'Black News' may disagree with every word you may say, but we'll defend to the death your right to say it!



Fighting to stop wave of anti-gay bills across US is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it



Playing the race card from under the deck


12 reasons gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry


Niggers in that “Maury Show” baby's death may go to jail!


On-Camera Police Beating of Black Michigan Man — We Gone Beat Some Sense Into This Nigger!


Ousted frat member sorry for racist chant — sorry he got caught!


We can't rely on corporations like Fox to care about ethics in journalism



16-Year-Old Girl Arrested & Charged For That Horrific & Viral Fast Food Brawl 


Officer charged with killing unarmed driver laying facedown


Another black teen killed by Cleveland police as mother asks: 'Why? What happened?'


Dallas Woman Found Dead After Receiving Black-Market Butt Injections


Black leaders upset at Gov. Cuomo's suggestion new Assembly speaker is a Nigger puppet for Jew Sheldon Silver


Kerry Washington; you faggot ass loving bitch; kiss somebody's ass


Bitch your career is based on appeasing these faggots; don’t you think we know that?


Justice Dept., Criticizing Philadelphia Police, Finds Shootings by Officers Are Common


Denial of racism in America is not a river in Egypt


Black man's body found hanging in Mississippi; FBI investigating


Here's Why Black People Despise the Mainstream Media


Just How Nepotistic Are We?

Then average American is so stupid they don't know what nepotism is!


'Magic' Johnson and the mayor: $250,000 donated after $80 million CPS deal


These crooks make Al Capone look like the Pope


Crooked judge trying to hid the truth in Eric Garner case



White people in America fighting back on Fox! That's crazy man — Yeah, crazy like a damn Fox!


Black Jobless Rates Remain High, but Fed Can Only Do So Much to Help


Racist dad prevents daughter from attending black girl’s birthday party in Tennessee


Fox News Downplays Bloody Arrest Of Black UVA Student As "Common"


10 Forgotten Martyrs Of The American Civil Rights Movement


They died so your miserable ass can be free


Bloody arrest of black student leads to investigation


Mother Dies In Afternoon Oakland Shooting While Protecting Her Children


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: All Black Americans Should Vote Republican One Year [AUDIO]


Education Is Not Great Equalizer for Black Americans


California Principal Caught On Video Saying, ‘I Just hate these damn Niggers’


"Black America is in crisis": Urban League president

10 things black people fear that white people simply don’t


Civil rights icon Walter Fauntroy wanted for $50,000 bounced check for Obama inauguration party


Calling out one racist doesn't make white people any less complicit in supremacy


President Lyndon Johnson - Speech on Voting Rights


Ferguson activists press ahead, undeterred by latest shooting


How municipalities in St. Louis County, Mo., profit from poverty

These American devils are worse than the Natzis


Institutional racism forces some Blacks into a life of poverty and crime!


LBJ and the Speech That Changed America


Creflo Dollar Requests $60 Million In Donations To Buy World Changers Church New Jet


You dumb ass Niggers; so this faggot wants a new jet — what's wrong with the old jet — we didn't know the Nigger had a jet.


What does Pastor Creflo Dollar do with his money?


Hundreds to attend funeral for unarmed Wisconsin man shot by police


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Who Will Lead Black Americans?


Chattanooga woman fights city over open records


Here are 7 racist jokes Ferguson police and court officials made over email


Oklahoma fraternity's racist chant may cost its black chef his job

What did the Nigger do?


These are the real Nigger haters — you feel me?


Black Madam Convicted of Murder in Fatal Buttocks Injection


Wis. police urge restraint after officer kills black teen


These Devils: First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you...


OPRF parents upset 'Black Lives Matter' assembly excludes other races


Historically black colleges struggling to survive


Not too much different now than 'the way we were!'


Protests After Police In Wis. Kill Unarmed 19-Year-Old Black Suspect


Tony Robinson


Bill Cosby Accuser Pens Powerful Piece: ‘I Didn’t Want to Let Black America Down’

This Nigger should be 'drawn and quartered'


Obama Returns To Selma For 50th Anniversary Of Historic March


When will the slaughter of young Black men end?


Why Is Milwaukee So Bad For Black People?


The more things change, the more they stay the same for Blacks in racist America


Jury is in; the community organizer has done less than nothing for Black community


Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes


Worse than Hitler

Philadelphia Officer Slain at GameStop Wanted to Reward Son for Good Grades


America's hatred of its Black citizens is unrivaled in the annals of world history — we hate you Niggers' guts — didn't you know?


Is America the most racist country in the history of the world — will a cat kill a rat?


Source: Probe Of Ferguson Police Uncovers Racist Comment About Obama


A Letter From Black America


An all out assault on the working poor


Of all the people to kill and beat down; the racist cops in America go picking on the poor and homeless

A Nigger cop will kill you quicker than a white


Keep the money but give the chicken to the Black community, you dipshit


It's murder, murder most foul


Here’s the racist Obama joke the DOJ reportedly uncovered in its Ferguson investigation


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul wins straw poll in boost to 2016 presidential prospects

He's got presidential potential; he might could be one


It’s Time to Scrap Black History Month


Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly


Stories Continue To Emerge From Chicago Police Department 'Black Site'


Black Madam: Amber was like a walking billboard


They need to give this freak life


Congress averts security agency shutdown with one-week spending fix


Uncovering Hidden Black History, On Screen And On The Page


Signing Bill on ‘Religious Freedom’: Just Do It!

The Black Community gets pissed when gays try and compare their rights to our civil rights— it's not the same thing!


The new ‘Daily Show’ host is Black And he’s spent his career making fun of Niggers


Most Black Americans will never accept same-sex marriage


The Man-Ape Attack Blacks Again


'Black News' would like to apologize for comparing Clarence Thomas to a gorilla. Sorry, we didn't mean to offend gorillas.


Why Am I Always Defending My HBCU Education to Other Black People?


Black America Is Still In A Deep Recession


Can Ben Carson win over the Black vote?

If he can get the Black vote; he will be the next president


With friends like Israel who needs enemies

Israel's spying upset White House because information was used to lobby Congress to try to sink a deal


‘New Black’ mentality causing more harm than good


New group of Uncle Toms being groomed to mislead the Black community — you're just the white man's dogs


Churches plan Black Lives Matter march in Wausau


What a white-supremacist talking point tells us about modern politics


Philadelphia Commissioner Steps Into Fray Between Police and Public


Twitter users attack 'sell-out' Niggers; they made it so everything is well and good

This stupid Nigger ain't acting; white people can get a monkey to act better than him


Cops more concern about promoting racism than fighting terrorism

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


Texas Republican Sen. Ted 'The Joker' Cruz launches presidential bid

This fool is nuts!


Stupid Cruz, Critic of Health Care Law, Now Seeks to Sign Up


Crooked Black preachers in Chicago fighting of crumbs in mayorial election


Half-Black woman named Miss Japan—stirs reaction


Ariana Miyamoto, lord God she's hot


Save yourself first syndrome causes mom to leave 7 children in fire

The syndrome is that in a fire most parents panic and don't think about the children until they are safe themselves, and then they want to run back into the fire to save the children, but it's too late — it's a syndrome because it happens the same way every time.


How a Confused Mom Driving The Wrong Way Cost Her Life


Did Miriam Carey Need to Die After Wrong Car Move


A House committee just came closer than ever to mass deportation

Corretta Scott King warned illegals would take black jobs — for real?


Rev. Jesse Jackson and Black Ministers Endorse García for Mayor

Chicago mayor’s race is dividing the city’s black community


UN panel to consider US 'failure' to clear up racial murders of civil rights era


Caught on body camera: The chilling moment cops shot dead mentally disabled man wielding a screwdriver

How you gone win when you bring a screwdriver to a gun fight? The cops in America need to cut that shit out —they're killing Black men because they know they can get away with it!


False prophets leading Black Church straight to Hell


These one dollar collection plate Niggers are nuts

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


Tony Terrell Robinson was shot dead by Madison police. This is how it happened


Josephine Baker Aided the French and Received Medal of Honor


How Josephine Baker beat the Natzis to racist America's chagrin


Is America headed towards a race war?

A race war is worse than a civil war or a world war because no holds are barred

This webcast is special to "Black News"


False tip from Black community leads dumb Ferguson cops on wild goose chase

You mean to think that Blacks are dumb enough to help these devils cops?


Ferguson police shooting a game changer in fight against cops

Professional marksmen at work in Ferguson not protesters


It's an art to knowing when to leave, but good riddance!!

Chief Thomas Jackson


MLK Lieutenant Refuses To March With George W Bush At Selma Event

Diane Nash; keeping it real while them others stay plastic

Diane Nash on first encountering the Jim Crow South


These racist cops in America are addicted to killing Blacks — worse than a crack addiction!



What About Hillary Clinton and the Slime Factor!


'Bloody Sunday' Anniversary in Selma no more than Tomfoolery today!


Humiliation, degradation and wholesale slaughter of Blacks In US


Discrimination in Ferguson: full extent of police bias laid bare in damning report

'Black News' Is Shocked, Shocked there's racism among racist white cops against Blacks in Ameica


The people who could've prevented Tamir Rice's death are the Cleveland police


City of Cleveland responds to Tamir Rice lawsuit by saying boy's death was caused because of his own actions

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons


If everybody in the Middle East had nuclear weapons then no one can use them


Study: lighter-skinned black and Hispanic people look smarter to white people

Niggers and Black Hispanics: If you're light; you're alright, if you're brown stick around, but if you're Black get the hell back


The Reporter Ethel Payne in ‘Eye on the Struggle’


Three years after Trayvon Martin, a new civil rights movement grows in strength


Is America a Police State? For Many, Yes

They make the Natzis look like Boy Scouts


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