Johnny Crazy strikes again: Maryland shooting at least five dead!!

Unarmed Black man tasered by police in the back while sitting on a curb

Johnny Crazy strikes again: Maryland shooting at least five dead!!

Suspect in Maryland shooting identified by facial recognition techn ...

Russell Simmons Rape Accuser: Why It's Harder for Black Women to Come Forward

South Carolina woman, dubbed 'Pool Patrol Paula,' fired after allegedly assaulting Black teenager

From guns to gay rights, Justice Anthony Kennedy was the Supreme Court's swing vote — retirement gives Trump another pick

Manslaughter charge: Georgia officer shot fleeing Black man

Police dispute reports video shows East Pittsburgh teenager firing gun, had gunshot residue on hands

East Pittsburgh 'Devil Cop' charged with criminal homicide in Antwon Rose shooting — under $250,000 bond

Whatever happened to 'The Man With the Golden Voice?' The Nigger's homeless and back on the sauce

Black activists outraged at police killing of teen, ask AG to investigate

Supreme Court delivers death blow to unions in America

Crazy white woman assaults Black teen at South Carolina pool before biting cop as she resisted arrest

New American Civil War? Some people think it’s already begun in this country

Feud over civility in politics escalates amid Trump insults

Why are so many of San Francisco's Black mothers and babies dying?

Maxine Waters Tells Supporters to Confront Trump Officials; Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Maxine Waters: Do NOT Let the Trump Team Eat in Peace!

Trump urges turning away immigrants, Congress struggles

Ex-Trump campaign figure tells Black Democrat strategist he is ‘out of his cotton-picking mind’

Will Trump's hardline on immigration affect the midterms? Consider the Bradley Effect.

If the illegal aliens at the border are there fleeing violence, so where can Black Americans flee from America's racism and violence? To Jail!

"Massa, they say Uncle Ab done freed US coloreds, so when can we go from here?" "Well boy, Lincoln say y'all Niggers can leave Juneteenth..."

Police killings of Black men in the U.S. and what happened to the officers

Study shows that the killing of innocent Blacks driving Niggers crazy

When Joe Louis fought Schmeling, white America enthusiastically rooted for a Black man

Anger mounts in Pittsburgh as third day of protests follow police killing of Black teen

Police Killings Hurt Black America's Mental Health

New Normal:17-Year-Old Antwon Rose Fatally Shot By East Pittsburgh Cop

Another Black American shot in the back while running away

Slaves weren't immigrants, and quit saying you fucking moron! They were property, and immigrants came after slaves built the country.

To all you crying liberals over these aliens at the border — those people need sponsors — so how many will you help and take into your communities?

You got to be an unfit parent to put your children at risk trying to smuggle them into America

Laura Bush blasts Trump migrant policy as 'cruel' and 'immoral.' You stupid bitch — so it's not 'immoral' to create a fake war in Iraq that killed tens of thousands of innocent children — your hypocrisy

The Trump Administration’s Dark View of Immigrants

Martin Luther King 'would be proud' of what Donald Trump has done for black people, says Steve Bannon

Human rights group: Israeli banks’ support for settlements is crime of ‘pillage’

Hypocrisy beyond the pale, US Human Rights Report Whitewashes Israel’s Abuses Against Palestinians, but North Korea is the bad guy

The mistreatment of illegals at the border is bad, but a minimum-wage worker can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S. Why!

IG report proves something rotten in America, and it stinks to high Hell

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Statement Leave Out FBI's Racism, And Universal Hatred Of Blacks

Crooked Judge, Richard Leon, approves AT&T-Time Warner merger and begs DOJ not to appeal because it will stop the merger — really?

Meet the judge deciding the fate of AT&T's merger; one fat crooked slob

Even if it was found out that Trump was the son of God — the haters gonna hate — give peace a chance!

America's 'Diplomatic Ace' in the hole, Dennis Rodman, drops down in Singapore — he hit the ground running

Dennis Rodman is reportedly going to Singapore for Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un

Yesterday’s enemies, today’s allies … and tomorrow ?

In geopolitics, your friends today can be your enemy tomorrow, and your enemy today might be your friends tomorrow.

Trump's a ladies man, so you know he's gone get some pussy while in Asia

Trump Kim summit: US and N Korean leaders arrive in Singapore

A perceived threat could be the key to the Black vote in 2018 — The Black vote is up for grabs!

Google won't renew its contract to develop AI for US military drones

Even with fame and fortune, for some life in America ain't worth living

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and other notable celebrity deaths

Lead Belly Sings "Goodnight Irene"

Mississippi John Hurt - The Ballad Of Stagger Lee

Top 10 Songs by Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters: Are You Confused About Blues Guitar

Civil War or Culture War: Trump and his Niggers

How Trump's false claim about African American support happened

Analysis: Black Leaders Supported Clinton's Crime Bill — sold out by Niggers you voted for

You dumb ass Niggers… The same Niggers complaining about mass incarceration today are the same Niggers who supported the 1994 crime bill . So, why do you continue to vote for politicians who vote against your best interest, are you stupid?

Blacks Relent on Crime Bill, But Not Without Bitterness — some of them Niggers still in office

Civil rights official says DACA/Dreamers increases Black unemployment, crime, but that's something the Black Caucus and Democrats supports. Why?

A record number of Black women are running for office in Alabama’s primary elections

Constitution created the Imperial Presidency for good reason — don't fuck with him, he got work to do!

“There Is No Deux Ex Machina Clause in the Constitution”

Momma there goes that man again. Steph, let’s put them Cavs away

Warriors Tonight: It really is Steph vs. LeBron

CUNT, CUNT, CUNT; Samantha Bee proves there's still one word you cannot say in America

Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem

‘Why does US give Israel impunity?’ They must be fucking each other!

Why does the United States give so much money to Israel and what does it get in return? Israel is America's Ho, and she's a freak

Joy Reid Apologizes Again as More Incendiary Blog Posts Surface— Come To Find Out She's Nuts

Joy Reid apologizes again — I've been hacked — come clean bitch! Saved by the white man — now she's really good for nothing

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Trump Hoped Black Americans Would Be Down With His Immigration Plan (sic) And They’re Still Not


Death Threat Forces Rep. Maxine Waters To Cancel Events In Texas And Alabama, With That Wig Cocked Ace-Deuce



Sean Hannity blames Maxine Waters and her 'horrible rhetoric' for the Maryland newsroom shooting as the Democrat congresswoman cancels events after a 'very serious DEATH threat' is made against her

Five dead, others 'gravely injured' in shooting at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis


Black leaders failing the people: Baltimore schools punish black girls more frequently, study finds




Racist regents 'scapegoated' black football players in Baylor rape scandal, former AD says


Bronx teen denied help as he bled to death inside bodega, disturbing video


Trump’s Travel Ban Is Upheld by Supreme Court


51 Atlanta homicides from 2016 unsolved


Find the killers of 51 murder Atlanta victims

“I have Black children in my family”: Fighting back tears, Roseanne Barr apologizes for racist tweet


Is it safe to come out doors? NO! Authorities investigating fatal police shooting of Black man in Minneapolis


Supreme court largely backs Texas Republicans over electoral maps


Black parents say movie theater manager called police on them in Philadelphia. How are these Blacks getting these pictures? Have camera, will travel!


'Needs a paint job': Trump blasts Virginia 'The Red Hen' restaurant for asking Sarah Sanders to leave


'Poor White Trash' woman dubbed 'Permit Patty' for calling police on black girl denies it was racial


Lynching wasn't that bad — so you tell me how we gonna control them Niggers? This is American values!


White cop arrested daughter’s Black boyfriend and said he’d make up charges against him because she's still fucking that Nigger


Lorain Police Officer Fired After Detaining Daughter's Boyfriend, Saying 'We'll Make Shit Up As We Go'


Gentrification and the crippling of the Black community in Jersey City | Opinion


Can Black Women Do Good & Get Rich In Big Cannabis?


Supermarket chain apologizes after Black man banned from Maine store


New study gives broader look into how police killings affect Black Americans’ mental health


Border Patrol center say illegal immigrants with measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chicken pox and other infectious diseases allowed to enter US


Nikki Haley slams UN report on US poverty under Trump as 'misleading & politically motivated' — we making progress — we took down the flag


Democrat Elected Mayor as Black Officials Win Board Majority


If you buy this shit, we got a bridge for sell in Brooklyn — it's a damn good bridge. If you can't sell it, you can always recycle and scrap it for the metal


In wave of new cities, promise and pitfalls for Black middle class


The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration's Impact on Public Education: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Trump signs executive order to end family separation — he blinked!


IG report proves: Comey and crooked FBI are 'Persona non grata' or enemy of the people


Reuters Poll: Black male approval for President Trump doubles in one week


Why Black women’s experiences of #MeToo are different


Michael Eric Dyson: Donald Trump is “what black people have warned America about”


Rick Santorum: Immigrant parents are putting children 'in peril' by coming to US border


A Revival of Black Business, and Pride, in Brooklyn


Crooked, Black preachers criticize Sessions over Bible they know every little about


5 illegals dead as SUV being chased crashes in South Texas


Maryland Democratic primary has 2 Black candidates leading


Father's Day 2018: Fatherhood is forever, and altering the future of Black boys takes us all


On Father's Day, recognize that being an active black father is a revolutionary political act of love


Arizona police release video showing them beating unarmed Black man, with a Nigger leading the charge. Claiming they 'wanted him to sit down'


Paul Manafort Goes to Jail for Tampering With Witnesses


A Black woman was at the pool on vacation. A white man asked whether she showered before swimming. Did your momma take a shower?


London Breed becomes San Francisco's first Black female mayor


Share of Black Employees at JPMorgan Falls for Sixth Straight Year in U.S. — nothing wrong with getting rid of gatekeeping ass Niggers


Constituting less than 5 percent of the world's population, Americans generate and earn more than 30 percent of the world's total income, so we don't need nobody. They need US!


Trump, Kim summit and human rights; you murderous dictator, you kill innocent citizens in the streets, with mass starvation and false imprisonment. These are America's good points!!


Black Voters Have More Leverage in This Governor’s Race. They Mean to Use it in New York.


Red Face mad, Corker wants to poke the bear — President Trump


Senate will not 'poke the bear' Trump by passing tariff measure: lawmaker


G7 summit: War of words erupts between US and key allies — "Yo' momma is a ho" — 'Yo momma sell moonshine at night and pussy in the day..."


Black man says co-workers built ‘white only’ fort to harass him


Warriors Rumors: Draymond Green Will Turn Down Contract Extension Offer


With cannabis legalization on the horizon, black market's future is hazy


7-2 ruling by Court runs Gays back to the closet


Chicago officer fatally shoots armed Black man running away


Arizona police release video showing them beating unarmed Black man, with a Nigger leading the charge. Claiming they 'wanted him to sit down'


Trump v the world : G7 summit photo sparks meme frenzy

Trump late for G7 breakfast, Trudeau says start without 'stragglers' (PHOTOS)


Black entrepreneur 'Doc' Pickard plans big thank-you to Detroit


Trump's trade battle with Europe and Canada could make the G7 summit the most hostile trip of his presidency


Minneapolis Police To Halt Marijuana Sting Arrests


Tech Companies Are Still Struggling to Hire Black Workers


What is Daca and who are the Dreamers? Do they take jobs from Blacks


'Black-ish' creator was ready to leave ABC over Roseanne Barr's racist tweet — why didn't you leave — Yeah, you started to


Citigroup get rid of gatekeeping Niggers


Is the policing of Black Americans racial harassment funded by the state

When the police’s job is to uphold a racialized law and order, black people can be arrested just for living their lives

Samuel L. Jackson really wishes he'd been in Black Panther; Nigger, you can't be in everything



Giuliani says porn star whore, has ‘no reputation,’ affair not credible


Jamie Foxx Says He Wasn't Allowed to Appear Onstage in a College Musical Because He's Black; Nigger, you can't be in everything


These powerful videos use poetry to address high death rates among Black children


As a Black College Student, Poverty Was My Everyday Life


Roberts: Scottsdale serial killer Dwight Lamon Jones vowed revenge long ago


This tour guide doesn’t shy away from the painful parts of D.C.’s Black history


Woman calls a family ‘Black bitches’ at hotel pool — do they hate US


Was the Black Caucus behind Bill Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill of mandatory minimums


'Black News' news for you in your everyday life — get off of Facebook and get into somebody's face


Donald Trump: Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality


Trump can probably pardon himself, but has no plan to: Giuliani


Hidden figures: the importance of remembering Black classicists


Jury awards 4 cents to family of black man killed by deputy in own garage, and that's all you Niggers get!


Rick Santorum Blames Obama And Dead Black People For Racism In America


Black Student Adopted By White Parents Quits Harvard To Denounce White Privilege Is Fake News


A teen killed a Black man with his truck — then called him a Nigger online


Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka Trump the C-Word: What the fuck is the C-word?


Black unemployment rate hits a record low, but the jobs ain't paying shit



The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration


Life in prison for Black Souls gang leaders convicted in Cook County's first test of state RICO law


Trump confirms meeting with Kim and then told Pompeo to 'give these boys some walking around money'


Man who called police on Black golfers: No weapons involved "other than her mouth"


Calling someone a Cunt ain't bad. Telling someone to 'Go Fuck Their Mother' is bad