charged With Misconduct After Violent Arrest of Black Woman

'60 Minutes' chief Jeff Fager fired over policy violation

Black 22-Year-Old Software Engineer Murdered By White Neighbor Months After Court Denied Request For Protective Order

The little-known story of Major Taylor, America's first black sports hero, who became a world champion during the Jim Crow era of 1890s

Black Women Create a Force Field of Support Around Ilhan Omar

Biden to Test Appeal Among Black Voters in South Carolina. We can't take the chance; too many lies!

AKA 'H. Rap Brown' Ex-black militant-turned Muslim cleric says rights violated

White Florida gang members punish Black member with racist slur tattoo - but spelled police wrong. Nobody claimed these fools belong to Mensa

Social Justice Warriors at The Tennessean Publish Op-Ed claiming ‘Tennessee is a racist state and so is its legislature.’ You got that right!

Glen Casada: Integrity and consistency matter with sexual misconduct allegations This is one lowdown racist Cracker

House speaker Glen Casada defends statements in video regarding Calling Blacks Niggers

Oglala Sioux Tribe tells South Dakota governor she is 'not welcome' on their reservation — Now get the fuck out!

Study: 45% Of Young Black Men In Chicago Out Of School, Out Of Work amd out of mind

Black women who changed the world: faculty lecture celebrates black history

What's In a Name?
Negro vs. Afro-American vs. Black

Census Bureau to proceed with nationwide test of citizenship question

Dad’s outrage as his son, 7, is led from school in HANDCUFFS after cops were called when he hit out at a teacher who told him off

These racist know they hater some N-words: Four girls at N.Y. middle school subjected to 'dehumanizing' strip search, lawsuit says

If you're Black and stopped by any cop in America; run for your life because your life may depend on it

How high school dropouts become America’s Black Billionaires: The Richest African Americans in 2019

A campaign to sustain historically Black colleges

Another Nigger shot — so what? Texas officer charged with homicide for shooting Black man

White high school student named salutatorian over Black student with better grades, federal lawsuit claims

Eagles' Michael Bennett surrenders in Houston on injury to the elderly charge. If racist cops can do Michael like that, what hope is it for US

Guatemalan boy detained by US border agency dies at Texas hospital

Tim Anderson compares himself to Jackie Robinson, slams MLB offices on diversity, stay in your lane Crackers

Young Black men given harsher sentences than any other Wisconsin demographic, per UW-Milwaukee study

Just another crook like Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. Del. Adrienne Jones becomes first African American, first woman to serve as Maryland House speaker

The Times Cartoon Reveals the Link between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism, and the racism of Jews

That Netanyahu Cartoon Wasn’t anti-Semitic

Michael Barone: Will black voters keep Dems from going too far left?

A Louisiana Court Is Trying to Silence Black Lives Matter’s DeRay McKesson

Opinion | Ida B. Wells and the Lynching of Black Women - The New

Lost lives: Lynching victims honored

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Black maternity care: 'It's time to demand better outcomes'

John Singleton's family urges Black men to get their blood pressure checked. That's common knowledge in America!

Activists Not Surprised Mohamed Noor Was Convicted Because ‘He’s A Black Man Who Shot A White Woman’

Is Black News For Black Men, Only?

1st Black woman student president at American Univ. seeks $1.5M damages from neo-Nazi site founder

John Singleton Changed How Hollywood Sees Black America. Really?

“Guns and safety aren’t synonymous for us”: Some Black Texans fear plans to arm more teachers

What Black Life Actually Looks Like

As Bernie Sanders Says 'No Apologies' for His Position, 70+ Groups Back Call for Prisoner Voting Rights


Amy Klobuchar has a plan to reverse the war on drugs — and doesn’t need Congress to do it

How Private Equity Is Turning Public Prisons into Big Profits

Michelle Alexander Is Wrong about Mass Incarceration

Black women aren't here to save America from itself