When you sow the wind of racial hatred against Blacks in Chattanooga, you reap the whirlwind!! Turned down by them stinking witches 'Daughters of American Revolution', singer Marian Anderson nailed it at Lincoln Memorial

Black woman says white passenger refused to sit next to her on flight: 'I'm so embarrassed and heartbroken.' Bitch, who you think you is and how you look anyway?

I board the Chicago flight and the open seat they gave me was next to a Russian woman, who refused to let me sit by her.”

Booker one of 'whitest candidates' among 2020 Democrats

Joe Biden Thought His Presidential Debate Pain Was Over. Booker and Castro Have Different Plans.

Kamala Harris, Seeking a Campaign Jolt, Defends Record as Prosecutor

Booker not sure Biden ‘up to the task’ of reconciling US over racial injustices

Booker continues to hit Biden: 'Not doing a good job' of bringing people together on race

New Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham bruised during ‘all-out brawl’ between reporters and North Korean security guards

First day on the job, New White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham got her ass kicked by North Korean security guards and journalists

Police continue to track digital evidence after arrest in the death of student Mackenzie Lueck

Booker says Biden is 'causing a lot of frustration and even pain with his words'

The Most Important Black Radical You’ve Never Heard Of

I could have shot you in front of your fucking kids': how cops dehumanize Black people

When you sow the wind of racial hatred against Blacks in Chattanooga, you reap the whirlwind!!

Chattanooga police officer, at least two others wounded in separate shootings: You reap what you sow!

Something is Rotten in Stinking America and it's all about you Niggers

Turned down by them stinking witches 'Daughters of American Revolution', singer Marian Anderson nailed it at Lincoln Memorial

'Daughters' welcomes Wilhelmena Rhodes Kelly 1st Black woman to national board

Marian Anderson Sings at Lincoln Memorial

Marian Anderson, contralto, was denied the right to perform at Constitution Hall by the DAR because of her color. Instead, and at the urging of Eleanor Roosevelt, Harold Ickes permitted her to perform at the Lincoln Memorial on April 9, 1939.

Two Young Black Men Lynched In Oklahoma By Four Whites And It’s Getting No Media Attention. Take a-Number

PHOTOS: Marian Anderson's Lincoln Memorial Concert - 70th Anniversary

The Latest: Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question

'It’s like we’re not even human': the reality of being a trans Black woman in America. Human not woman!

Juneteenth Celebrates Black Resilience And Culture. Slaves Asked Massa, "When We Gone Be Free?" Juneteenth, You Stupid Ass Niggers!

'They wanted the American Dream.' But Just Like Black Americans, It's 'A Dream Deferred': Reporter Reveals Story Behind Tragic Photo

A widely circulated photo shows the bodies of a man and his toddler daughter who drowned trying to seek asylum in the U.S.

What Oprah Is Getting (Dangerously) Wrong About the Fat Experience in Weight Watchers Messaging

OWN Orders Four-Part Series ‘Black Women Own The Conversation’ From Ozy Media. That shits gone flop like that Narcissistic funky, stinking Oprah

Oprah 'Would Love' To Revive Her Hit Talk Show, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' Spare US you stupid witch

Warren has big lead among young progressives, NextGen poll finds. Is she unstoppable?

Republicans block Warren Obama's consumer nominee. Now you wish you would have let her have that piece of job. Her time has come!!

Donald Trump Used N-Word on 'Apprentice' Set, Didn't Think Americans Would 'Buy' Black Contestant Winning: Co-Producer

Obama to Bypass Warren, Tap Cordray to Head Consumer Agency ...

In 21st century America, most Blacks are living in 'The Dark Ages'

'Deep personal relationships': Joe Biden's six segregationist friends

How Did Strom Thurmond Last Through His 24-Hour Filibuster? He didn't! He pissed on himself five times

Joe Biden Once Spoke At Strom Thurmond's Memorial Service. How Do People Feel About That Now?

'Shopping while Black': yes, bias against Black customers is real. White American hatred is real too!

Fact-check: Joe Biden’s defense of his 1994 crime bill and mass incarceration

After taking freedom from Black Americans with his 1994 crime bill, racist Joe Biden wants to give freedom to illegal aliens

Biden/Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill Destroyed Black Communities

3 Ways Biden's 1994 Crime Bill Continues to Hurt Black Communities. And stupid Blacks love him for it

If the Black vote stay at home, Joe Biden is Trump’s biggest asset in 2020. If Trump win again, Dems dead!

Bad unless Obama does it? Biden slams Trump for immigration policies he once supported

'The Black Vote Is Not Monolithic': 2020 Democrats Find Split.

John Lewis was in a reading contest with a blind man, and the blind man won

Rep. John Lewis backs Biden on segregationist comments: 'I don't think the remarks are offensive'

The Congressman Who Worried About the Sinking of the Island of Guam

Democratic presidential hopefuls seek Black support at South Carolina fish fry. Clyburn and his retarded ass Nigger can't get you to the White House.

ICE’s planned deportation raids in 10 big cities: what we know. While in Atlanta swing by Chattanooga

Excluding Black Jurors in Curtis Flowers Case Violated Constitution ... But These Racist, white Motherfuckers do it Everyday!

The racist stinking Doug Evans running unopposed for reelection: Like in racist Chattanooga, you have to be a lawyer to run for judge or prosecutor. That's a crime!

For Black Americans, “Jury of Your Peers” Is a Hollow Phrase

Opinion | Racism in Jury Selection Is Real. Can the Supreme Court ...

Rep. James E. Clyburn under the spotlight after a week fraught with controversy. Who died and left this House Nigger in charge

Jim Clyburn, what has this waterhead House Nigger ever done for the Black community? He ain't done nothing, even for them stupid Niggers in South Carolina. Oh yeah, he got his daughter a job on FCC

Rep. Clyburn apologizes to Pelosi and Hoyer for 'tokenism' comments ...

Remember When Ted Danson Wore Blackface to Roast Whoopi Goldberg?

Ted Danson Blackface Performance at Whoopi Goldberg's Roast (1993)

The Roast of Whoopi Goldberg: A Look Back At Ted Danson’s Blackface Performance. That's racist, you ugly ass bitch

Blacks Voting in a Bloc Will Be Central to the 2020 Presidential Election, Experts Predict

Which 2020 Democrats are powering their campaigns on fossil fuel money? Democrats running for president need to make a '10 percent pledge' to spent 10 percent of campaign money in Black communities

Quillette columnist Coleman Hughes Speaks Out against reparation, and they ran that stinking Faggot outta town

A brief history of slavery reparation promises

‘Why not now?’ Lawmakers debate reparations for slavery

'The Real House Niggers' in Washington D.C. Get Biden's Back Amid 'Segregationist' Uproar

Bird of the same feather all flock together: Joe Biden cites relationship with white supremacists

Cory Booker rebukes Joe Biden: 'You don't joke about calling Black men boys'

Biden on Tuesday lauded his camaraderie with the late Sens. James O. Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, who were staunch segregationists, as examples of a better more “civil” era in U.S. politics.

Biden tells rich donors not to worry, ‘nothing would fundamentally change’ if he won. He's the best president money can buy

Ta-Nehisi Coates tears into McConnell for slavery comments. Even with, he's still a fool!

McConnell on reparations for slavery: Not a ‘good idea.’ Was slavery a good idea, you stupid motherfucker. When we kick your sorry ass outta office, we'll all enjoy some turtle soup

Mitch McConnell on reparations for slavery: Not a 'good idea'

5000-years Before Americans' So-called Fake Exceptionalism, The Nubian Kingdom of Kush, Rival Egypt — Know Your History And Not His-story

Family outraged after man shot by South Bend police officer dies. Just another Nigger dead

Pete Buttigieg's campaign faces a test after the fatal South Bend police shooting of a Black man

With Goto Nigger sleeping in corner, another press conference for another dead Nigger

Phoenix Police Chief Thinking Blacks Are Fools, Got Jeered After Promising Changes. Run The Bitch Out!

After Police Chief Jeri Williams promised change in her department Blacks booed that stupid bitch off the stage

Julián Castro Wants to Stop Police Brutality by Getting Rid of Qualified Immunity. What the Fuck is it?

LA DA Jackie Lacey Suddenly Struggling: Vote that filthy Ho out. Find a job swing on a pole Ho!

In Los Angeles, only people of color sentenced to death by another stinking ass Black bitch (Jackie Lacey) Still fucking over Black people

The murder of Black transgender women is becoming a crisis. They're not women. They're fucking men!

Blaming everything for Phoenix police shootings. Don't forget Police Chief Jeri Williams. She's the fucking problem

Lawsuit calls Mississippi's way of choosing governors racist

Black voters sue Mississippi over Jim Crow-era laws that benefit white candidates. Them stinking racists have gotten away with this shit for over two-hundred years

Prince Philip reportedly advised Harry not to marry Meghan Markle. Queen said hide the Crown Jewels !

Prince Philip Told Harry Get The N-word Pussy, But never Marry it. So what, you married the ugly witch Camilla Parker Bowles

Our real first gay president was not Obama. He was the second one that we know of

Buttigieg says he’s “almost certain” he wouldn’t be the first gay president America. You got that Fag Obama

Candidate Pete Buttigieg: 'almost certain' that the United States has had gay presidents

Reparations? Yes, But … Black voters’ complex views on slavery payments.

Can Elizabeth Warren Win Back Trump Country?

Elizabeth Warren, James Clyburn to Release Legislation Cancelling $50,000 in Student Loan Debt

Before hired, Cops need to take polygraph tests to measure their racist intent in patrolling Blacks

"In 2019 that should make you afraid. This is an individual who is policing the streets of a predominately African-American city, he should not be on the streets."

Eracism you stupid fool: Phoenix mayor apologises after police pull gun on Black family

“I recognize that to get to the bottom of this issue and implement meaningful change, we are going to have some uncomfortable and painful conversations. These conversations must continue until every one of our residents feels safe in our community.”

We'll kill them two Nigger babies too, Phoenix cops were saying after beating mother to the ground. Jay-Z offers to help

If we are catching all this brutality now against Black on camera, what in the fuck are we not catching when the cameras are off? The shit they are getting away with...

'Bloodthirsty' Phoenix Cops Seen Holding Pregnant Mother At Gunpoint, Telling Her Fiancé He'll Put 'A F**king Cap' In His Head

A Phoenix police officer is seen kicking a handcuffed man during their investigation of an shoplifting incident.

Over a million attend Hong Kong demo against controversial extradition law, organisers say ...

Hong Kong's Fight For Self-determination Caused Xi Jinping and the Other Crooks in Beijing to blink. You would blink too if you had over a million mad Chinamen Running Behind You

Hong Kong leader delays unpopular bill; activists want more

Ku Klux Klan to rally in Memphis in protest at park's name change

It's a Fool's' Errand for the the racist TBI to investigate anything dealing with Blacks in Tennessee — Most are members of the KKK

Man calls out his neighbor for flying Nazi, Confederate flags: 'Un-f***ing-believable'

A Florida Marine vet wanted to apologize for cutting off another driver. They both ended up dead

No good deed goes unpunished. A road-rage apology ends in bloodshed on Flamingo Road

Truck driver acted in self-defense during shootout on Flamingo Road, police say

Trump wanted 100 black pastors to back him... But ended up with a Black Fool like Pastor Darrell Scott

Rollins Alleges Whitman Camp Paid to Curb Black Vote in N.J. The Stinking Black Preachers Sell the Black Vote Just to Get Walking-around Money

Trump, Black ministers hold 'grueling' talk on race

Chattanooga lynched so many Niggers you can make another Black Panther movie

Tennessee ranked angriest, most hateful state in nation against Blacks and Chattanooga is the worse

Popular tour reveals Chattanooga's history of racism, resistance and activism

Photo of Ed Johnson uncovered 112 years after Walnut Street Bridge lynching

First, they murder and brutalize you and then they demonize you to cover-up for their atrocities

After the cops riddled his body with over 20 bullets, Memphis cops became judge, jury and executioners of 20-year-old Brandon Webber

Tennessee has one of the fastest growing prison populations in the country, and Shelby County is the chief driver of that growth. 

At Least 24 Memphis Police Officers Hurt In Protests After Deadly Shooting

Stop the violence and use nonviolent civil disobedience to get 'em back — you can go to the malls and buy a TV and not pay for it — go to a fancy restaurant tell the people eating 'that your steak looks good. Can I have some?" See what they do.

Memphis shooting of Brandon Webber sparks protests that injure 24

Feeding all these illegal aliens at the border will do US in: U.S. budget deficit widens to $208 billion

Following 'Job's Turkey' straight to the poor house. US Budget Gap Balloons to $739 Billion Despite Tariff Revenue

25 Memphis police hurt after U.S. Marshals task force kills fugitive. Keep it up in remembrance of the Massacre at Fort Pillow, and Dr. King.

The fugitive, who has been officially identified as a Nigger, was attempting to leave his house

Fort Pillow Massacre (1864) Stop the commerce in Memphis (through peaceful protest day and night) and you'll see them racist scrambling like flies for losing money.

Cheating the Black vote! It's like heads they win and tails we lose.

Buying The Black Vote With Five Dollars And a Pork Chop Sandwich. That's a Deal!

Next week will prove if Tennessee is ready for TNReady. Here’s how state testing is going so far.

Educators in Tennessee are so dumb and stupid they can't test their students. How dumb can you get? Nearly halfway through, Tennessee state testing remains glitch-free. They need to be denied Federal funding.

In Tennessee, we appreciate straight talk and candor. So, to the point: statewide testing has taken a wrong turn in public education, not to mention Tennessee has failed in our statewide testing administration since 2012.

Biden urged Black voters to 'reject' Jesse Jackson during first presidential run. That's about the only thing the cracker got right!

In His First Presidential Campaign, Joe Biden told Black Voters to “Reject” Jesse Jackson. Some of these Niggers did it 'cause these Niggers ain't no sense!

Someone Is Funneling Kushner Tons of Cash for 666 End Times

Trump Transforms Washington’s Corruption Supernova Into a Black Hole

Crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Company part-owned by Jared Kushner got $90m from unknown offshore investors since 2017

Kushner Companies offloads troubled 666 Fifth Avenue flagship

DC Pride parade ends in chaos after false report of gunshots. These Faggots were moving faster than a Jew on a bicycle in Berlin in 1932

Protesters say investigation into cops' racist Facebook posts is not enough

Out of all the racist cops caught-up in the Facebook posts scandals, it's the cops in Philadelphia that hate Niggers the most

Black, Coon, Nigra, Jiggaboo, Nigger, Lowdown ass Nigger Or ‘African American?’ All The Above!

Racist America will do something now 'cause we got Niggers on the border.' Dramatic' rise in African migrants arriving at US border'

Biden abruptly drops support for 'discriminatory' abortion rule. This cracker swings like a leaf on a tree

What Happens When You Rob Your Own Banks In America? The Troubled Asset Relief Program!

TARP Bailout Program! Did TARP Help US or The Banks?

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout

The Cost of TARP: They Played US Like a Piano and Beat US Like Drum

To our fucking chagrin, illegal immigrants squeeze school budgets, and the rape of American taxpayers

New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ Starting in 2050

Climate Change Could End Human Civilization as We Know It by 2050. Let's Party!

Is human civilisation really going to end by 2050?

Man stabbed woman he met on dating site 119 times after finding out it was transgender. Don't get mad because you got that fake pussy! You kissed it too!

Fucking on the Downlow will get you killed. Transgender woman's body pulled from Texas lake is latest in string of deaths

You think you're getting some good pussy and find out you're taking dick outta a faggot ass. You mad!

A man charged in the murder of a transgender woman had previously had a relationship with the woman, according to an arrest affidavit.

How Perverted Georgia Will Use ‘Moral Turpitude’ to Strip Black People of Their Votes in 2020

12 people killed in Virginia Beach ; suspect dead

Mother church of Washington’s Black Catholics called ‘holy ground.’ How can Black Catholics hold their heads up to God with all this Catholic debauchery.

Gerrymandering lawsuit stunner: Daughter of deceased GOP mapmaker turns over his documents to Common Cause. The real Cheataman at hand!

Architect of GOP Gerrymandering Was Behind Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

New Orleans' Cedric Richmond to co-chair Biden campaign, says ex-VP 'best person' to beat Trump

Looking for a Goto Nigger! Joe Biden picks former head of Congressional Black Caucus as presidential campaign co-chair

Voters Need To Know About The Racial Wealth Gap

Black Economic Problems Are Pretty Similar to White Economic Problems. We all doing fucking bad!

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Man freed after 17 years in prison when newly examined fingerprints prove his innocence

Secret Facebook group appears to show US border agents mocking death of migrant teenager

Opinion: What a Black teacher brings to the classroom

Black patient hooked to IV arrested after going on walk outside hospital

Lavern Cox Speaks On The Murders Of Black Trans Women. That Man Look Good Enough to Fuck. Would you Hit it?

Another Black Faggot bites the dust. What about AIDS? Didn't gays bring AIDS to town? Real Black women struggling with that plague today.

The frontrunner to become Britain's next prime minister, Boris Johnson has refused to apologise for his previous articles referring to black people as "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles" and calling gay people "bumboys,"

'Your Heritage Is Taken Away': The Closing of 3 Historically Black ...

Bots Suspected of Spreading Tweet Claiming Kamala Harris Isn't Black Enough

Slavery reparations could carry a $17 trillion price tag

Biden's Support Slipped 10 Points After Debates, Poll Shows

‘There’s no opposition now’: how a quiet Canada town became a world leader in growing weed

Denied A Stage, She Sang For A Nation

'Daughters' Welcomes 1st Black Woman to National Board

Marian Anderson at the Lincoln Memorial: 'She sang with her eyes ...

Brought to his fucking knees, she brought that racist to his fucking knees

WATCH: Harris challenges Biden on race in emotional 2020 Democratic debate exchange

Black Female Voters In South Carolina Mull Presidential Candidates

What is the 'Categorical Imperative' according to Kant? When you are faced with a moral dilemma in life, you wicked motherfuckers, it's imperative that you do the right thing.

How can you be so happy when your hair is so nappy? California could become first state to protect natural Black hair from discrimination

Our desire for Black representation must extend to fat women

Is it OK to call someone fat? Fucking A!

These Two Friends Share Vital Stories About Black Mental Health at Uni

‘Angry’ Rex Tillerson Says Jared Kushner Hijacked U.S. Foreign Policy

Stop 'making Black and brown people second-class citizens’: Officials push criminal justice changes

The Shit Crashed and Burned: County Commission Votes 5-4 Against 34-Cent Property Tax Increase

4 ISIS members ‘en route to US’ via Mexico arrested in Nicaragua

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry like a raisin in the sun?
      Or fester like a sore and then run? Does it stink like rotten meat?
      Or crust and sugar over — like a syrupy sweet. Maybe it just sags
      like a heavy load. Or does it explode?

Langston Hughes’ poem

'If I can hear you, I can find you': the woman teaching kids to dodge bullets in their neighborhood

Wannabe Nigger; Joy Reid oddly accuses Trump of splitting black people into two separate groups

House Passes an Emergency Funding Bill to Care for Migrant Families Detained After Crossing the Border

Black Women, Motivated To Oust Trump, Aren't Convinced Of Any Democrat Yet

How a Top Chicken Company Cut Off Black Farmers, One by One

Forget Reparations. Money Won’t Solve Black Community’s Problems.

Trump threatens Iran with ‘OBLITERATION’ by ‘overwhelming force’ if it attacks 'anything American.' Tell that to Hezbollah whose been in America so long, they can vote in the 2020 election.

Chicago Police Release Video of Jussie Smollett Wearing Rope Around His Neck. What did the Obamas have to do with this shit?

Legal marijuana is coming to Illinois as Gov. Pritzker signs bill he calls an ‘important and overdue change to our state.’ Maybe y'all Niggers will stop Killing each other


How Black pharmacists are closing the cultural gap in health care

Black woman says she was asked to give up her seat to white men at J. Alexander's

Elizabeth Warren: Passed Over for CFPB Post, But…

Byron York: What now, for those who denied a 'crisis' at the border? Lies!

More Valuable Than Oil; Scientists Discover a Vast Reservoir of Freshwater Hidden Beneath The Atlantic Ocean

Here’s How Deep Biden’s Busing Problem Runs

With more moxy that our stupid Black Caucus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she'd be 'hard pressed' to back Biden in primary. She got Sense!

Quantum Mechanics is Something Einstein couldn't understand

Insider exposes Google’s efforts to influence 2020 election against Trump

Democrats can stop this border outrage but they won't.

On every Harlem corner: big money and bulldozers threaten Black history

The controversial 1994 crime law that Joe Biden helped write, explained

Joe Biden’s Racist Dog Whistle to white supremacist

Trump: If it was up to John Bolton we’d be fighting WHOLE WORLD at once. So why do you keep that stupid fool on?

Black residents of South Bend unload on Mayor Pete Buttigieg

2020 candidates show unity in South Carolina, wooing Black voters and easing up on Biden

Black voters are cutting Biden some slack — for now

While these illegal aliens storm Black communities, Trump delays mass deportation raids, seeks deal with Democrats

America Elected a Black President; We Don't Need Reparations

Tommy Hunter: 'Racist pig' remark about John Lewis ‘definitely not the best choice of words’

Harris disagrees with Biden over 1994 crime bill

Dozens Of Colorado Black Leaders Met With Gov. Polis To ‘Remind’ Him About Importance Of Diversity In Hiring. You Love These Racist Politicians Because They Give You Nothing

How the GI Bill's Promise Was Denied to a Million Black Veterans. What's Goddamn new?

50 years after racial unrest in Harrisburg and York, the black-white divide persists - but it’s shrinking | PennLive Editorial

Black People's Land Was Stolen

How racism shapes jury selection. Why does this stinking, filthy, Godless system of Just-US do this to Black Americans? Because we can Niggers!!

Is the world unraveling before your very eyes

What does Biden have in common with Trump? Delusional nostalgia

Ex-Secret Service Agent: "People Need to Know The Real Hillary Clinton And How Dangerous She Is"

Supreme Court rules for Black death row inmate over prosecutor's racial bias

Franklin police investigate officers accused of inappropriate behavior

Cops' troubling Facebook posts revealed | In Plain View | Injustice Watch

LA Democratic Rep. Katrina Jackson: Black Abortion is 'Modern-Day Genocide'

Black Witness Booed For Testifying Against Slave Reparations In Congress. We hate that Faggot!

After Segregationists Remarks, Biden's Support From Black Voters ...

Seriouse Questions About Whether Dr. Bryan Johnson, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Is A Doctorate Holder. But, There is no Question he Looks Like a Monkey Wearing a bowtie

Leave our taxes alone, you dumb piece of shit. Tell the truth, you need the money to educate these illegal aliens.

Dr. Bryan Johnson Cover Letter and Resume for Hamilton County School Superintendent position

States with the most UFO sightings: Vermont leads the way. If there is intelligent life out there, what does that do to your stupid/crazy concept of God?

Whoopi, the monkey with dreadlocks, rips Democrats for suggesting Biden is a racist: "He sat for eight years with a Black guy." She makes the monkey look good.

Whoopi Goldberg is being blasted by actress Bella Thorne. Her Blackface!

Trump: I Have A Feeling Iran Made A "Mistake" Downing Drone, Was Not Intentional. You Made the Mistake By Fucking With Them People

Joe Biden Is Playing a Risky Game With Black Voters. These are not stupid Black voters of your past.

Black Education Decline Because Most Black Are Ineducable, And Dumb As Fucking Hell!

WATCH: Florida Cop and Son Arrested After Punching Black Customers at Restaurant

Getting This Smoke: Black Activists Slam Meharry Medical School Decision to Take $7.5 Million Grant From Juul. Them Niggers need money

Trump's Rent a Nigger Maurice"Michael the Black Man" Symonette: Returns for Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff in Orlando

Uncel Tim Scott calls reparations a 'non-starter.'

Reframing History: In Houston, Juneteenth Becomes a Celebration of Black Love

Community meeting over Phoenix cops' confrontation with Black couple gets heated

Another Nigger Bits the Dust: Chicago Panel Clears 2 White Police in Black Man's Death

Sorry N-word: Kansas police commission closes investigation of ‘moving while Black’ case

Being Black in America Is a Health Risk. You Got a Lot of Dead Niggers to Make That Point!

Joe Biden on racist colleague: 'He never called me boy'

A video showed a white Largo cop appearing to choke a Black teen. Now that cracker is out of a job.

Where Mitch McConnell's rationale for not exploring reparations falls ...

Black reporter harassed at impeach Trump protest: ‘Go back to Fox News to pick cotton’

Phoenix couple in viral-video arrest reject police chief's apology

McConnell points to Obama's election as a reason to reject reparations. That's the reason for it fool!

Led by stinking chief, A Timeline of the Phoenix Police Department's Worst Misconduct Scandals

Activist Group Blames Chattanooga For Banning Blacks From Downtown

South Bend cop in fatal shooting did not have body cam on, says man wouldn't drop knife

Another Black women bearing gifts: Black Women Now Lead Portland Fire and Police Bureaus

When Merkel started shaking and swaying around a little, footage from the scene shows. That shit ain't funny. LOL

Miami's "Blacks for Trump" Guy Returns for Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff in. Now that's fake!

Another panoply of tricks for stupid Americans. Seniors were sold a risk-free retirement with reverse mortgages. Now they face foreclosure.

Second transgender woman murdered in Washington suburb in three months. Fucking on the downlow will be the death of you faggots

Black trans women want the media to show them living, not just dying

D.A. Jackie Lacey Is the Latest L.A. Politico to Back Kamala Harris for Senate

Unarmed and dangerous? That's a Fucking Oxymoron

Trump promises mass deportations of 'millions of illegal aliens' next week

Trump says millions in U.S. illegally to be deported starting next week

Most Americans say the legacy of slavery still affects Black people in the U.S. today. Even the most racist cracker knows that. Well, maybe not in Tennessee!

Here's how some Democratic candidates want to address the racial

Black Poverty Is Rooted in Real-Estate Exploitation

Kate Middleton's Order of the Garter Look Proves Black and White Will Never Go Out of Style

Meghan Markle declined this ‘super creepy’ offer from Donald Trump

Banking on Black Women: Inside Maggie Walker’s Financial Empire

Obama’s Gay Mentor. A Faggot to the end

Obama v Doma: how gay Americans marched towards equality.

Newsweek cover: Obama is country's "first gay president"

Trump fires pollsters after leaked numbers show him trailing Biden. Fire 'em all for bring me bad news

The Nonwhite Working Class

Elizabeth Warren to introduce bill cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt for most borrowers

Trump denies calling Meghan 'nasty' despite audio recording. We just got Trumped

Since Kushner entered the White House, a firm he founded has received over $90m in foreign funds. The public has a right to know the sources

What it's like to be a white woman named LaKiesha. A Nigger Name!

Barbershop: How Black Votes Frame The Abortion Issue

Black Economic Alliance official says African-American voters will 'determine who in White House'

These racist white cops in America will do the worse that can be done to Blacks at every stop. They have murdered Black men, women, and children while in fear of their lives. They say this bullshit everytime.

The teen’s mother Tonia Lilly told television reporter “I am appalled, I saw the press conference, standard procedure? If I punch my kid like that, it would be child abuse, so I don’t see how a stranger can restrain a child by punching them,”

Video Shows 2 Black Women Forcefully Arrested On Nicollet Mall, NAACP Wants Answers. Nigger stop!

U.S. ramps up Mexico asylum returns, Trump confirms 'safe third country' plan

Democratic 2020 candidates court South Carolina's Black voters

Two Faggots fighting in Chattanooga. Love is in the air.

Will Dallas Mayor’s Office Be a Political Dead End for Johnson?

Poverty Is a Bigger Problem Than Gentrification

Chinese President Xi Jinping: Terrorist threat is on the rise!

Nothing but a fucking freak show with Nigger clowns, freaks from the deep and all

Black Soldiers Fighting on D-Day; Racism At Home

Naval veteran, 41, is shot by anger outbursts. Can we get along?

Police: Man arrested in slayings of transgender woman and two other people in Dallas

Blacks going nowhere fast; we can't kill nothing and won't nothing die

Racial hate from white Christians against Blacks is everywhere. Woman receives racist receipt from Mississippi restaurant: 'I seek justice for this hate crime.' Did Jesus get justice?

Hidden Figures: Nasa renames street after Black female mathematicians

Pete Buttigieg lays out his agenda for Black America. Will it be enough?

Kevin Durant and the dehumanization of Black athletes

Pete Buttigieg lays out his agenda for Black America. Will it be enough?

Even though Canada's national anthem is fucked-up, Raptors top Warriors for 1st title in team history. But, singing their national anthem sound like a bunch of cat howling in an ally. "Oh Canada" is fucked up.

This Black clergyman invited MLK to join the historic 1968 Memphis strike that led to his murder

Death of Tennessee father-of-one, 20, downed by marshals in hail of 20 bullets on his front yard sparks huge riots because it was murder most foul

The Police Murder of Samuel DuBose and the Coverup: EXPOSED!

Efforts underway to teach more of KC’s Black children to swim, reduce drowning risks

Black Columbia law students force Central Park 5 witch to resign

Breaking myths about Black fatherhood this Father’s Day

The Latest: Man killed in Tennessee wanted in Mississippi. The kid didn't have to die

Who was Brandon Webber, the Memphis boy shot and murdered by U.S. Marshals?

Protest to be continued, Riot in Memphis after fatal police shooting

It's official: Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is running for a second term


Commissioner Tami Sawyer announces run for city mayor

Because 202 elections cracker mayor of Memphis caught between a rock and a hard place 'cause he's damned if he don't and damed if he do. Tami Sawyer announces run for Memphis mayor in 2019

24 officers, journalists injured in violent Memphis protest after fatal police shooting

25 officers injured in Memphis after marshals kill fugitive

Civil Rights History: 100,000 witness MLK's funeral procession

U.S. Budget Deficit by Year Compared to GDP, Debt Increase, and Events

Bodies of Engaged Maryland Couple Who Were Found Dead in the Dominican Republic Finally Flown Home. If You Go Down There, Don't Drink The Water!!

Niggers fighting back: After shooting of Black man, Louisiana city votes to end sagging pants law

Chattanooga police warn of 'extremely dangerous drugs' in circulation after four overdose deaths reported in just over 24 hours

Pelosi on Trump insults: 'I'm done with him.' Sticks and Stones will break my bones and words will hurt me too

Candace Owens Tells Fox Host Laura Ingraham That Black Communities Were Better Off for First 100 Years After Slavery

Police Post Racist And Violent Messages On
Facebook, A Review Shows

Poll: Black voters favor Biden, consumed by pocketbook issues ahead of 2020

Biden retains big lead in poll, but Warren shows progress

Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll

J.D. Greear preaches at historic Black church: 'horrible history of racism' due to 'forgotten Gospel'

Black Missouri drivers 91% more likely to be stopped, state attorney general finds

Fifty-two years ago today, a police officer shot a Black teen in the back. Then Tampa erupted.

Rigged system: Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of groping a woman at NYC nightclub. Oh no, we thought he was a Faggots!

Fucking on the Downlow; Murders of Black transgender women in Dallas raise fears in LGBTQ

Milwaukee Urban League's kissing white ass to brings community together: Who needs them dumb stinking Nigger at the Urban League anyway?

These dumb ass Niggers don't know what they want. Black Democrats push abortion rights over impeachment as 2020 heats up

Trump says US, Mexico reach agreement to prevent tariffs

Warriors Part-Owner Mark Stevens Banned for One Year After Shoving Kyle Lowry. He Out There Fighting Blacks

All these crooked Medicare Ads, these crooks trying to sell you stupid Americans something you already have. How dumb can you get?

D-Day: 17 stunning photos from 1944 show how hard the Normandy invasion really was

Trump Bets on More Black Support in 2020. (He Might Need It.) But He Might Not Get It.


Ilhan Omar: Endorsement of Black-Jewish Caucus 'isn't an endorsement of Zeldin's bigotry.' What the fuck is that anyway?

Empire's Terrence Howard Under Criminal Investigation for Tax Evasion: Learn from Wesley Snipes


Wesley Snipes Loses $23.5 Million Tax Case, Offers IRS Tiny 4% Compromise

God save US from another Black Panther movie!

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Is Trump provoking a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Fucking A! But, we got to get paid..

Video Shows MPD Officers Beating Black Juvenile With Bag Over His Head; Internal Investigation Ongoing

White woman won’t go to jail for yelling insults at Black neighbors in south Charlotte. Whattt?

New Data Shows Police Use More Force Against Black Citizens Even Though Whites Resist More

Scot Peterson; you fucking coward! Your job is to protect and serve not break and run!

Donald Trump Touches Queen Elizabeth, Breaks Royal Protocol During Visit to Buckingham Palace. Fuck That Old Ass Bitch — She Just Got Trumped

Blacks going nowhere fast; we can't kill nothing and nothing won't die

San Francisco to force treatment on mentally ill drug users, and lock 'em up

Fighting Germans and Jim Crow: Role of Black troops on D-Day

Self-Made: Jay-Z Officially Named Hip-Hop's First Billionaire. Who Cares? The Nigger's Still a Third-grade Drop-out

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'Horndog' Trump bragged about sleeping with Black women to 'get a little chocolate in his diet'

China says US ‘solely to blame’ for collapse of trade talks, but door remains open for negotiation

On a Fool's Errand: Leaked Pompeo tape adds to growing doubts over Trump’s ‘deal of century’ for Middle East

Trump’s Grossly Dishonest Appeal to Black Voters Won't Work

Federal lawsuit claims Mississippi's method of electing governors is racist

Despite The Odds, Educated Single Black Mothers Are Dominating Corporate America

‘Most valued partner’: NSA fed Israel intel for targeted assassinations, leaked docs show — So who's fucking whom?

Black Iowans explain their desires for 2020

Homeless man jailed for three months after trying to pay Burger King with $10 bill files suit

Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, Explained

Radio Show Presses Warren On Fake Native American Heritage, GOP Registration. She Flopped

Trump defends 5% tariff threat as Mexico's president calls it a 'provocation' and GOP senator calls it a misuse of authority. We can't feed all them coming !!

Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity: You Nigger ain't got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out

In Rochester, building a hub for the city's growing Black community

Who are the 1 in 4 American women who choose abortion?