Sunday still the most segregated day of the year in America because these racist white Christians hate Blacks!!

Why Tamika Mallory Won’t Condemn Farrakhan

Women's March leader Tamika Mallory defends relationship with Farrakhan

In Austin, a Bomber’s Rampage Exposes Racial Fault Lines Long Buried

For Black Boys, Family Structure Still Matters

Blacks left out among high-paying jobs; that's why they sell crack — this racism makes Hitler ashame

After acquittal, Rick Brunson, Jalen's dad, addresses court of public opinion

How Jalen Brunson was shaped by his father’s lessons—and his scandal

Why cops handcuff dead people? Because we can't trust them Niggers, they may rise from the dead...

Racism and killing Niggers ain't that bad — we'll handcuff the Nigger while he's lying dead on the ground!

Minutes later more officers arrived and the team handcuffed Mr. Clark, who lay mortally wounded. We can't take no chance with is Nigger — he might not be dead! Fuck his dignity!!

Autopsy refutes police account of California shooting of Back man -lawyer — they're some good lying motherfuckers

Black Parkland Students Feel Profiled by School Police and Ignored by Media

Niggers need to create their own media and quit begging Jews and whites to be apart of theirs

American racism: When you call it out, they start fuming at the mouth, blowing snot from the nose, and then start calling you, the victim, a racist.

Racism in America: Have you hated a Nigger today? If not, you're not doing your job; white people!

The real Black Panthers were Black soldiers who fought the Nazis overseas and American racism at home

Even Nazi prisoners of war in Texas were shocked at how Black people were treated in the South “Have America No Sense of Decency?” the Nazis asked

Israeli rabbi under fire for calling Black people 'monkeys' — Your moma a Jew!

McCaskill asked Black leaders to push back on criticism of her campaign. No one would.

Protesters in Sacramento went off like North Korean rocket

Brother of unarmed man killed by cops interrupts Sacramento council meeting, screams at mayor in protest

Farrakhan supporters plan White House protest in test of mainstream Black leaders

2 officers in Black man's fatal shooting won't be charged, vote Attorney General Jeff Landry out

Has God abandoned Blacks: Can God stop racism in America? Either God can stop it, but won't, or it wants to stop it but can't

Blacks are not much worried about ‘Johnny Crazy’ shooting up a school, but these white cops coming and shooting up our communities — That's the problem

Video Shows Sacramento Police Shooting Unarmed Black Man In Grandparents' Backyard

NRA online ad spending increased sixfold after Parkland shooting: report

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

Sympathy for white Austin bomber stirs debate about race — what if he were Black; how much love then?

Michael Bennett charged with injuring an elderly — If they can't get you — prosecutors will make some shit up. The second time for Bennett.

American criminal justice for Black men straight from the pits of Hell

The baby wouldn’t stop crying at the restaurant. A man complained and mom kicked ass

Lie detector exam shows Stormy Daniels was truthful about having 'unprotected' sex with Donald Trump 

Stormy Daniels got 'Stormy Weather' when she singed for $130,000 but could have gotten millions from Trump!

Cambridge Analytica: What We Know About the Facebook Data Scandal

What makes it so popular is what makes it so vulnerable — Facebook — A bunch of stupid ass Americans trying to interact in Cyberspace

Under Fire and Losing Trust, Facebook Plays the Victim In Cyberspace — A Dangerous Place!

Unarmed Black man shot dead 'On Cell Phone, While Black'

Farrakhan is not talking about all Jews, only the rotten, dirty ones! They're the ones always hiding for cover under anti-semitism

Institutional racism forces Blacks into a life of crime; if you can't see that, you're a stupid motherfucker

America's love-hate relationship with Blacks; they love to hate US

Is It Time for a Reassessment of Malcolm X?

Columbus Police, and the Jumpout Boys: How Racism Becomes Institutionalized in Police Departments

Keith Ellison, under fire for Farrakhan ties, claims not seen the controversial leader in years

Farrakhan Releases New Album with Stevie Wonder, Common and Snoop Dogg

Al Sharpton’s Group, Black Lives Matter Team Up For Pro-Farrakhan Protest

The man who would be king: Vladimir Putin wins by big margin

Putin overwhelmingly wins another 6 years as Russian leader

'Black Panther' no better than 'The Birth Of A Nation' Both racist Jewish productions

Why no one is celebrating 'The Birth of a Nation'? That was a good Black movie

The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X (Full Episode) - YouTube

Women’s March members bail over ties to Farrakhan

Malcolm X: The Man, The Martyr, The Messenger

Exploring the Hidden Racist Past of Walt Disney

PBS doc shows darker side of racist Walt Disney

Walt Disney making fortune off you Niggers 'Black Panther' To Top Box Office For The Again

For some Blacks, it has never been easy where Louis Farrakhan is concerned

Do You Believe Her Now? The Case For Impeaching Clarence Thomas

It was just awful’: The Clarence Thomas hearings, in the words of those who were there.

How Putting a Bunch of Niggers on TV Gone Stop Russian Hackers from Attacking U.S. Power Plants?

Equifax Data Breach Affected 2.4 Million More Consumers

Total now at 148 million Americans. What you can do to protect yourself.

After Equifax Breach, Credit Freeze Provision Comes at a Price — Not Enough — They Need To Tar and Feather Them Motherfuckers

Black politics in Chicago; Blacks in Chi-town — You know these Nigger are corrupt, but you still vote for 'em

NCAA basketball bribery scandal shows they are not only slave masters, they pimping too

NCAA is delaying investigation of bribery and corruption allegations until federal cases conclude, sources say

In Tehran, Farrakhan hails ‘wonderful revolution,’ slams American ‘tyranny’

It's clear now why the Jews are mad with Farrakhan; he broke bread with Iranian president without their permission

American students come together to end gun violence: And, a child shall lead the way!

Students demand action on gun violence with nationwide walkout

Farrakhan lashes out at 3 Black members of Congress: Gregory Meeks, Barbara Lee and Danny Davis, calling them sellouts for denouncing him

Gregory Meeks, Barbara Lee and Danny Davis

Don't be fooled by ethnic diversity — when it's just a bunch of uppity Niggers thinking like whites...

After 40 Years, the Black-White Labor Force Participation Gap Has All But Closed

He made the saxophone come alive like no one alive

The world is still on 'The Bird' watch

'The Bird' has landed: The great Charlie Parker

Did Oprah Winfrey Say She Brought Young Women to Harvey Weinstein's House?

Big fat funky Oprah's 'A Wrinkle In Time' stumbles at the box office as 'Black Panther' soars

Nigger, Nigger; they don't want Blacks to say it, but most whites and Jews say it all the time in secret!

Republican Jewish Coalition Calls on Democrats to Resign Over Farrakhan Ties — Nuts!

Members of the Republican Jewish Coalition; Black voters should take note who they support!

Gary Cohn resigning like rat jumping from the Titanic

The 'Red Summer' of 1919 should make Blacks hate America to the death

If you can't win an Oscar — do what Nigger do best — Steal it

That's my Oscar, I stole it fair and square

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

The Black Director Who Should Have Won an Oscar, long ago

A Better-Than Black List

Was Billy Graham the False Prophet? you can't make this shit up!! You better pray the Bible is a lie!!

What Does 666 Mean In The Bible And End Times? America is of the devil!

Is there a relationship between Trump’s Son-In-Law’s 666 Fifth Avenue, and end of days? Fucking A

Give up you stupid ass cracker, you're making the South look dumber than it really is, if that's possible

Walker Guilty in Woodmore Bus Crash

This webcast is special to Black News

Breaking News From 'Black News'

Jared Kushner’s business got loans of more than $500m after White House meetings — this shit does not meet the smell test

Louis Farrakhan Quotes On Jews, Gays And White People — Hush The Truth

Putin's Russia new superpower, and America just another Banana Republic

Trump-Russia: Communication director Hope Hicks 'admits white lies''

Hope Hicks acknowledges, she'll tell a lie before a cat can lick its ass

From the Green Book to Facebook, how Black people still need to outwit racists in rural America — These some haters

Immigrants awaiting deportation hearings have no right to bail, court says

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Evidence of Violent Extremism of Little Interest When Killer Is White


'We're going backward in this country.' 50 years after MLK's death, racial inequality still divides us, Iowa civil rights leaders say


Sunday still the most segregated day of the year in America because these racist white Christians hate Blacks


The treatment of Blacks in America is like when you cripple the bird's wing, and then condemn it for not flying as fast as you.


Handcuffing after shooting is standard police practice; what's the problem — the Nigger's already dead!!


'Never again': how 11-year old Naomi Wadler became a rallying voice of Black protest


Watchdog considers action after chief rabbi compares Black people to monkeys. Are Jews Anti-Black people?


Worth more dead than alive; millions for families of police shooting victims won't fix the problem!


More than 4 dozen gang members indicted on RICO charges in Chattanooga; now, who gone take care of their children who will be forced into gangs like their parents were? No future or hope in Chattanooga for Blacks because of racism!


Half-century of US civil rights gains have stalled or reversed, report finds


Supreme Court says race-based testimony discriminated against Black death row inmate


Can Andrew Cuomo buy the Black vote in New York? Is water wet?


Mother and sister of fallen Indiana deputy attacked at courthouse


‘Black Panther' movie to freed Niggers from white oppression, bring back Malcolm and Martin Luther King, give Niggers reparation for slavery and more — Balderdash!

Where does the irrational hate of Black people come from? Corporate America appeasement of racism!!


The determined Black dad who took Linda Brown by the hand and made history


Poll: 'Deep State' hard to define but we know it when we fucking see it


'March for Our Lives' a good thing: Second Amendment advocates offer 'additional security' — You can't have the First Amendment to march without the Second Amendment to Guarantee It...


The 10 WORST U.S. Prosecutors ever lived


Who killed JFK? The most popular assassination conspiracy theories


Record number of Black women are candidates in Alabama — we already got Black women in office who can't do shit


Are N.C. Dems Taking Black Women for Granted? Fucking A


Be yourself an stop trying to be like Niggers


More drag than lift in the Black community. If you got more drag then lift, nothing can fly! We have more drag in the way We think, and no lift in what We will do together as a people to get anything done— You go figure!


‘Will Black Panther’ opens dialogue on the African diaspora

A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale.


Utah jury says man violated Black family’s housing rights in a hate crime


Upward mobility is especially tough for Black boys in U.S. Here’s why.


Mississippi's oldest Black-owned business defies death


Nixon official: real reason for the drug war was to criminalize black men


To Austin Police: You can't solve a crime by begging the crimal to stop!


White Man in Black Face Robs Strip Casino — A nigger did it


Black Voters Need More Convincing From Democrats In 2018


Black Lives Matter protests Gary police killing of Kemonte Cobbs, 15


Who knows anything about this fake, dick-sucking ass Nigger; William Owens — this shit is getting Nigger ugly!


3 Congressional Black Caucus members call for action on Austin bombings: too scary, this could happen anywhere


Guidebook maps the legacy of Black women on Chicago’s South Side


Black VS white? Somebody has to go!


When will Black people finally get their #metoo moment? — If you got a problem with it — pass for white!


Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach


Black women you should know seeking power


McCabe, Trump target and ex-FBI deputy, fired days before retiring ˆ hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more...


‘God Made Me Black on Purpose’


Black women candidates for Congress say they're reclaiming their time


America's power is to attack from the inside out, but are defenseless to attacks from the outside in


Inside the campaign to take down Penn Law prof Amy Wax— One rotten ass witch



Clarence Thomas: The Case To Impeach Supreme Court Justice Over His Alleged Sexual Misconduct


Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Rules ‘Tomb Raider’ to Claim Fifth Top Weekend — Because Most Niggers Have Seen This Shit Ten Times


Black Cancer Matters, But These Stinking Racist White Physicians Are Making Black People Sick


Rotten America falling apart; Bodies, cars still pinned by deadly Miami bridge collapse


Black Man Attacked In C-ville Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting White Supremacist


Russia to expand 'black list' of Americans in response to sanctions: RIA — payback is a mother!


Senators want CIA to lift veil on nominee's black site past


July 10, 1925: 'The Scopes Trial' proves that the Flat Earth Society still alive in Tennessee — still stupid!


Brazilians Protest After Black Human Rights Activist Is Murdered


Marielle Franco


Rate of Black infant deaths 6 times that of white deaths in Cuyahoga County in 2017: Saving the Smallest


iHeartMedia dead in the water with $10 billion in debt; and who's next?


Miami Catholic school student wears ‘blackface’ to celebrate Black History Month 


Stormy Daniels and Bubba the Love Sponge: Trump caught some real freaks — Hollywood can't make this shit up!


The Stormy Daniels story takes another Tampa detour


The Koch Brothers Tried to Spread Fake News in Black Churches. It Did Not Go Well.


Russian spy poisoning: chemist says non-state actor couldn't carry out attack


Black and White: how Dangerous kicked off Michael Jackson's race paradox


Playing The Race Card; Hillary Says American Trump Voters Hate Black People And Women


Police are still killing Black people. Why isn’t it news anymore?


Shit, Trump don't turn no pussy, Black or white — Pope John Paul says hit 'em all


How Black Lives Matter moved civil rights into the 21st century


Oklahoma County to Pay $6M to Estate of Slain Black Man


A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches — They Were Stupid To Join In The First Place


Florida teacher suspended after allegedly telling students not to date Niggers


Martin Shkreli, who increased price of lifesaving drug talked shit at first, folded like a beach chair before judge



District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto tells Martin Shkreli: Keep your mouth shut


Deadly Package Explosions Across Austin Are Linked, The Bomber Is Hating On Blacks


Wakanda and the dream of a Black homeland


Is There a Left Louis Farrakhan Problem?


Black politics 2.0: The post-Obama generation is so done with the Democratic Party’s old ways


City officials to hear complaints about bike tickets in Black neighborhoods


Cincinnati Police captain accuses top cops of discrimination, trying to force out chief


Democrats take first step toward unrigging superdelegates scheme


BuzzFeed Reveals That Black People Haven’t Been Lying All This Time About The NYPD



Courts Shield Police from Liability and Another Unarmed Black Child Is Killed by an Officer



USA TODAY NETWORK wins access to sealed records, racist tapes in Pilot Flying J case


Some Say Black Children Will Be the Victims of Armed Teachers


Captain you got this lil' Nigger before he gets bigger


Charlamagne Trolls Lil Duval After Message Telling Black People To "Stop Complaining"


‘Nuclear war between Russia and US will bring end to civilization’


Beyond Hollywood: UC symposium explores race, film and the city


Gender Imbalance in the Black Community — America don't want Black men around their own children


The killing of Jordan Edwards shows again how black males — even children — are viewed as a threat


Putin tells EU to stop crying, you got some heat coming


Rapper Rick Ross, 42, is 'put on life support after being found unresponsive' at his Florida mansion


Bodycam Video Shows North Carolina Officer Beating Black Man Accused Of Jaywalking


What happens when Black women are over rated? Nothing but gate-keeping!!


George H. W. Bush And His Black Balls


Police: Man spits on black child, calls him racial slur


Oscars 2018: #MeToo founder doesn't mind if stars don't wear black — who was so desperate for love to hit on her


Trump’s lousy lieutenants — everybody is a fucking crook


Denver mayor sent suggestive messages to police detective: ‘You look sexy in all that black!’


Police hunt for shooter who killed 2 at CMU — That's where Dr. Eberhardt is a professor


Will somebody please give these stupid ass Niggers an Oscar; they ain't worth it


Black college graduation rates hit all-time high, but Niggers ain'


Jesse Jackson Jr. to judge: Let me sell the home where my wife and kids live


Black women key to American progress — really?


Holbert cartoon: Feeding frenzy at White House


Black leader, Louis Farrakhan: 'Jews are my enemy,' 'white folks are going down'


Feinstein rejected by Democratic Party — the old gray mare ain't what she used to be



‘Time for reconciliation over’: South Africa votes to confiscate white-owned land


Malcolm X: "The Ballot or the Bullet"King Solomon Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan - April 12, 1964


Oldest Black church in Decatur dates back to early 19th century


Report: No progress for Black Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years


US housing department to spend $165,000 on own furniture as it faces $6.8bn budget cut


Supreme Court mulls challenge to Minnesota voter apparel law


Here’s How A Network Of Community Leaders Are Investing In The “Genius” Of Black Men