Lara Lee’s Poison Garden

Lara Lee’s poison garden Part 3: The Massacre at Chickamauga Creek

By Sinclere Lee

It was the strangest feeling she had ever had.  Still shaking from her first organism, Rebecca never thought much about sex before now, but after making love to Lil’ Beaver, sex was the only thing she could think about.  When he put his tongue into her mouth, she sucked on it like a baby on its mother tits.  It was nothing like when that old man who was her father had kissed her.

When Old’ Joe got back to the plantation, Massa Lee was upset to hear about Rebecca but trilled to find out the whereabouts of the renegade camp of Red Sticks Indian who refused the resettlement offered by Ol’ Hickory.  President Andrew Jackson had vowed to remove all of the Indians East of the Mississippi.

Ol’ Joe found it hard to tell Massa Lee all the things he saw, afraid of what he would do if he knew all the details of what he just saw.  What he saw was two lovers exploring their primal lust common at their age.

As she remembered her first sexual experience, Rebecca was becoming more and more possessed with passion of love.  She was becoming wet with the thought of it.  The same feeling she had when she let Li’ Beaver have his way with her, and as she sense the moments past, she found herself yearning for it again.  She remembered him rolling her over in the grass as they started kissing… he was placing his hand on her lower back while running the other hand through her long black hair; he was gently stroking the back of her neck to the base of her spine.  She was becoming wilder and untamed as her libido was increasing and the heat of her body soaring.

He wanted her untamed and she wanted to be tamed.  They were both naked in the grass.  Her nipples were already enlarged as he plucked them with his lips massaging them with his tongue — leaving her trembling and shaking in the grass.  He started gliding his hands towards her inner thighs stroking and rubbing them.  He went down on her moving his head towards the middle of her navel while his tongue licked over ever inch of her lower body.  He started pressing her firmly against the ground while holding her firmly in place and guiding his hands back and forth between her inner thighs, moving slowly downwards to her womanhood.  If Massah Lee had seen what Ol’ Joe saw, he probably would have killed himself instead wanting to kill Li’ Beaver.

The thought of an Indian having his Rebecca was hard for Massah Lee to take.   Ol’ Joe lead him back into his room and he sat on the side of his bed cursing, “That redskin will pay a damn big price if he laid one hand on my Rebecca…”

Placing her hands through his hair, Rebecca wanted more. She was pressing his head firmer and harder against her vagina.  His tongue was accommodating.  Her clit was getting harder and harder and her vagina becoming moister as she locked his head firmly between her thighs.  He didn’t resist.

She was letting out primal moans as she was thirsting for more, “Ahh!”  Primal moans like a wild animal came from her.“ Baby don't stop, please don’t stop!” “I want you inside me so badly" she was moaning.  She started shifting her body on the ground where she was lying on her back exposing all of her womanhood.  He began caressing her as he planted his hot throbbing manhood in her juicy womanhood.  He was teasing her more, while making the head of his penis gliding over her pussy.   She was twitching, begging him to put it in.  He did, inserting his pole into her tight vagina.

She began pushing back and forth forming herself into a steady rhythm.  He placed his thumbing penis on her pulsating vagina, rubbing its bulging clit as he continued to play with her protruding nipples.  He could feel her vagina convulsing as her breathing becoming shallow and her moans becoming louder.  "Ahh almost there baby, please me, let me squirt!" she said, louder and louder.  As she screamed, he increased his pace while pulling her closer to him.

His thrusts began to become deeper and deeper and faster and faster.  Then as if synchronizing, and looking each other in the eyes as he was convulsing and her abdominal muscles tightening as a great amounts of force rushing through their bodies in waves.  They came together.

She was exploding with pain and pleasure inside her, as she was gushing like a hot volcano while letting out a powerful moan.  It was so intense that she was swallowing large amounts of air as her tired body became limp from all the excitement.  She was looking at him with sleepy eyes as her face was turning into a slight smile.  She was satisfied; pulling him towards her.  Lying beside her as she went off to sleep.

Then, they heard a loud sound, and both were shocked jumping-up and running in different directions.

 Of course, it was Ol’ Joe who saw everything and heard everything in the tree while jacking off.  In fact, he was so excited from watching the two lovers he only told Massa Lee some of what he had seen.   Ol’ Joe told Massa Lee a lot, but he didn’t tell everything.

  “Joe where did you say that said the Indian went… how far from here?”

“It was plenty far master near that Chickamauga creek… they living in caves of a bluff on Chickamauga Creek.”

“Can you find it if we went looking for their camp?”

“Show can…”

“Joe, you get over the O’Leary plantation and tell them you found the hideout of the Indians… take he wagon and get back here a soon as you can.”

“C’mon boy and get to moving.” Massa Lee ordered!

Ol’ Joe almost crashed the wagon in his hast to get to the O’Leary plantation, and after an two hours and over 10 mile ride, reached the plantation as the sun was setting over the horizon.  The O’Leary’s were eating dinner when they heard a loud banging at the front door.  Aaron O’Leary looked at his father, wondering who was banging on their door at dinnertime.  It couldn’t be Adam since he was in Savannah Georgia selling the 100 bales of cotton that would support the plantation until the next growing season.

“Don’t just look a me son, go see who’s at the damn door,” Massa O’Leary order is son.

“It’s Ol’ Joe father from the Lee plantation, do I open and let him in?”

“Ol’ Joe! What that Nigger doing off the plantation this time of day”

“It’s me massah O’Leary… Ol’ Joe for the Lee Plantation… Massa Lee done send me over to tell you,” but before Ol’ Joe could say another word, Massa O’Leary open the door.

“What I was saying Massa, O’Leary is, Massa Lee sent me over here to tell you we found the hideout of them renegade Red Sticks Indians… it’s up north near Chickamauga Creek.” The old man rushed back into the house and alerted his two sons about what O’l Joe had said.

“Hurry Jib go get my hunting rifle — they found the hideout of them renegade Indians — hurry we going Indians hunting.  Aaron, you go to the bunkhouse and round a few men because we going straight to the Lee Plantation.”

Ol’ Joe was still standing in the door when the O’Leary clan left the house, with Ol’ Joe in tow.  They left their dinner on the table and were back at the Lee Plantation quicker than it took Ol’ Joe to bring them the message.

Old man Lee had gathered four men from the next county, two wagons and two napoleon cannon on the back part of each wagon.  Each man had a shotgun, knife and a revolver. Massa Lee continued to curse Lil’ Beaver until he changed from calling him Nigger instead of Indian.

Massa Lee came by his plantation as apart of removal act of Andrew Jackson, and he also remember that in the first major battle of the Creek War of about 700 Creek Indians destroyed Fort Mims, in present-day Baldwin County, killing 250 defenders and taking at least 100 captives.

Some 400 American settlers, U.S.-allied Creeks, and slaves had taken refuge inside a stockade hastily erected on the plantation of Samuel Mims, a wealthy resident of the Tensaw District of the Mississippi Territory.  The Creek attack on Fort Mims, and particularly the killing of civilian men, women, and children at the end of the battle, outraged the U.S. public, thus prompting military action against the Creek Nation, which controlled what is now much of modern Alabama.  The Fort Mims massacre left hatred for all Indians by white settlers like Massa Lee, so it did take much for him to take up arms against the Red Sticks.

Massa Lee had two wagons with two twelve-pound cannon on each one; these cannons fired twelve-pound projectiles from its barrels, as well as grapeshot, chainshot, shrapnel, and later shells and canister shot.  The wagons were driven by two of the four men and the other two manned the two cannons.

In artillery, grapeshot is a type of shot that is not one solid element, but a mass of small metal balls or slugs packed tightly into a canvas bag. It was used both in land and naval warfare. When assembled, the balls resembled a cluster of grapes, hence the name.

Although officially called the “light 12-pounder gun” by some, this most popular smoothbore was better known as the “Napoleon.”

“In revenge of the Fort Mims Massacre And then that’s when it becomes a massacre, when flanked and routed the village and started killing men, women and children where they stood.”

When they came to the Red Sticks camp, it was just before dawn.  As the posse traveled up the creek, they noticed that the encampment was a row of caves carved inside the mountain that ran halfway down the creek.  The Red Sticks were sleep when Massa Lee and the rest of the group, numbering 9, reached the middle of the encampment.  It was Massa Lee, Ol’ Joe, leading the way, but it was Massa O’Leary who ordered his sons and the four hands that came with Massa Lee to open fire on the encampment.  The Indians ran from their caves and were sitting ducks for the cannons.  After killing and mutilating an estimated 300 Red Sticks, about two-thirds of whom were women and children. They even took the scalps of the children for souvenirs.

Massa Lee called the wagons with the cannons to come forwards, and ordered them to fire as the Indians and the children running to safety.  The cannons eviscerated the encampment!  The massacre was palpable to other Indian massacres at the time.  Lil’ Beaver and another buck was on the waters of Chickamauga Creek, fishing for breakfast when they heard the sound of the two cannons.

They raced back to the encampment only to find the most of the Red Sticks were killed or dying at the scene.  After seeing what was happening to their people, Lil’ Beaver and the other buck raced to the wagon to stop the two men firing the two cannons.  Lil’ Beaver climbed on the wagon and stabbed one of the men in his back.  Then, he attacked to other one with the help of the other buck.  After stabbing him multiple times, they threw them from the wagon. 

Seeing what was happening on the wagon, Massa Lee pulled out his shotgun and shot the buck in the back.  Ol’ Joe jumped Lil’ Beaver from behind and held him while Massa Lee knocked him out and secured his hands and feet with ropes.

Most of the Indians were fleeing into the Chickamauga Creek, where some drowned and others were later shot to death.  One incident mentioned tells of a baby found alive the next day, perched high in a tree. Presumably placed there by a parent in a desperate bid to protect the child.  It didn’t work.  The child was shot from the tree and stabbed repeatedly to death on the ground. 

“I’m gone kill that Nigger as soon as we get back!” Massa Lee told Ol’ Joe.

Although the final counts vary, it’s estimated 250 Red Sticks were killed in the span of about four hours.  Grim as the massacre was, these depictions nonetheless gives clues about the lay of the land as it appeared more than 150 years ago, and how easy it was to massacre the Red Sticks.  The course of the Chickamauga Creek changed over time, explaining the change of the creek by then gives a sense of what happened.  By the time the massacre was over, more than 150 men, women, and children of the Red Sticks had been killed and 51 were wounded (4 men and 47 women and children, some of whom died later); some estimates placed the number of dead at 300.

With Lil’ Beaver strapped to the bed of the wagon, what was left of the posse headed back to the Lee Plantation.  All the way back, you could hear Massa Lee cursing Lil’ Beaver.

“I’m gone kill that Nigger as soon as we get back!  I’m gone kill that Nigger as soon as we get back!”



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