America treats its veterans like an orange; suck all the juice out and throw the rind away



Video is the best instructional delivery system known to mankind


Jesse Jackson swears retweet doesn’t mean he thinks ‘half dead’ pope loves male ‘booty’


Steve Ballmer buys LA Clippers for record $2bn


Three fatal stabbing victims in Santa Barbara hailed from Bay Area


LGBT leader calls for apology over Utah governor’s comments


These gays will have us all going to Hell with them if not stopped


Stephen A Smith: Uncle Tom House Negro On the Job Again!


Slavery reparations are workable and affordable


Jeralean Talley, turns 115; had to stop fooling around 10-years ago


Top 5 Fox News Uncle Tom House Niggas


Putting Gays over Boy Scouts is like sending a sissy to boystown


Because of the hope of amnesty; they will never stop coming!



Chamber President: If You're Not Doing Amnesty, Then Don't Bother


Killing people cause you can't get a girlfriend ain't the way to go — just go a buy some pussy next time — Oh I forgot you dead!


If you thought most Tennesseans were really dumb, you were right? So move to the head of the class; no pun intended.


The racist state of Tennessee goes back to cooking inmates — well done!


What America owes for slavery: pay the money you cheap skate!



How America Treats Illegal Aliens vs. Veterans


Chris Rock - These Crackers hate my guts


Leave Black Women Out of This


Russia China alliance could break the back of US


Is Michael Boggs an undercover racist?


Holder right the racist John Roberts dead wrong!


Read about the lynching of Ed Johnson in Chattanooga

Is Chattanooga the most racist city in America? Does a bear shit in the woods?


Can the police be trusted to investigate themselves? Would you trust a fox to guard a hen house?

Nazi rally reopens Chattanooga's racist past


Ras Baraka, son of Amiri Baraka, elected mayor of Newark


"If you Niggers want a fight, you damn well will get one," Bill Clinton said.


Solange and Jay Z Bring Big Laughs


Black women are among the lowest paid workers in the United States when they're not in jail.


DHS freed thousands of criminal immigrants — damn — that don't seem like the right thing to do!


$25M lawsuit for inmate who 'baked to death' in New York prison


Barbara Walters retires after five decades; good riddance and just be damn gone because you stayed too damn long!


It's an art to knowing when to leave, Barbara!


Most Blacks are too dumb, stupid and uneducated to be allowed a vote in a democracy



Conyers, that old fart joins suit to get back on ballot


Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase word association


You can stick a fork in immigration reform: it's done!


Because of our stupid Black leadership; nothing ever works for US


Exclusive Interview With GuGu Master


Greed not need behind AT&T deal to buy DirecTV for $49 billion


Jewish Dominance Of America - Facts Are Facts


Whites say Nigger all the time behind closed doors — everybody knows that!


The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?


Kissing American Ass Got Ukraine Running Out of Gas!


Dean Baquet takes over leadership of New York Times

In 2006, ABC News reported that Baquet killed a story about NSA wiretaps of Americans


Does Obama care more about illegal aliens than the Blacks who put him in office?


Those Cowards Who Sacrifice Privacy For Security Deserve Neither


Tech Money Is Helping Sweep Away San Francisco's Black Community


Beyonce's sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator for turning big sister into whore!


Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers — Over 36,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Released In 2013 — Obama will get US all killed for the Hispanic vote


Little Kim called Obama a 'wicked black monkey' — when will white racists in America say the same?


Testosterone Levels Tied to Prostate Cancer Progression


The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews


Most Americans favor keeping Obamacare


What if gays ruled the world; would we all be forced to partake in that nasty stuff?


Benghazi hearing puts Democrats in a tough spot


Search continues for 3rd body in Va. balloon crash


Nigger hunting cop kills another Black: 93-year old woman



What US Senate Candidate Is Standing With Cliven Bundy: A Dumb Ass Nigger


Poll: Rahm re-election on ropes; voters say no better than Daley


At least they're not lynching soldiers who come home from war like they used to do Blacks — y'all just dying on your own!


Hear Bill Maher's 'New Rule' For Clarence 'Gorilla' Thomas


Has organized religion run it's course? Yes, because most people believe it's only bullshit!


Who can stop the wicked gay agenda?


Back to the joint and give US 90 more calendars..


Principal, 4 teachers charged in test cheating scandal in Philadelphia


Did Jesse Jackson Set Up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?


The more things change, the more they stay the same for Black Americans, i.e, the civil rights movement was a failure to trive for most Blacks.


Sexuality between Slaveholders and Slaves in the Beginning of American


Isaac & Rosa, slave children from New Orleans


That crooked Benjamin Netanyahu don't want peace for Israel because he's a dirty liar


Another Dumb, Stupid American Jury: Worse Than A Racist All-White Southern Jury.


Can you believe this? What can't you Negros do?


It’s Not Just About Obama


The so-called Black Press 'gone with the wind,' and good riddance!


Voting Rights Erosion Is Greater Racist Outrage


Clayton Lockett torture was "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" under international law


It's not 'mean' when racist white Republicans hate on Blacks; it's just a way of life


On American racism: Denial is not just a river in Egypt you asshole



James Baldwin on Malcolm X


They were gay when being gay wasn't cool... Who are they?


James Baldwin Reappeared Just When We Needed Him Most


Social policies on gay-marriage, abortion and giving illegals citizenship have done the Democrats in




"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors." 

Thomas Jefferson


Cuba calls terrorism designation by U.S. absurd, manipulative


Who's Waiting On Death Row?


Bad blood between Clippers, Warriors spills into hallway altercation after Game 7


Commingling legal immigration with illegal immigration is outdated trick


Condoleezza "Aunt Jemima" Rice not wanted anywhere


U.S. Fears of Jihadist suicide bombing is palpable to 'security of homeland'

It's as easy as a suitcase bomb, in the wrong hands, to get you!


U.S. Should Confront the Monster in the Closet


Nigger just do it and put your back into it..


China report slams U.S. for 'unscrupulous' surveillance


America treats its veterans like an orange; suck all the juice out and throw the rind away



Is today's civil rights movement run by Black Hucksters?

This webcast is special to 'Black News"


White people don't owe Blacks for reparation; it's the United States of America that allowed slavery


White people don’t owe Black Americans for slave reparations because most whites who are so concern about the debt owed to Blacks were not even here during slavery — y’all came here after the fact! It is this government that owes Blacks; it was this government that allowed slavery; it was this government that benefited from slavery, and it was this government that is responsible for one of the world’s great atrocities.

So all you whites who have so much to say, really, you don’t have a say because it’s not your damn business in the first place — it’s the business between Black Americans and this government.

So pull your panties out your asses and keep your damn mouth shut because it’s not your business. Consider this, since you don’t have a say in this matter, don’t let the word Black come out your fucking mouth — you feel me? America — pay what you owe to Blacks — you fucking cheap ass crooks!


Mass killer's video before mass killings: 'I never kissed a girl!'


A lesson for crooked American businessmen to learn



State of Tennessee: 'Race to the Top' but run to the bottom must give $4.35 billion back to the government


Most of Tennessee's students too damn dumb for Common Core


Most Tennesseans are dumber than Snuffy Smith


Mixed Report for Race to the Top Education Grants


What does America owe Blacks America for slave reparations?


The Case for Reparations


Promotion of another lying crooked Nigger: Dick Parsons


Is Al Qaeda planning to attack America?

It's not a matter of will they attack, but when will they attack — because an enemy that's worthy of your attack, will fight back!


Copping scag is too easy in the Big Apple, and getting off is better than sex — you feel me?


Two women uphold a family legacy, a century apart


What Are Black Web Sites That Are White Owned? — — — — — —

The above, are some of the Black Websites owned by whites and Jews — why would they create a Website for Blacks? But more importantly, why would you as a Black person support it?


How time stands still when you're in jail

By Steve Talley


Hamilton County (Chattanooga) maybe charged with crimes against humanity for shackling pregnant women during delivery

A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging that the Hamilton County Jail has a policy of shackling all female prisoners during labor, delivery and postpartum with no exceptions for non-violent prisoners.


US female genital mutilation petition collects nearly 37,000 signatures

Now, who's doing that shit in America?


Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts

Have these fools gone crazy, or what?


What are the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America


This one God-damn Nigger (Dr. E.) is standing between our total domination of the world, and the Nigger is riding Trigger!

E. does not ride Trigger — our hero rides Traveller!



Blacks Will Perish From The Lack Of Knowledge

This Webcast is Special to 'Black News'


Jesse Jackson’s ‘racial extortion racket’ comes to Silicon Valley


This old man is embarrassing the Black community because everybody knows he's playing like he's helping Blacks by shaking down white businesses. Is this what Martin Luther King died for?


Is Donald Sterling Right About Magic Johnson?

We know that Magic is one of America's trophy Niggers: they hold him up as a trophy like a lot of these rotten Niggers!


Behind every successful dumb ass Nigger lurks a smart Jew


The success of Dr. Dre is because of Jimmy Iovine


Just two years after their athletic careers end, 78 percent NFL players are bankrupt; a fool and his money will depart

That's why we ain't got nothing because of all of these dumb stupid ass Nigger


We don't need gays like Michael Sam playing football in NFL: This football not gayball!

His performance in the annual scouting combine was disappointing and many experts wondered if he would be drafted.


Oprah Winfrey says, 'I am not a lesbian' and cries over her love for Gayle King: I love her so, I can just eat her up, y'all!


Oprah's lesbian girlfriend Gayle King thinks fat moma will buy Clippers: We think not, so Oprah can go back to OWN where she's not Known


What's the state of Black America? Fucked-up!


Florida Democrats hope medical pot measure will boost voter turnout

There's gold in that green


The rape of female slaves was more important to master than their labor


Flat Earth Society Members Will Never Believe Climate Change


Dog, your days are numbered; these Americans have drones watching you right now...

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau


Can Blacks and Whites in the South ever reconcile? Hell no because we hate you, man!


Our hatred for the South is palpable!!!

It's Not Racist to Hate a Racist Government


The US sporting arena: Where black men excel – but racism lingers



Poised And Persistent, Reporter Broke White House Color Barrier

Harry McAlpin became the first Black White House reporter in 1944


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