For every dollar saved by business on hiring illegal aliens the taxpayers spend $100 in social service cost: Cost for things like education, housing, food stamps, health care, prisons and more — these people are costing US an arm and two legs.

Black News


Sessions: Donald Trump Will Attract Black And Hispanic Voters In General Election

Gay marriage victory at Supreme Court triggering backlash — why we have to walk on eggshells for them Fags?


Trump's wildcard? How even slightly improved performance among black voters could prove key to The Donald in November


Democratic establishment 'superdelegates' locked up, but the game isn't rigged! 


Authorities have turned to complex computer algorithms to try to pinpoint the people most likely to be involved in future violent crimes


The story behind the racist Chinese ad where a Black man gets his skin color scrubbed off


Crooked Hillary At Fault For Her State Department Emails: Her Judgement Sucks!

Black pastors rally support for HB2, saying LGBT rights are not civil rights


Unstereotyped: Why this black pastor supports Donald Trump


What is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?


Van Hollen defeats Edwards in heated Maryland primary for U.S. Senate


Justice Department To Seek Death Penalty For S.C. Church Shooting Suspect


In Black Lives Matter's shift to economic issues, echoes of Black Panthers


We asked US voters about their views on transgender people. Here's what they said.


Adia Victoria Reckons With The South


The America has far exceeded the horrific Soviet gulags in locking up our crazies!


Addressing the Representation of Black Culture in Photography

Zimmerman to auction gun used to kill black teenager Martin


To Huffington Post Editor: Arianna, diversity doesn't mean a bunch of white women winning and sinning


Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it’s time for white Americans to ‘stop eating Jim Crow’


Black man killed for trying to use whites-only bathroom in Alabama in 1966 set off protests that echo today


Central American refugees fear they'll be forced to go back home


First-ever Black Women's Leadership Conference draws a sold-out crowd in Madison


Life or death: Chicago Police confront institutional racism


John Walsh: ‘The Border Is as Porous as the Ocean’

Sheriff Clarke: Democrats 'decimated the Black family'


They're back: Return of the Surge: Illegal immigrant minors, families flooding southern US border

Not in my backyard

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented — it's good work if you can get it!


I don't cut Nigger or dog hair, and you can't make me!


21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear


More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky’s Black-white achievement gap is widening


The Origins of Lynching Culture in the United States


America's top CEOs pocket 355 times more than average workers


What the fuck do we call 'em? Niggers, no, that's already taken!


Genius schoolboy, 11, becomes one of Mensa's youngest ever members after scoring maximum IQ of 162


Cleveland schools must desegregate: We thought we won that fight!


Are Blacks too stupid to benifit from American democracy


For Black Americans, claims of equal opportunity have, of course, been false from the founding


Chicago gang members who cops say executed 9-year-old boy initially wanted to torture him by cutting off his fingers, ears


Alabama university 'repulsed' by sorority T-shirt showing Black man eating watermelon — that's about as bad as Hillary trying to talk Black!


Hillary’s Latest Scandal: She And Bill Siphoned $100 Mil From Mideast Leaders


Despite Black Lives Matter, young Black Americans aren’t voting!


Story of cities #41: Soul City's failed bid to build a black-run suburbia for America


Clinton aide leaves interview when FBI asks off-limits question — then falls on her sword for the 'Iron Lady'

Cheryl Mills, another Black political hack


He may be cool, but he can't stay in America!


Study: Black students three times more likely to be in gifted programs if their teachers are Black


President Obama just commuted the sentences of 58 people. Here are their names — John 'Hotrod Talley'!


The Mystery of Why Black Americans Are Living Longer

‘Police vs. Black’: Bridging the ‘Racialized Gulf’


Spice: Americans turn to dangerous 'synthetic marijuana' to evade drug tests


Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover


Black Men, Violence and ‘Fierce Urgency’


Hiring bias study: Resumes with black, white, Hispanic names treated the same


“Sounds like black privilege to me”: Rampant racism forces Fox News to close comments section on Malia Obama article


Hillary lied to coal miners: Which proves she'll tell a lie quicker than a cat can lick its ass!


Trump leads Clinton by 2 points in Rasmussen poll


If gays were born that way; where are the gays who practice celibacy; they don't exist because it's all about debauchery?


OpEd: Was the Obama-Wilmore Duo Too Black for the Room?


Tavis Smiley: Black America could get on Trump train


America’s tough approach to policing black communities began as a liberal idea


Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among hispanics and Blacks


7 Hillary Clinton Scandals and Controversies


Are Bill Clinton and his team the key to the FBI’s Hillary investigation?

He stinks like a Nigger!


Why Can’t My Black Son Have A Toy Gun? Because he puts the cops live in fear of their lives!


Donald Trump doesn’t need Latino voters to win


Family of teen Pierre Loury killed by police sees surveillance video


1994 crime bill haunts Clinton and Sanders as criminal justice reform rises to top in Democratic contest


If no one else stops Donald Trump, the Electoral College still can.


Alderman defends use of slur in criticizing black principal's removal


Black migrants becoming visible voting bloc

Bill Kristol; This racist cracker been on the Sunday morning shows for thirty-years talking shit; now he finds out nobody gives a damn about what he has said; that's why he hates Trump

They should have shot the Mom for letting that bad ass kid out of her conrol

All these rotten Niggers supporting Hillary looking for benifits themselves while they do nothing for poor Blacks and whites

Reps. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), Congressional Black Caucus Chair G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), Matt Cartwright (D-Pa.), David Cicilline, (D-R.I.) John Conyers (D-Mich.), Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas), and Rick Larsen (D-Wash.)

For every dollar saved by business on hiring illegal aliens the taxpayers spend $100 in social service cost

Cost for things like education, housing, food stamps, health care, prisons and more — these people are costing US an arm and two legs.

Trump Sanders debate: Let's get ready to rumble!

Trump vs. Bernie Sanders debate, live on pay-per-view.

How Prosecutors Get Rid of Black Jurors? Is It Because Of Racism?

Body of 2015 shooting victim whose daughter was paralyzed found dead on Elder Street

Bianca Horton


Chattanooga mayor 'Andy Berke' caught in love triangle with female aide

Robert F. "Bobby" Stone far right has been charged in an attack on his wife, Lacie Stone, a top aide to Mayor Andy Berke.

Did Justice Thomas Really Dissent on This Decision? Do Apes Eat Bananas?

‘Blatant racism’ behind Black father’s murder charge in toddler’s hot-car death, lawyer says

Bill Cosby Admitted to Sex with Teens

Cosby to go to trial; cop low and go old man

Donald Trump takes poll lead over Hillary Clinton – is it time to panic? Is Bill Clinton the freak of the year?

You Niggers just can't win in American courts: It's like heads they win and tails you lose!

King: Officer Edward Nero’s acquittal in the death of Freddie Gray is yet another slap in the face to Black families told to grin and bear it

High court finds race discrimination in jury selection in Georgia death case

The fix was in from the getgo, you stupid ass Niggers in Baltimore, yet they say this is the system we got — but it never works for Blacks — even with a Nigger judge

Y'all elected this crooked ass Nigger so deal with the fucking verdict!

Lead Belly Sings "Goodnight Irene"

Live and times of the great Lead Belly

Valerie June plays Lead Belly's 'Goodnight Irene'

Hillary Clinton: Trump presidency will put 'kids at risk of violence and bigotry'

Crooked Hillary plays the race card better than rotten Al Sharpton

Arresting gang members in Chicago without arresting institutional racism is all for naught!

San Francisco police murder unarmed Black woman

Cops gone wild in Oakland

Chattanooga’s anti-violence strategy won't work: It's the classical case of the tail wagging the dog!

Chattanooga's Public Safety Coordinator Gets New Job

Want to live forever — it may be possible

Russians Insult Barack Obama by Naming Black Goat After Him

Putin, you need to apologize for comparing our first Black president to a goat — because goats need love too!

Crooked Hillary had the votes of 500

Does the 'Bell Curve' prove Blacks are inferior to other races?

Twitter names first Black woman to board: BET’s Debra Lee

Diversity, 'Twitter' doesn't mean getting a Black woman who thinks like you! That's not diversity! That's just a Nigger who thinks like white people!

They're doing everything to destroy Trump: Let's give Trump a chance!

West Point Clears Black Cadets Who Raised Fists In Pre-Graduation Photo

West Point launches inquiry into photo of Black female cadets with raised fists

We can do a fist pump if I want to—you ain't the boss of me —you ass!

What Black Republicans Care About

Kevin Muhammad Says Chattanooga's Programs Failing; More Attention And Funding Needed For Impoverished Inner City Youths

"...if you do not take heed, I hope new people are sitting in all your seats," Bro. Muhammad said.

The world turned up-side-down

Poll shows Trump, Sanders, Justice with leads

Should Blacks ever forgive Tennessee for its racial hatred against them?

Fort Pillow Massacre

Do The Words 'Race Riot' Belong On A Historic Marker In Memphis?

Footprints in the Sand

"During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

Trump the chosen One: Chosen by the people not the steeple

Hillary Clinton and the Tragic Politics of Crime

FBI Now Has Solid Evidence To Convict Hillary Clinton of a crime

This is how the FBI destroys Hillary: The 10 questions that could end her

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