Darnella Frazier, teenager who filmed George Floyd’s death, to be given Courage Award. She Should Be Given The Nobel Prize for Peace!! That one single of courage from a 17-year old chiid did more for the civil rights movement than the civil rights movement ever did for Blacks

With No Ties to The Black Community, Sunday Phone Calls Mobilized Black Business Elite on Vote Rights

Brandon Elliot, 38 one crazy Nigger. Suspect in attack on Asian American woman in NYC is arrested

A teacher resigned after her racist rant. Some of these crackers hate Blacks so, and just can't help it

US on track to encounter record 2 million migrants on the southern border, government estimates show

Darnella Frazier, the teenager who recorded George Floyd's death on video, says it changed her life

Darnella Frazier, teenager who filmed George Floyd’s death, to be given Courage Award. She Should Be Given The Nobel Prize for Peace

Biden committed to nominating 1st Black woman to Supreme Court. Why now? Why didn't Obama do it? He had the chance 3 times to do it! It wasn't his call!

Biden announces 'trailblazing' slate of judicial nominees. Do Black women have to marry white to be successful in racist America? Is the Pope Catholic?

In his public lynching, George Floyd told officers 'I can't breathe' more than 20 times. (sic) Can you breathe now, Nigger?

‘America is on trial’: George Floyd family and activists gather outside courthouse

New Security Video Shows Events Leading Up To George Floyd's Arrest

After running out of Black victims to beat down, white racist cops attack their own. St. Louis jurors return mixed verdict for officers accused of beating a Black undercover officer and then trying to cover it up

Hard to keep up with all the Black men killed by racist cops in America. Another trial set for 4 Shreveport officers in Black man's death

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby says the city will no longer prosecute for prostitution, drug possession and other low-level offenses. She's a good Black woman

Video shows police officers handcuffing, yelling at 5-year-old boy. These Niggers need running outta town

At one point, the Black fat female officer says she hopes the child’s mother allows her to beat him. You stupid witch

US waives FBI checks on caregivers at new migrant facilities. This fool's putting our country in danger.

These emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.

Why Biden has an immigration policy problem. Being stupid is no excuse for being stupid

Sexual Violence and the Ballad of Black Genius

It's kill or be killed. Myanmar's armed ethnic factions will not stand by if more killed, says one group. If you got to die, let it be even-steven

Myanmar protesters join 'silent strike' after soldiers kill 7-year-old girl in her father's arms

After voting Dems into power, whites got their stimulus checks more promptly than Blacks. Why?

After the political coup by Blacks, Georgia's Republican-led legislature passes voting restrictions

Neilia Hunter Biden: How the deaths of Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter changed his politics

U.S. Supreme Court widens ability to sue police for excessive force

New York Reaches a Deal to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

New York Lawmakers Open Door to Billions in Revenue With Recreational Marijuana Deal

Advocates call on Biden to rescind Title 42 rule, say it’s ruse to block asylum-seekers

Title 42 rule that allows federal officials to deport migrants within hours of first contact.

Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Just Keeps Losing Viewers After Backlash. Dyke a loser

Ellen DeGeneres Loses 1 Million Viewers After Apologies for Toxic Workplace. Portia on market, looking for a real man

At least 45 states have seen bills aimed at voter suppression. Here's why

Lakers legend and Hall of Famer Elgin 'The Great' Baylor: dead at 86

Elgin Baylor - Most Underrated Player in NBA History

A Champion of Wall Street Reaps Benefits In More Ways Than Money. This Crook Says He's Worth Only $1M. Where Are The Other 3 Zeros?

Don’t Look to Democrats to Regulate Big Tech Because That Greedy Jews Chuck Schumer Is In The Pocket of Big Tech

Senator Chuck Schumer says the world would be a ‘worse place’ without Amazon

6-year-old girl fatally shot over spilled water from clogged toilet. Nigger you should have shot yourself

Who was Laurionne Walker? Pasadena girl, 6, shot multiple times in apartment by man over spilled water

With homelessness on the rise for Americans, U.S. to place some migrants in hotels in move from centers

Stupid Biden aims to stop border crossings after encouraging illegals to come

Black Families Are Outraged About Family Separation Within the U.S. Family Separation Is Bad If You're An Illegal Alien, But Good If You're Black!

Biden IRS stuck dick up Social Security recipients ass with late third stimulus checks. We'll get Payback in 2022 by taking back House and Senate.

How in the fuck can a 6-month old child cross the border and ask for asylum? Got milk you asshole?

Immigrant Families Illegally Crossing U.S. Border Rises to Pre-Covid-19 Levels

A $5 billion down payment on what America owes to Black farmers. Don't forget the 40 acres and a mule

What Is Rachel Dolezal Doing in a Documentary About Black Beauty?

Rachel Dolezal Has Kept a Low Profile Recently — Where Is She Now? She was Blackfishing Before Blackfishing Was Cool

What we know about the 8 victims of the spa shootings. Them some real old hoes and they tricked that sucker — who pay to fuck an 80-year old hoe?

Biden Falls Three Times Walking Up Steps to Air Force One. Don't break your neck.

Falling more times than Gerald Ford. White House says Biden doing fine after stumbling while boarding Air Force One

With striking of Black juror, Floyd activists see racism. It only takes one juror for a mistrial

Black News Podcast: Will Blacks be forced to stand by the Jews during End Times

Even the number of this beast--the beast being some military ruler that controls the world at the end of time--as being 666. ...

Derek Chauvin trial live: Judge cuts two jurors who said they can't be impartial after $27M settlement over George Floyd's death

, we thought this ugly witch was dead

Battered by Scandal, Cuomo Leans on Black Lackies to Build His Defense

Go to your friends': Black leaders rally around Cuomo. This Nigger shit!'

Because his first piece of pussy made him crazy, shooting suspect was kicked out of his house because of a sex addiction. Is this sex trafficking? Or what?

They fighting back — it's on! Elderly Asian woman fights off attacker in San Francisco

They fighting back — it's on! Elderly Asian woman fights off attacker in San Francisco

'You bum, why did you hit me?' 75-year-old Asian woman beats attacker

After trick claimed sexual addction, Asian Americans grieve in wake of Atlanta attacks. Is tricking legal?

Where does the money for stimulus checks come from? The US gets the money the easy way. They just print it.

Some Americans have already received the third stimulus payment. Who?

Crooked Jewish bankers face customer anger over stimulus checks. The longer they hold the money, the more interest they get. That's a Jew for you!

Georgia massage parlor shootings leave 8 dead; man captured

Police: Georgia shooting suspect may have ‘sexual addiction.’ Trick gone mad

Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay Call Out Golden Globes Voters for ‘Ignorance,’ Self-Dealing

Is the Golden Globes racist or elitist?

Me who? Me Too's Tarana Burke Says 'Make Space' for Black Survivors in New Sexual Violence Initiative. How Crazy?

Do black holes have a mass? A typical stellar-class of black hole has a mass between about 3 and 10 solar masses. Supermassive black holes exist in the center of most galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy. They are astonishingly heavy, with masses ranging from millions to billions of solar masses.

Judge in George Floyd police trial weighs impact of $27 million settlement on jury may lead to mistrial

Why Jeff Tweedy Is Calling for Reparations in the Music Industry

Black Artists Are Still Getting Ripped Off The Way The Jews Did Little Richard. Jews Been Stealing Black Culture Forever and Selling It.

The Music Industry’s Long History of Dividing Blacks and Jews. Stop Stealing! Say no!

The 10 Biggest Cultural Thefts in Black History

Infectious Diseases Making the Border Crisis Worse

Pelosi blames Trump when Biden shoots self in foot, and more children on the way.

As Border Crisis Worsens, and while they're getting ready to lock US up for child support, who's paying child support for all these children?

With all these sick aliens at the border, first do no harm to Americans!!

Black News Podcast: Blacks' confusion about Asian culture may lead to violence

The Rise In Anti-Asian Attacks During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A Trick in The Governor's Mansion. Two More Women Come Forward With Sexual Harassment Claims Against Cuomo

Latest Accusation Against Cuomo Is Reported to Albany Police, And After Many Sex Tries Gone Wrong, He Finally Got Fucked.

Cuomo impeachment probe authorized by New York Assembly speaker as sexual harassment claims grow

Floyd family agrees to $27M settlement. Wow! How much money did Crump get?

Black Caucus crime bill only another Head Fake to Blacks since it won't pass racists in the Senate anyway.

Being Beyond Help, Goldman Sachs Says It Will Invest $10 Billion To Support Black Women — Here’s How Other U.S. Banks Have Responded To Racial Justice Protests. Too Little and Too Late!!

News & Opinion: Will Black politicians steal stimulus money from the Black community?

Why nothing can stop the Cops from murdering Blacks. Here's why. They hating on US!

The Core Message of Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview: Did the Queen Call Baby Archie, Hire to the Throne, Just a Nigger? Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

The Sun finally sets on the British Empire as Queen Elizabeth breaks silence over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview

CBS Paid at Least $7 Million for Rights to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Interview with Oprah

The Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Oprah Interview Cost CBS at Least $7 Million to Air

CBS seeking $325,000 for 30 seconds of commercial time during the program. Just another reality show!

Tara Lee’s Poison Garden

By Sinclere Lee: Writing for "Black News"

How American Racism Influenced Hitler and Nazi?


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How Viruses Spread

April 13 Is Chattanooga Mayoral Election: Tim Kelly or Kim White

Germany to restrict use of AstraZeneca's virus vaccine in people under 60, amid fresh concern over blood clots

Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington state, officials say

High T cells count could give some immunity to COVID-19 infection

Final Four teams in the men’s NCAA tournament, ranked

How ‘killer’ T cells could boost COVID immunity in face of new variants

2 ex-Texas sheriff deputies indicted in Black man’s death. Another one dead

Covid: new vaccines needed globally within a year, say scientists

Guantánamo Diary: ‘We don’t live in a world of goodies and baddies, do we?’ The true story behind The Mauritanian

The lawyer who fought to free Guantánamo's highest-value detainee

Tennessee legislature passes permitless handgun carry bill, which now heads to Gov. Bill Lee

Who's sorry now? Some Capitol riot suspects apologize as consequences sink in

Stimulus check: IRS says Social Security recipients should get checks on April 7. Biden needs to pay!

4 dead in Tennessee as record rains cause flash flooding

'Time is not on our side!' Biden, a dilettante just learning to use a mouse, navigates cyber attacks without a clue.

In graphic poem, Charlottesville mayor compares her city to a rapist

Mother of Euclid 9-year-old killed in hit-skip speaks at suspect's sentencing

COVID-19 and pets: Can dogs and cats get coronavirus from humans?

There are 'definitely merits' to reparations, says the first Black Fed president

Stimulus check timeline update: These crooked motherfuckers have told so many lies, voters don't know what to believe. Payback at the polls in 2022!

China a rogue nation state generated over half world's coal-fired power in 2020: study

The Peregrine Falcon "a Living Missile moving at 300 mph"

The Daily Stupid: Joe Biden, Kathy Griffin, Oakland, and a Black Lives Matter Protestor. Black Voters Should Have Voters Remorse For Stupid Biden!

When can social security recipients expect the third stimulus check 2021? Who should voters blame for the delay? Stupid Biden and Dems!

Runoff needed to decide next Chattanooga mayor

Biden receives high marks on COVID-19, lags on immigration, guns: POLL

Public Television Show Shared Black Culture with the Nation; “MR. SOUL!” – March 29 at 10 pm

How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody

B.o.B - Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)

Kanye West is the richest Black American — here's how much he's worth

Nearly 50 years after death of wife and daughter, empathy remains at Joe Biden's core

Beyoncé has '$1million of clothes and dresses stolen by thieves in storage unit raid.' A fool and her money shall soon depart.

U.S. bail-bond insurers spend big to keep defendants paying

Russia's Putin ups ante by calling Biden a hypocrite in new rift. Blaming America for slavery of Blacks and genocide of Native Americans

SSI, SSDI stimulus check update: 30 million could expect their payments soon. What to know

Kemp signs elections bill passed by Georgia legislature. Here's what's in it.

60 Million Americans Still Not Getting Stimulus Check? They Trying to Steal

Brighter outlook for US as vaccinations rise and deaths fall

What to do when a trick runs outta money? It's gone be hell to tell the captain. House holds hearing as Asians warns of 'crisis point' for Asian hoes.

Motive in Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect. The Motherfucker is Crazy!

Can You Spread COVID-19 After Getting the Vaccine? Experts Say the Answer Isn’t Simple

Photos of migrant detention highlight Biden’s border secrecy. You're not a fool until you look like a fool. Biden got our country looking foolish. He's too old!

Trump's Election Lawyer Throws Him Under the Bus

10 dead in a mass shooting at a grocery store in Colorado

Pfizer begins early-stage study of oral COVID-19 drug

The Shady Side Of Meghan Markle Nobody Knows

Spring breakers arrested for allegedly drugging, raping woman who later died

The First Black-Owned Multinational Cannabis Brand: Al Harrington’s Viola To Launch In Canada

Stimulus checks: Second batch of payments expected on March 24

Filibuster opponents just got good news from a key Democratic holdout on reform

Black Church Leaders In Georgia On The Importance Of 'Souls To The Polls

Black Student Forced by Headmaster to Kneel During Apology: He's ‘Hurt and Humiliated,’ Says Mom

'God damn America': Tulsa massacre opera drops Black composer over lyrics

A Washington sheriff walked back his claim to police that a Black newspaper carrier was stopping at houses on his street and threatened to kill him

FISA Court Opinion Outlines FBI Abuse of Key Intelligence Surveillance Authority. When They Come For You, They're Be Coming For Me Too

Since most small businesses that got money were going out of business in the first place, one lucky borrower got 17 loans. They fucked that money up!

If it bleeds, it leads. Sean Michael Lannon, man linked to five murders, admits to killing 16 people

To Attract Black Employees, Companies Move to Them

In City After City, Police Completely Mishandled Black Lives Matter Protests

The Story Behind '40 Acres And A Mule'

Fallout from riot, virus leaves toxic mood on Capitol Hill

Current Cuomo staffer accuses NY governor of suggestive comments, ogling. Is he a sex addict?

Anguish at Southwest border as more immigrant children are separated from parents

Cops say prostitutes offered services at Gwinnett massage parlor. Asian women been tricking for years.

‘Black communities have been robbed’: Will reparations for Black Americans finally get real consideration?

After fucking the shit up, Biden steps up family expulsions as U.S.-Mexico border arrivals keep climbing

Mother who lost only son to rare COVID complication warns parents to look for early signs

Jews shitting bricks. Mass movie theater closures caused global box-office revenue to drop more than $30 billion in 2020, Motion Picture Association says

After trick claimed sexual addction, Asian Americans grieve in wake of Atlanta attacks. Is tricking legal in Atlanta?

Autopsy Reveals Casey Goodson Jr., Black Man Killed by Ohio Sheriff's Deputy, Was Shot Five Times From Behind

Not only are illegal aliens invading America a new invasive species of mosquitoes invading too

Maybe driven over a crack high, four dead, including child, after stimulus check dispute leads to gunfire

Third stimulus check issues: Why you may not have gotten your payment yet

Four Numbers That Show the Cost of Slavery on Black Wealth Today

Four charged with prostitution in massage parlor raid

They fucking with the money! Here’s when direct deposits of $1,400 checks will be officially available

'I May Destroy You' Golden Globes Shutout Ignites Hollywood Outrage: ‘Racism Is the Only Explanation’

After Putin's hacking into American computers, Biden selling wolf tickets by branding him a 'killer'

Alabama Severe Weather Forecast Graphics, So Where Is FEMA?

Republicans Pray for a Border Crisis to Bring Biden Down.

Tampa police union will fight firing of Black officer who used racial slur for calling a Nigger a Nigger

They're fighting back! At least 39 reported killed in Myanmar as Chinese factories burn. If you want freedom, go out and stop a bullet!

They have been racists forever. ‘We are not leaving’: Sewanee’s first Black leader helps propel a racial reckoning at university

Magazine’s cartoon of Queen Elizabeth kneeling on Meghan Markle’s neck sparks outrage

100 years of the House of Windsor: The story of the British royal family’s great rebranding

We tried to beats some sense in that Nigger! Louisiana state troopers texted about 'the whoopin' they gave a Black man' who had surrendered following a high-speed chase - as troop comes under scrutiny for other possible race incidents

What are the different college basketball conferences? And who cares?

The role of consonant bias in word learning and child development, because you didn't know!

If money's not looted by crooked Black politicians, here's how $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill aims to help Black and socially disadvantaged farmers

China said don't fuck with him. The Biden administration has been quietly trying to reach out to North Korea, but keeps getting ignored

Only Black Student In Class Says White Teacher Gave Pupils Permission to Use Nigger

First U.S. stimulus payments to hit bank accounts this weekend: officials

Candance Owens says Duchess Meghan isn’t Black enough to experience racism. Here’s why she's wrong.

$16 Mil vs. $4: In Fatal Police Shootings, Payouts Vary Widely. Are Black Men, Worth More Dead Than Alive?

'Dripping in blood of Jim Crow': Voting rights groups say GOP-backed bills in Georgia target Black voters

Emergence of a consonant bias during the first year of life: New evidence from own‐name recognition. From Dr. E.

Recording reveals details of Trump call to Georgia’s chief elections investigator

Watch live: Austin Council to apologize for city's treatment of Black people

House Approves Police Reform Bill Named After George Floyd

Georgetown Law Professor Fired After Comments About Black Students

Worse than Nazi kangaroo courts, Israel's military courts for Palestinians are a stain on justice

After all this self-prays for doing their jobs, Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill wins final approval

Capturing images of U.S. border patrol agents with migrants in Texas

Joe Biden pledges to address pay, systemic racism: 'Black and Latino unemployment gap remains too large'

As migrants pour over US border, Biden’s won’t admit dealing with crisis

Minneapolis agrees to pay $27M to settle Floyd family lawsuit

Republican donations surge despite corporate boycott after Capitol riots

Stimulus checks: Here's who gets a $1,400 payment as bill heads to House

Cohort Sistas Launches '3.1% Campaign' For Advancing Doctoral Education for Black Women

Making it easy to convict, judge reinstates third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin over George Floyd death

Senate passes $1.9tn coronavirus relief bill, overcoming Republican opposition

A drained swimming pool shows how racism harms White people, too. They don't care about US!

Genetic scissors: a tool for rewriting the code of life. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna are awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 for discovering the Fountain of Youth.

Amazon not knowing how to deal with southern Blacks, so Congressional delegation heads to Alabama amid growing support for Amazon workers

More than 20,000 U.S. organizations compromised through Microsoft flaw: source

Before his Assassination. Malcolm X at the Audubon Ballroom - Harlem, NYC (February 15th 1965)

Who was Hitler and what is in his book Mein Kampf. He copied off American racism.

In Germany’s extermination program for black Africans, a template for the Holocaust

Like Nazism and killing Jews with the "Enabling Act." Them fools in Kentucky shit on the constitution, with a bill criminalizing insults on cops. They crazy

Israel’s ‘nation-state law’ parallels the Nazi Nuremberg Laws. They make Hitler look good!

Mail-in voting did not raise turnout or boost Democrats, study finds

Dallas police officer charged with arranging 2 killings. Gone rouge!

Nearly 160 million U.S. households to get virus stimulus checks: White House

Visa launches $10,000 grant applications for Black women entrepreneurs in select cities. Miami is one of them. Why all this love, now?

Attacking Sunday voting is part of a long tradition of controlling Black Americans