We Told You So. Milwaukee's Black Community Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Human life must trump economics in a pandemic. THIS is why China is succeeding in war on Covid-19 and US is on path to disaster

Martial law: Coronavirus: New York bar owner becomes first to be arrested for ignoring lockdown

We Told You So. Milwaukee's Black Community Hit Hard by Coronavirus. The aberrant behavior of Blacks will do US all in

Information About COVID-19 for Sickle Cell Disease Patients

Rumor, Disparity and Distrust: Why Black Americans Face an Uphill Battle Against COVID-19

Because of the lack of knowledge, just like AIDS, the Coronavirus will spread like wildfire in the Black communities

The Late Great United States: The American Empire is in Decline And Been In Decline For over 50-years

Looking to the Future, Public Sees an America in Decline on Many Fronts

Sens. Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton want to probe China’s Rotten Evil Role In Coronavirus

Tom Cotton: Democrats Willing To Risk Your Life And Your Job For "Radical Left Wing Wishlist"

Coronavirus: hospital beds in Hong Kong will run out ‘very soon’ under current infection surge, health officials warn as 59 more cases confirmed

Six months ago most world governments were under attack like in Hong Kong, but now because of coronavirus the world is under martial law. Consider this, did China create Covid 19 to stop the Hong Kong uprising?

New Orleans stupid mayor Cantrell says city saw no reason to cancel Mardi Gras, needs medical supplies

Rats swarm New Orleans' streets as coronavirus precautions leave them empty

Letter Carriers Say the Postal Service Pressured Them to Deliver Mail Despite Coronavirus Symptoms — and Often Without Hand Sanitizer

Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus bill into law as companies and households brace for more economic pain

Washington delivers $2.2 trillion rescue bill. House passed bill! A lot of money for politicians to steal

$1,200 cash payments, help for businesses: Here's what's in the historic stimulus package for coronavirus

If you have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) chronic bronchitis and emphysema, Grim Reaper got your number.

Shit's changing in US and CDC is responding to a pandemic of respiratory disease spreading from person-to-person caused by a novel (new) coronavirus Covid 19.

What's The Difference Between Racial Bias and White Supremacy in the South

What's the difference between a white supremacist and a racist? Are they both the same? If they're not the same, what's the defference?

During this pandemic, Trump has gone from doubt-in-chief to Sergeant General

Doctors Are Concerned That Black Communities Might Not Be Getting Access To Coronavirus Tests

Supreme Court bitch slapped Byron Allen saying hard to prove race discrimination in contracting

US shows ‘very large acceleration’ in Covid-19 cases. It has potential to become new epicenter of pandemic

Democrat Leader Say to Hell With Americans Over Coronavirus Bill. My Daughter Needs a Job!

We're all in this together in bad times, but in good times you Niggers get lost

Consider this: Coronavirus could be God's revenge for slavery and hatred of Blacks.

Spain warns the 'worst is yet to come' as coronavirus deaths surpass 1,300

Poll: Democrats underperforming with Black voters

Post on Black voter turnout in swing states gets the numbers right

Direct payment of up to $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for couples below a certain income threshold, along with $500 for each child in the family.

Trump invokes Defense Production Act in coronavirus response, and it should provide every American a $1,000 check for twelve months.

Harvey Weinstein get 23-years in prison and Oprah gets off

Does conscious thought die with the body or lives on in the universe?

Where Do You Go When You Die? The Increasing Signs That Human Consciousness Remains After Death. It depends on what you did in life

After the big fall, Oprah explains her arrest over social media. I am innocent for sex trafficking charge.

The got her on sex trafficking charge for running a whore house

Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Coronavirus In The U.S.

Coronavirus in the US: Map, case counts. Get outta my face!

Coronavirus means, Social Distancing and Self Quarantine. What the fuck is that? Word!

What does the Bible say about pandemic diseases?

If you voted in this week's Democratic Primary, you may need to self quarantine.

The family lockdown guide: how to emotionally prepare for coronavirus quarantine

Yes, Niggers can contract the coronavirus, but you so stupid you won't know if you got it!

Black Voters Throwing Their Weight Around Maybe In The Wrong Direction

Joe Biden calls for unity after big wins in Michigan, three other states

A Witch In the Church By Sinclere Lee

Sadie Isalove the antagonist

A witch bottle; to stop whiches

Satchmo: The Life Amd Times of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong- A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world ( 1967 )

Louis & Ella - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Can't We Be Friends - Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

9 Things You May Not Know About Louis Armstrong

Freefall: If you got a 401-K, You gone get and it hurts like a faggot getting fuck with a dry dick

Chief Justice Roberts slams Schumer for 'threatening' comments over abortion

Democratic primary was Nigger rigged with ballot stuffing and Black triple and double voting. Sanders got Fucked!

Most commonly, states prohibit voting more than once “in the same election.” This can be interpreted in different ways. Is voting in more than one state but on the same day voting in the “same election"? Or is each state-run election a separate election? What if voting occurred on different days, i.e. a voter cast an absentee ballot in one state and voted in person in another state on Election Day?

Elizabeth Warren ends presidential run when Black voters turn their back on her. These Niggers hardcore

Donna Brazile Tells RNC Chairwoman to ‘Go to Hell’ on Fox News

Passing for white: Could it be true the Babe was Black?

New Babe Ruth Bio Tells Powerful American Economic And Social History

Tornado hits downtown Nashville, at least 8 die in Tennessee

Tornado hits near downtown Nashville, Tennessee

Tom Steyer has paid more than $40,000 to rent a property owned by Jim Clyburn's daughter

The power of the Black vote, sad it's in the hands of stinking traitor like Jim Clyburn

Clyburn: Biden win in S. Carolina not a 'flash in the pan'

See that fat bumbling Oprah Winfrey falls down and breaks a leg — fucking pun intended!

Oprah FALLS on Stage! She Falls HARD; Snoop Doogs That Fool!

Desperate to keep her job, video shows husband of LA district attorney pointing gun at Black Lives Matter protesters

Los Angeles County DA’s Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Activists (VIDEO)

Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was? They too stupid to know.

Joe Biden under fire for segregationist senators remarks and Blacks love him.

The tragic story of Marvin Gaye and the untimely death of a soul legend on April's fool day!

Marvin Gaye - LIVE I Want You 1981

Running Scared: CNN's Angela Rye to Black Trump Supporters: "Shame On You"

Angela Rye calls out Biden's answer on slavery

Trump Called "First Black President" At White House Black History Month Roundtable

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Who Said Blacks Can't Catch it? New Orleans Bounce DJ Black N Mild Dies at 44 After Coronavirus Diagnosis


Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S., and could subside in June

Rent strike idea gaining steam during coronavirus crisis

Convicted serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr., known as 'Grim Sleeper,' dies on death row at 67

Fauci: U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Could Near 200,000 or One Million

Niggers not safe anywhere. Spread of coronavirus accelerates in U.S. jails and prisons

Why The Fall of the American Empire Will Come by 2030

The 11th Plague? Pastor Claims Coronavirus is God's Punishment for Sin

Rapper Scarface on Living With Coronavirus: ‘I’m Scared to Death’

Sen. Cotton: Chinese government 'still lying' about coronavirus as evidence indicates rising death tolls

A U.S. recession? Probably. Depression? Only if the virus is untamed

Racism is how America fails Black patients in pain

Senators Dumped Millions in Stock after Closed-Door Briefing on Coronavirus, Records Show

Worse than Katrina; Death rate soars in New Orleans coronavirus 'disaster' that could define city for generations

Niggers won't make it out of this shit alive. Milwaukee's Black Community hit hard by Coronavirus

Arkansas woman murdered by same person who murdered her mother 23 years ago: Police

Shit's fucked-up in New York. Governor declares every man for himself and God for US all

FBI warns of potential surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans amid coronavirus

New York sees glimmer of progress against coronavirus, New Orleans worsens

China says US behind coronavirus pandemic. Is that right?

Confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases most in world, overtaking China and Italy. More to come for US

'Mr. No': Meet the U.S. congressman who might delay the coronavirus bill

What the fuck! Coronavirus patients, doctors seem to be temporarily losing their sense of taste and smell. Here’s why — this shit is catching!

Kanye West talks support of Donald Trump, says being Black led to false assumptions about his political views

White Supremacy In The South Is Terrorism, Not a Difference of Opinion

Who did the people in 1600 blame for the Black Plague? They blamed everybody!

Joe Biden Gaffe Alert: Stuns ‘The View’ By Claiming Coronavirus Cure Will Make The Problem Worse

New York coronavirus cases explode! Trump calls outbreak 'great national trial,' but some Niggers don't think the shit's that serious until they get it.

Things we're running out of. Running out of water and food, out of shitpaper, running out of everything if you poor and Black in rich America!

What really caused the plague? Today we do not know what causes the various types of plague.

Chinks at Samsung Announces Industry’s First EUV DRAM with Shipment of First Million Modules

1,700 Los Angeles inmates released in response to outbreak. Let my people go!

New York to release 300 nonviolent Rikers inmates amid pandemic

HBCUs in Trouble as Enrollments Decline to Second Lowest Number in 17 Years and Low Graduation Rates!

Black Stone Gorilla Gang member charged with fatal shooting at Queens bar

Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft worse at transcribing black people's voices than white people's with AI voice recognition, study finds

It’s Hard to Close Black Churches amid COVID-19

US coronavirus outbreak sees its deadliest day yet as a third of Americans are ordered to stay home

Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse, Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Weaponize Coronavirus

Coronavirus Ravages 7 Members of a Single Family, Killing 3

Closed borders and ‘black weddings’: what the 1918 flu teaches us about coronavirus

Scientists race to understand Covid-19 as number of confirmed cases continues to rise

Blood On Whose Hands? Stinking America Got Blood On Its Hands With Slavery of Blacks and genocide of native Americans to still their land

Today's Great Black Dilemma

'This system is doomed': Doctors, nurses sound off in NBC News coronavirus survey

Coronavirus could be a fitting end to the Black community. A Special Report

You May Get A $1,000 Check From The Government Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak. How and when?

Bernie Sanders Reached Out to Black Voters. Why Didn’t It Work?

Idris Elba blastthose wey say Black pipo no fit get coronavirus, tok about Sabrina

Democrats will go broke betting on Black

Videos showing Miami Beach arrests of black spring breakers slammed as racist by NAACP

Wall Street dives, S&P 500 sheds $2 trillion in value

The Dangerous Delays in U.S. Coronavirus Testing Haven’t Stopped. Who got the virus? You?

Without action by the government and individuals to slow the spread of coronavirus and suppress new cases, 2.2 million people in the United States could die. Business booming for undertakers

After rigged primaries, Biden makes appeal to young Sanders voters: We cheated you so live with it!

Biden routs Sanders in Florida, Illinois primaries as coronavirus uncertainty clouds the future

U.S. Coronavirus Cases You're Afraid To Ask About

Lying ass chinks: Pompeo hopes China will reconsider move against U.S. journalists

AUDIO: “God Is Avenging US With The Coronavirus,” Zimbabwe Defence Minister

It's not just toilet paper: People line up to buy guns, ammo over coronavirus concerns

America should prepare to hunker down even more as coronavirus spreads, Fauci says to Niggers. "Stay out the crack house! Just say fucking no!"

Biden is not an honorary Black man - and that’s OK. How to explain this shit to your grandchildren?

What? Andrew Gillum found in Miami Beach hotel room with suspected drugs, police say

Federal judge cites coronavirus in decision blocking Trump admin cutto food stamps

Never reconciled to her 2016 defeat Hillary Clinton could try to make it to White House using Joe Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’

The US stock market has now wiped out the entire $11.5 trillion of value it gained since Trump's 2016 election victory

What It Means When Doctors Say Coronavirus Symptoms Are Often 'Mild'

Carl Stokes wrote the playbook on turning out Black voters for his chosen candidates

Blacks versus Latinos — Old versus Young is the fight for the soul of the corrupt Democratic Party

Moving too fast too soon, cannabis company cuts 500 jobs in B.C. with closure of 2 greenhouses

Spike Lee compares Black Trump supporters to slaves. What the fuck are Black Bided supporters? It's reasonable to assume that half the Niggers who voted for that racist have children in prison because of him

The 50-year fight by radical evangelicals that could end US abortion rights

Bernie Sanders Reached Out to Black Voters. Why Didn’t It Work?

Why Are There Only 28 Days in February?

Trump Campaign Makes Pitch To Black Neighborhoods. Will It Connect?

Some more crooked shit. Black lawmakers who endorsed Michael Bloomberg are still waiting to hear from Joe Biden

Gave that Nigger a chance and he shited on them. Now, Tavis Smiley found guilty by a jury, must pay PBS $1.5 million. He looking so pitiful

Most Rigged, Fraudulent, And Corrupt U.S. Elections In History

How to Steal an Election when Niggers are in charged

The history of 'rigged' US elections: from Bush v Gore to Trump v Clinton

The Molson Coors Brewery in Milwaukee where an employee fatally shot five co-workers and himself last week has reportedly long dealt with workplace racism, including a noose placed on the gunman’s locker.

Stupid Black voters power Joe Biden's Super Tuesday success

Michael Bloomberg ends his presidential bid. With Obama's Blacks, this maybe heavy lift for Trump

Democratic witch Donna Brazile rips RNC Chairwoman McDaniel on Fox News: 'Ronna, go to hell!' Niggers Still Carring Water for Democrats!

Obama’s ‘hidden hand’ in Biden’s surge tells us all we need to know about what kind of president he’ll be

Protesters try to rush stage during Joe Biden speech on Super Tuesday

Democrats Craving a Brokered Convention — Including Elizabeth Warren — Should Learn the Lessons of 1968

Trump: Donna Brazile Should Resign As DNC Chairwoman, Hillary Clinton Should Resign From Race

Abortion bans criminalize doctors. For black physicians, the risks are even higher.

Black Voters Didn’t Vote for Biden in South Carolina Because They ‘Lack Information’

It's spreading like wildfire. Trump updates media after first US coronavirus death

Why many Black Democrats are giving Bloomberg a pass on stop-and-frisk

Personal popularity, large Black electorate throw Biden a lifeline in South Carolina: ANALYSIS

Jackie Lacey Faced Jeers from the Crowd at Last Night’s District Attorney Debate

South Carolina Was Supposed to Give Black Issues a Spotlight. The Primary Failed Them.

Sanders raised $46.5 million in February, Warren $29 million, Biden $18 million

The coronavirus spread to ever more countries and the U.S. death toll climbed to six

Supreme Court will decide the fate of Obama's fawed health care law

Should KC police officer face charges in fatal shooting of Black man in his own backyard?

LA’s First Black District Attorney Is Battling for Reelection. Black Activists Want Her Out.

Klobuchar Forced to Cancel Home-State Rally Due to Black Lives Matter Protestors

‘Who’s going to be smarter on crime?’ A look ahead at the 2020 DA’s race in New Orleans. All these crooks got to run for re-election.

Pete Buttigieg to end 2020 White House bid: Sources

Billionaire Tom Steyer Drops Out of Presidential Race

Fat Oprah falls on stage talking about 'balance;' loses shoes. You can't make this shit up.

The controversial 1994 crime law that Joe Biden helped write, explained

South Carolina the only state that had a Black regiment to fight for slavery gives Joe Biden Wins

Yes, There Were Black Confederates. Here’s Why

AP VoteCast: Many SC Black voters want to return back to that rotten, lowdown hafrican Obama

Black churches open their doors to candidates, but what do they get in return? The people gets nothing, while the crooked Black preacher gets paid.

What Was Going On With Marvin Gaye

Lindsey Graham exposed as "the most shameless man in American politics": "No lie that he won’t tell"

Short Wave Celebrates Black Excellence In Science

Presidential candidates promise billions to HBCUs in outreach to Black voters. Low graduation rates.

Democrats test strength with Black voters in key South Carolina primary

Is Coronavirus outbreak God's punishment to US? All the latest updates

Take money and run cause Wall Street suffers biggest drop since 2008 crisis

Wall Street suffers biggest drop since 2008 crisis

Lindsey Graham backlash powers Democratic Senate challenge in red South Carolina

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Confuses Black SC Dem Jaime Harrison For Black GOP Sen. Tim Scott

Lindsey Graham exposed as "the most shameless man in American politics": "No lie that he won’t tell"