Prominent South Carolina Democrats Co-Sign Kamala Harris — Who cares what dumb ass Niggers in South Carolina Think? "South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum."

6 things Black people should stop saying to white people in 2018. They can't feel our pain

Quit trying to patronize these Blacks because any little thing will send these Niggers off!

Quit trying to patronize US with stinking Black History Month shit. Recognizing and celebrating Black history and Black contributions

What's the difference between a white Democrat and a white Republican? Nothing! Both will call you a Nigger behind close doors

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The ‘heartbreaking’ decrease in Black homeownership


Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti stripped of leadership post over use of racial slur



‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Nails GOP’s Mark Meadows for Using ‘Black Friend Defense’ in Cohen Hearing


Republicans point to Black administration official to shield Trump from Cohen's accusation of racism. She's another one of Trump's trifling Niggers