Top adviser to Richard Nixon admitted that ‘War on Drugs’ was policy tool to go after anti-war protesters and ‘Black people’ and what was the out come? This racist country tried to destroy our race! 

Black News


News anchor fired after Facebook post stereotyping Black people as criminals


“Driving While Black” Has Been Around As Long As Cars Have Existed


Madame C.J. Walker's Legacy Brings Black Women Entrepreneurs Together


6 Little Known Horrible Facts About Hillary Clinton 


Top adviser to Richard Nixon admitted that ‘War on Drugs’ was policy tool to go after anti-war protesters and ‘black people’ and what was the out come? This racist country tried to destroy our race! 


Role of tech who set up Clinton's server unknown to bosses at State


Minnesota Lawmakers Look for Answers to Black Wealth Gap


Hillary Clinton’s Speech to Goldman Sachs


Authorities Urge Witnesses to Come Forward in Cookout Ambush That Killed 5 People, Fetus


Videos Capture Confrontation Between Suspected KKK , Protesters in Anaheim

Police Say KKK Members Acted In Self-Defense In Anaheim Fight Last Week


Trump brings new voters to polls because most voters fed-up with crooked politicians


Why did Bernie Sanders do better with black voters in the Midwest? We asked 4 experts.


Do Black Organizations Really Have our Backs?


The Clinton's Nigger Connection


Never Forget: Russell Frederick’s Photographs of Proud Black Brooklyn


For Black Cubans, Obama visit a source of pride, inspiration, but to most white Americans, he's still a Nigger !


Democratic primary shows a gulf remains between Chicago's Black and Latino voters

Hillary's shameful example of 'sucking-up to American Jews'


Black Dems aren’t turning out for Hillary like they did for Obama


Malcolm X: Speeches and Interviews (1960-65)


Black Women's Roundtable Hosts 5th Annual Summit


How GOP Could Still Steal Nomination From Trump Even If He Wins 1,237 Delegates


Trump’s pathway to general election victory: persecuted Black voters


Black Kids in Mississippi Are Being Systematically Denied the Services They Are Entitled to, But the Dumb Ass Nigger Leaders Are Too Stupid to Help!


Northern Black voters not as sold on Clinton as Nigger in the South


After voting for Obama in 2008, some Black women now want Clinton, but don't know why!


What's at stake in this presidential election? The Empire!


Blacks Playing Men's Hoops, Football Lag Behind in Degrees


Local government's extortion against its poor citizens: What a damn shame!


White trooper pleads guilty in shooting of unarmed Black man


Politics Today


"My son didn't have no gun on him. My son wasn't threatening that officer."


1920: Triple lynching in Duluth, Minnesota


Joe's Crab Shack Under Fire for Using Photo of Black Man's Hanging as Table Decor

What about that Black guy getting sucker punched at one of Trump's rallies? The Nigger should have ducked!


Trump dispatches Rubio in his home state, and had Kasich on the run!


Donald’s Buddy Defends ‘Impressive’ Trump Supporter Punching Black Protester


A Dip in Black Vote for Clinton Raises Questions for Future Contests


All you dumb ass Niggers need to know about politics but are afraid to ask


Are Americans Too Stupid for Democracy to Work?


At least five killed, several hurt in shooting near Pittsburgh - police


Decoding the mystery of Black athletes who support Donald Trump


Black voters, Flint, and why the media wrongly assumed Hillary Clinton would win Michigan


Clinton Derangement Syndrome Is Alive and Well


Why This Queer Black Activist Interrupted Hillary Clinton 


Ohio police officer fired after calling Black Lives Matter activist’s suicide a ‘happy ending’


Are Clinton and Sanders exploiting the families of black victims for votes? Sandra Bland's mom says 'No.'


Black Pastors Support Trump Because He's Not A Racist


Hundreds Pack Funeral for Black Man Shot by Raleigh Officer


Indiana has highest rate of Black homicide victims, study says


Drinking coffee while black: Ohio cop stops black man strolling down the street –then slams him into wall


Black TV executives split on FCC's proposed set-top box disruption


This Nigger needs to go to prison:This is how Niggers treat each other!


Adventist Health System to pay $118.7 million settlement over Stark, False Claims allegations


Achieving Black Liberation With Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor


Rowlett chief calls school presentation referring to Black Lives Matter ‘direct attack on police’— What, you can't talk about the shit?


Misusing HBCUs as a Carrot for Black Voters when they should be shut down


The case against Hillary Clinton: This is the disaster Democrats must avoid


Clinton and Trump’s black-and-white politics

That 'Nigger Lover' Hillary Clinton stumps at Detroit Black churches


How Bernie Sanders can chip away at Hillary Clinton's lead among black Americans


‘Obama is ordering Black leaders to endorse Clinton’


Chris Rock let the Aacademy off the Hook

VIDEO: MSNBC Host Falls Apart After Discovering Black Trump Supporter

Homeland Security makes the Keystone cops look like Sherlock Holmes!

How Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families And Homesa

Police will not be charged in Minneapolis death of black man

Georgia is a welcoming state to everybody but Niggers

Moves to decriminalize low-level offenses will put corrupt local governments out of business

FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation Pay to Play?

Bill received $600,000 for a UAE government event in 2011, and $175,000 in November 2009 for a speech in Abu Dhabi. Bill has given additional paid speeches in the UAE, including a 2013 address at NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus.

Black Activism Today Are Unchurched, And That's A Good Thing

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

The Belgian Congo is often cited as one of the most brutal and exploitative colonial regimes in modern history. It stands as an extreme example of the cruelty of European rule in Africa for the sake of economic gain. King Leopold's story of greed, and terror is payback to the Belgian people for their genocide of Africa.

Nail polish remover bomb brings Belgium to its knees

If ISIS can make a bomb from 'nail polish remover'; what hope is there for America?

26 people dead in Brussels explosions

What a good thing: Americans fighting in the streets over their Empire!

How can you be so happy when your hair is so nappy?

The Night Johnny Ace Died

Johnny Ace : Pledging My Love

Crooked 'Super PACs' have fucked-up all their money; now they want to rig and steal the election from US!

Here's How The Establishment Will Steal The GOP Nomination From Trump

It’s the ballot or the bullet if they try to steal the election from the American people

Maybe Black People Aren’t Feeling Bernie Sanders Because We’re Tired Of People Saying We Should Be

We need to beat them at the polls because that's all they understand

Blacks Get Rid Of Rotten Prosecutor In Tamir Rice Shooting

Chicago prosecutor loses her fight with Black Lives Matter

Next time you can shoot this crazy Nigger in the head for killing that child

Romell Broom abducted, raped and murdered 14-year-old Tryna Middleton in Cleveland, Ohio.

Down in flames; we must continue to send these established politicians — down in flames!

Chicago prosecutor Alvarez; down in flames!

Justice Department: States Should Not Jail Poor People Over Fine Nonpayment

Did James Brown steal his moves from Joe Tex?

Even with a thousand 'Rent a Mobs' they still can't stop (Trump) an idea whose time has come

'We stopped Trump!' Mob shuts down Chicago rally, but an invasion of mobs can be resisted; an invasion of ideas cannot be resisted.

Gunmen, 1 With Rifle, Worked as Team to Kill 6 at Cookout

This is worse than 'The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre'

We went to see a Trump fight and a rally broke out

"We Are Pushing Real Revolution": Black Lives Matter on Why They Don't Have Faith in Any Candidate

Sanders trumped Clinton in Michigan

Hell no; we ain't gonna take no more!


Information is important but not from the barbershop and beauty shop

If this old fart can still get hard; there's hope for US, all!

Thank God, there's hope in this world y'all

As Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch get married, Michael Wolff analyses the media tycoon's history with women.

On The Death Of The Two Party System: And May You Burn in Hell

Understanding The Clintons' Popularity With Black Voters

It's a sad commentary because: these Niggers ain't got no sense!

A spectacle by the biggest propaganda machine (Racist Hollywood) in the history of the world

Trump Jr. offers to pay for Black celebrities to leave US when President Trump is elected

Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symoné and Al Sharpton — all of whom are Black — vowing to move if Trump is elected — y'all gone leave for real?

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