Crooked Black Caucus care more about voting rights than economic rights for Blacks. Why? Their Power!!

Black News@

POTUS Backs 2 Bills Targeting Illegal Immigration

Black Girls Are Perceived As Less Innocent Than White Girls — Starting at Age 5

Video shows Atlanta cop repeatedly punching complaint man in head during arrest

Trump wins big, for now, on immigration ban

Our viewers tell "Black News" to drop support for Trump because he's crazy. Yeah, we say he's crazy, crazy like a fox!

Crooked Black Caucus care more about voting rights than economic rights for Blacks. Why? Their Power!!

Philando Castile's mother reaches $3m settlement over son's shooting death

It's ugly but a win is a win with the travel ban

The opioid junkies should understand the words: Cold Turkey!!

Trump budget would effectively kill drug control office

Police killed more than 100 unarmed Black people in 2015

The cases where US police have faced killing Blacks and walked

Why is there another mistrial of US Cop who killed Black man? because whites will never convict their cowardly, protectors for killing a Nigger!! Feel Me?

Nigger Gets The Beatdown In Washington D.C. For Selling Water

Because of Trump's crack down on illegal immigration,  Black Unemployment at all time low

Black People Are Not Even Legally Allowed To Be Afraid Of White People

Philando Castile 'did not deserve to die', says Minnesota senator Al Franken

Police killings: the price of being disabled and Black in America: Eugenic is the new normal for you Black retards

St. Louis officer mistakenly blasts off-duty cop amid shootout — these cowards are so crazy — they'er killing each other

White people get to juggle for the cops. Black people have to fear for their lives.

Why Being Saved By A Black Gay Woman Doesn’t Delegitimize Steve Scalise’s Politics

Mediaite Tried So Hard To Make A Black Intern Look Like A White Supremacist

Democrats just got some very good news from the Supreme Court on gerrymandering

Congressional Black Caucus Rejects Trump Meeting

You're doing everything asked of you, but you get murdered because the Cop is in fear of his live — that's fucked up!!

This Webcast is special to 'Black News"

To you Niggers out there; you're damned if you don't and dead if you do; Cowardice from Cop got Philando killed

Hundreds Protest After Minnesota Officer Found Not Guilty In Philando Castile Death

Pregnant Black woman shot to death by Seattle police

Seattle police fatally shoot pregnant woman who they say confronted officers with a knife

Seattle police fatally shoot black Seattle mother; family demands answers

‘White Male Privilege,’ Black Crime and Democrat Elitists

How many Blacks have been elected to the Senate?

No retirement talk from Dianne Feinstein, oldest U.S. senator — what the fuck you old octogenarian — give somebody else a chance!

The acquittal in Philando Castile’s killing makes clear that Black lives still do not matter

Could Trump issue himself a pardon?

Where was Bill Cosby doing the Civil Rights Movement? Living large, playing the race card and raping white women!

Bill Cosby sexual assault case ends in mistrial — try that Nigger again!!

Differences, in Black and white: Rural Americans’ views often set apart by race because it's always Nigger do this and Nigger do that from whites!!

Minnesota patrolman acquitted in traffic-stop slaying of Black motorist

They will never convict a Cop for killing a Nigger; Cops believe Niggers ain't human anyway

Can Trump fire Mueller? Yup, and in more ways than one.

Fire Mueller Yesterday Because The Backlash Will Be Minor To What His Is Trying To Do To POTUS

Newt Gingrich unloads on special counsel Robert Mueller: 'The tip of the deep state spear aimed at' Trump

Crystal Griner and David Bailey Are Capitol Police Heroes. Again, Blacks Did The Heavy Lifting, But They Ain't Got No Money!!

Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes After Baseball Practice Shooting

Dennis Rodman Says He's On 'Mission' In New Visit To North Korea: You Can't Make This Shit Up!!

With tickets to Disneyland and Graceland in hand, the great diplomat, Dennis Rodman and delegation land in North Korea for talks

FAMU will graduate more than 1,000 students in ceremonies this weekend

When What Was Good For Bill Cosby Was Good For Black America

People throw around the word ‘gentrification’ without much context. Check this important history lesson.

Selling a Black D.C. Neighborhood to White Millennials

The rise and dramatic fall of King County’s Black homeowners

Black Teachers Matter. School Integration Doesn't

The Case for Civil Unrest: The Watts Riots and Institutional Racism

Report: Black women are working hard but 'our country is not working for them.'

Kimberlé Crenshaw Is A Justice Crusader For Black Women & This Is What She Wants You To Know

Live stream: James Comey testimony before Senate Intelligence Committee

Comey you’re just another ‘Big Bossman’ and your testimony is heard like a call, well, you ain't so big, you just tall, that's all

States with more black people have less generous welfare benefits, study says

It's so sad how the 'Dreamers' parents have got them fucked in this illegal aliens shit

Mexicans Vow To Fight Trump By "Jamming US Courts" As Deportations Set To Surge

9 white jurors, 3 Black jurors in Ray Tensing's retrial

Walter E. Williams: Democrats use diplomacy to hoodwink Black people

It's the great 'Pissing Match' between Comey and Trump

Comey's Opening Remarks Released Ahead of Thursday Testimony

All eyes will be on James Comey this Thursday

2015 was the worst year for drug overdose deaths in US history. Then 2016 came along.

As Many as 4 Are Dead in Drug Overdoses in Georgia

Opioid Crisis Batters Georgia as Suspicious Percocet Kills Two

Malcolm X - The House Negro and the Field Negro

Police officers speak less respectfully to Black residents than to white residents: WORD — JUST WHAT YOU SAID!

The Great Migration: The African American Exodus from The South

Reverse migration back to the Bottom

The Culprits Behind White Flight

Final countdown; you let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash

U.S. job growth slows; unemployment rate drops to 4.3 percent, but for Blacks it 50 percent unemployed. Are Blacks unemployable?

Hey, Hey — You Nigger get in line and we ain't got no jobs for all you Niggers

Unemployment May Be Dropping, But It's Still Twice As High For Black

‘Fucking bullshit’: Ex-DNC official responds to Clinton’s ‘ironic’ election loss blame game

The US is arresting undocumented immigrants faster than it can deport them, and it's about time

‘Being Black in America is tough’: LeBron James responds to racist vandalism incident

Trump dismays, angers allies by abandoning global climate pact

US against the world

Noose found at US African-American museum

Washington State Blocked a Black Woman From Selling Legal Pot Because Her Spouse Is in Prison

ICE notices telling people to “report illegal aliens” are appearing in Washington D.C.

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Reading James Baldwin in the Black Lives Matter era

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ACLU: Black people far more likely to be arrested for pot in NJ



After shooting in Washington, Trump calls for unity and asked for Americans to come together; we're always asked to come together in the face of tragedy but never when it comes to breaking this money down!!


Lithuanian pro basketball team president blames team's struggles on Black players


Bodycam footage 'proves cop was RIGHT to shoot armed man whose death sparked Milwaukee riots because he was raising his gun'


As Philly Is Designated a National Treasure City, Don't Forget Black Historic Sites, Say Advocates


At E3 2017, Black Characters' Hair Looks Better Than Ever


They made a ‘kill list’ targeting black students. No one was punished, lawsuit says


Don't expect Congress to pass Trump's controversial budget plan


Michigan Health Chief Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For Flint Water Crisis


Ice Cube Leaves Bill Maher Shaken And Stirred Over The N-Word


Cemetery research reveals another 51 Black Civil War veterans — and great stories


These dumb, stupid ass Black leaders don't want anybody helping Black youth — why? Because the mother fucking crazy — that's why!!!

Trump administration grants work permits to thousands of illegals


Persuasive proof that America is full of racist and selfish people


Political survival in corrupt America creates strange bedfellows


MANHUNT: 'Armed and dangerous' inmates accused of killing 2 officers


Dennis Rodman, Frequent Visitor to North Korea, Is Back


Bill Cosby tweets that Keshia Knight Pulliam 'came to court to hear the truth


Black Schoolchildren subjected to horrifying body searches by police in Georgia


The Strange Civil Rights Views of Trump’s Latest Court Nominees


Rodman gets North Korea to release Otto Warmbier, American serving 15-year term


More Blacks on police force doesn't mean less brutality, it may mean more


'This is about Black girls who are told they aren't beautiful': Teen says it took time to love her now-'trendy' big lips - and encourages others to embrace how they look


Judge strikes down Wisconsin 'cocaine mom' law aimed at protecting fetuses


Black Civil Rights Groups Going Nowhere Fast


Is Bill Gates Worth More Than the Bottom Half of Black America combined?


Getting to Know Hattie Hill, the New WFF President and CEO, Part One


Were the Ancient Egyptians Black or White? Scientists Now Know


'That's our word': Ice Cube confronts Bill Maher for using Nigger


AP WAS THERE: Supreme Court legalizes interracial marriage

The love story that changed history


Protests erupt after police shoot, kill Tulsa man


Were Black Children Used as Alligator Bait in the American South?


Anti-Trump protesters facing decades behind bars


Seventy-Five Percent of Black Boys in California Fail State Reading Standards


Twitter Erupts Over News That Hillary Clinton Used Black Prison Labor While First Lady of Arkansas


Las Vegas police officer will be charged in chokehold death of an unarmed Black man


Man goes on racist rant at Starbucks, calls Black man a slave — it beats calling him Nigger!


Earn minimum wage in the US? You can afford to live in exactly 12 counties


Black People Smell” – Shall We Take A Look At Exactly How Racist The Guptas Are?


Black heroes' names stuck on failing programs


States with more Black people have less generous welfare benefits, study says


Black troops as much as twice as likely to be punished by commanders, courts


Black women are killed by police, too


Girlfriend of Black man killed by officer set to testify at trial again


Official in Flint Who Used a Racial Slur Against Black Residents Resigns


$50k To Colin Kaepernick’s Charity if Shaun King Is 25% Black


Malcolm X Interview Before Assassination. Original Footage, a 1966 Film.


Black Soldiers: Fighting
America’s Enemies Abroad
and Racism at Home — Boy These 'bout some rotten apples who run America


UK politician trounces Joe Walsh for ranting about ‘evil Black people’ in response to white supremacy


Fans fight near tunnel as Cavaliers leave floor after NBA Finals loss to Warriors (Video)


Bill Maher: Apologize For Saying I'm A House Nigger


It's tough being Black in America. But don't pity me.


Black Unemployment at 7.5%, Among Black Youth 27.3%


Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse, NEW Tiger Woods Footage Emerges


'It was a rampage': witnesses describe horror of London terrorist attacks


Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs? Do a bear shit in the woods?


Tarnished Badges: We gonna beat some sense into You Niggers


Kevin Durant AKA Iceberg Slim and Warriors crush Cavaliers in Game 1 of NBA finals

Did Kevin Durant stare down a heckling Rihanna in Warriors’ Game 1 win? 

Kevin Durant once dated ‘The Bachelorette’

Before Rachel Lindsay ever handed out roses on "The Bachelorette” Kevin Durant actually stole her heart.

'The Bachelorette' May Have A Black Star, But It's Still Set In A White World


LeBron may or may not be a better player than Jordan, but he's a better man


Black Is Beautiful, But Hair Is Still Political


Chicago Alderman Calls Flyers Urging Blacks to Report Illegal Immigrants to ICE ‘Race-Baiting’


Missouri report: Black drivers more likely to be pulled over


Trump asks Supreme Court to reinstate travel ban


US anti-Trump protesters facing decades behind bars