Obama: America is a nation of immigrants; this fool knows nothing about Black history or he's just a fucking liar! What can Obama tell Blacks in North Carolina that he's done for US in 8-years? He may say he was behind putting Harriet Tubman's face on the twenty dollar bill. That won't work because most Blacks are so poor they will never see a twenty dollar bill.

Black News


If latest poll is true about Blacks and Trump; then Niggers have lost their minds — what if he wins — what are you dumb ass Niggers gone do then? What can you expect from a race that gets their information from the beauty shop and the barber shop? If you put information in a newspaper or a book, you Niggers will never find it.


Poll: A Third Of Clinton Supporters View Black Americans As ‘Violent,’ ‘Criminal’ — Hillary Too!


Stock Market in a free-fall: run don't walk to get your money and hide it under the mattress


Al Sharpton and the political dinosaurs that won't die off!


How and Why Government Forces You to Finance Illegal Immigration


Mom of daughter killed by illegal shares heartbreaking story


Civil Rights pimp Al Sharpton, a failure at impowerment for US now wants US to support impowerment for gays — what the fuck?


For 'Black News' these ugly ass Niggers on TV are a gift that keeps on giving

Nigger, it's time to get your process fixed — you're last of the dew waring Niggers — that Nigger been wearing a process so long — he got sores in his head.

Stupid unemployed Blacks: How can Hillary Clinton create jobs for US when she supports illegal aliens coming into the country taking jobs from US?


The lack of opportunities for inner city Black youth are breeding grounds for violence: Democrats have left 'em out.


Black Oakland Police Officers Slam Schaaf over OPD Texting, Human Trafficking Scandals


Chicago-area Black population drops as residents leave for South, suburbs


U.S. soldiers arrested in alleged illegal immigration smuggling ring


Crooked Hillary failed to hand over key email to State Department


Should we stay or should we go? Just do it — and go!


Let's get illegals rounded up for deportation


Black Professor Blames African-American Struggle on ‘White Rage’


The gut-wrenching history of black babies and alligators


Black leaders seek change after Boston Latin headmaster quits


The LGBT community is more racist than the KKK


Gun legislation crashed and burned on takeoff; guns have never killed, it's the asses that misuse them, period.



A radical idea to compensate black homeowners harmed by racial bias


The Tuskegee Study and Black Culture

The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male — This is the America we Know!


Judge Sends Black Activist To Jail For Hoax Death Threats To Black Students, Faculty


Civil War Photos That Have The World In Disbelief


Juneteenth celebrations evolve, but carry the same message of unity and freedom. It started when dumb ass Niggers asked the white slave master when they gone get free? The old rotten slave master said Juneteenth — and these Niggers been stupid ever since.


I’m Ghanaian-American. Am I Black? No!


Black Americans incarcerated five times more than white people – report


Kate you don't even look like a woman, and you should have stayed a man!

Hey man, this transgender thing ain't working for you. It ain't for everybody...


Black Dandies, Style Rebels With a Cause


How will we remember black women on the anniversary of the Charleston shooting?


Malcolm X. Oxford Union Debate, Dec. 3 1964


‘No Question’ Boy Snatched by Gator at Disney Is Dead, Sheriff Says


Club killer wanted to spare Black people


A day after shooting, House Democrats erupt in protest


Laid-off Americans are starting to speak out about losing jobs to foreign workers


Gay nightclubs and Black churches are sanctuaries. Here’s how to make them safer.


Democratic exit polls show party's dependence on Latino and Black voters


‘Lynching’ laws were meant to protect black people. Removing the word changed everything



Black Lives Matter Activist 'Jasmine Richards' toSentenced to 90 Days in Jail for ‘Lynching’


Family Asks for Refiling of Charges in Black Teen's Shooting


How Michelle Obama refused to invite Hillary and Bill Clinton to dinner, wanted Joe Biden to run?


You can stick a fork in 'King James'; the Cavs are done!


Nightclub Witness: Orlando Terrorist Spared Black Clubgoers [VIDEO]


WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails - Julian Assange


Bernie Sanders' supporters vow the revolution will not be silenced


Donald Trump warns Obama about campaigning for Hillary Clinton


Is Google a racist company that hates Blacks? Does a bear shit in the woods?


Celebrities endorsing Donald Trump for president


Black convention sets sights on national agenda — these Niggers been meeting for a 100-years and still ain't got nothing.


Feds sue over NYC principal who they say targeted Black teachers


Investigation: Emails Say Clinton Staff Put Donor on List for Security Board: Crooked is too good a name to call the 'Iron Lady'


How racial gerrymandering deprives black people of political power


America Needs More Black Men Leading Its Classrooms, But Teaching Don't Pay Shit.


Detroit man who confessed to quadruple homicide at age 14 to be freed


Broom-wielding Detroit teacher to settle for $390K


The ‘three Black teenagers’ search shows it is society, not Google, that is racist


Racist Facebook post claims another victim: Bank of America employee


Black Students Nearly 4 Times As Likely to Be Suspended


The difference between masturbation and jerkingoff


A Defiant Muhammad Ali Was Cherished By Black Men Like The Same Political Correct Niggers Today


The 7 Wildest Lies From Hillary Clinton

A liar is not believed even when they are telling the truth


Double-down Trump because these crooked judges in America are not sacrosanct — they're corrupt.


Secret Service officer's book details Clintons' 'crisis of character'


Preserving the Black Experience Through Performance


Ava DuVernay: Why successful black films aren't ‘flukes’?


JK Rowling attacks black Hermione 'racists'


It's racism when Trump criticizes a Hispanic, but when racist whites critcize a Black, it's just another Nigger! They like the Hispanics more than Blacks because they look white like them. That's white hypocrisy!


Commentary: What made Muhammad Ali ‘unforgivably' Black


Judicial Watch: DHS Quietly Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Into the United States — that's why the keep coming.


Battle over proposed sale of first black Catholic church intensifies


CNN pundit rips conservative black pastor: You’re OK with Trump making you his ‘political pawn’

Tara 'Fat Momma' Setmayer : she's on the roll just from that all-you-can-eat buffet —she's so fat even Wait-Watchers turned her down. She's so fat, even fried chicken sued her for damages done.

What is fentanyl? The little-known but deadly drug that killed Prince


At first they hated him; then they tried to destroy him, and when he died, now they are honoring him — what the fuck — how rotten can you get? RIP Ali!


Study reveals incarceration's hidden wounds for African-American men


Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Support Among New York’s Black Voters Fades


NYPD eyes death of black teen as possible hate crime


75 Percent of Americans Think U.S. Government Is ‘Corrupt,’ that means judges too!


Are Black women now the most educated group in the United States?


The enduring whiteness of American media: The even want to speak for Blacks In America.


Ex-Florida Cop Charged in Shooting of Armed Black Musician


Michigan students' racist video about enslaving, burning Black people stirs anger


EXCLUSIVE — Armstrong Williams: Donald Trump Puts Black Voters in Play


33 Percent of Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Not Vote for Hillary Clinton. Here’s Why


Clinton's 1994 crime bill created a cascading effect in America that has resulted in the rash of Black killings, yet you stupid Niggers love the Clintons for that, while another one bite the dust.


Niggers 'Al Sharpton, Joy-Ann Reid and Melissa Harris-Perry' making big money, but won't pay taxes.

Them Niggers done spent that money, living large.

What Black Americans Say About ‘Black-on-Black’ Gun Violence


One of the worst race riots in the nation’s history occurred in Tulsa over a 14-hour period on May 31- June 1, 1921. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds were injured and thousands were left homeless.


14-year old girl charged with murder sends Father's Day letter to judge


The limits of white compassion: Imagine if Black lives mattered as much as one gorilla’s


Protesters gather in Tacoma for Black Girls Matter rally


Snoop Dogg: ‘F*ck’ ‘Roots,’ ‘When Ya’ll Gone Make a Series About Black Success?’

Snoop Dogg Implores Fans to Boycott ‘Roots’ Remake, Blasts Hollywood: ‘I’I'm Sick of This S**t’

Keep it real Dogg


Americans' Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low


The 50 greatest movies by black directors.


The myth of Black indifference to violence: African Americans care deeply about crime in their communities


Black Economic Unity Is A Must For Black Survival, Say N.C. Conference Presenters And Business Leaders


Poll: Terror, illegal immigration drive Trump voters, 88% want wall

Obama: America is a nation of immigrants; this fool knows nothing about Black history or he's just a fucking liar! And, you dumb ass Niggers believe him!

Obama Will Campaign With Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

What can Obama tell Blacks in North Carolina that he's done for US in 8-years? He may say he was behind putting Harriet Tubman's face on the twenty dollar bill. That won't work because most Blacks are so poor they will never see a twenty dollar bill.

Border Patrol Agent: Many Illegals Have Tuberculosis, Other Diseases And They Are Coming To A City Near You


The video about Hillary that will 'turn your stomach'!

Mutt and Jeff go on the attack against Trump

Warren is Mutt and Clinton is Jeff

Nina Turner said last week America is a nation of immigrants; will somebody tell this stupid political hack Blacks were kidnapped and brought here as slaves not immigrants, and like her it's an ugly lie!!

For 'Black News' these ugly ass Niggers on TV are a gift that keeps on giving

Obama Niggers: name one thing he has done for Blacks

Clinton White House was den of coke, mistresses: ex-Secret Service officer

Obama's threat to Brits may have led to UK break from EU

Civil-rights commish: Blacks hammered by illegal immigration

Obama Amnesty Would Hurt Black Americans and increase Black incarceration

Amnesty, illegal immigration, hits Black wages hardest: you Niggers too stupid to know that

Obama amnesty greater threat to Blacks than police brutality,

Playing the Trump Card: he outflanks the dumb American media every time

The Brits take their country back — tired of bad immigration policies — America next?

David Cameron has bowed out with grace. Now it is Boris Johnson's moment

Black Contractors: Democrats Take Us for Granted

Among $514 million that Democrats spent on consultants during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, little went to minorities.

Living large; the "Iron Lady" is living large!

Supreme Court deadlocks, thwarting Obama’s immigration actions

Black leaders emerge as powerful allies in LGBT fight in South

A hand full of Niggers on the wrong side of history does not constitute Black leadership in America —
Letitia Stein — And you a 'white person' don't speak for the Black community.

All due respect: John Lewis has becomes an embarrassing icon; the boy ain't been right since them crackers crack his head in Selma

Half the time he sounds like he's retarded

For 'Black News' these ugly ass Niggers on TV are a gift that keeps on giving

In 2029 will Apophis do US in? It maybe a good thing for wicked America!

You're no better than the dinosaurs; with that LGBT shit — you can love the same sex but you don't have to fuck 'em!

'Mississippi Burning' civil rights case closed after 52 years

The 1964 killings of Michael Schwerner, James Earl Chaney and Andrew Goodman

Congressional Black Caucus wants to maintain the corrupt primary system

There appears to be no way to remove these stinking ass rotten ass Niggers in the Congressional Black Caucus; some have been politcal parasites for 50-years — For 'Black News' these ugly ass Niggers on TV are a gift that keeps on giving

Zoe Saldana Would Like to Remind Everybody that She Is a Black Woman

She looks Black but Niggers say she ain't Black enough

Stephen Curry: he ain't that damn bright; we know some Niggers who can pass for white

Vladimir Putin Has Everything He Needs to Blackmail Hillary Clinton

Local Sanders Supporters ‘Not Backing Down’ After Clinton Win

You would have won if Hillary had not cheated!

How many times did Gandhi get arrested and go to prison?

He was a fifty-times loser

Why men kissed in response to Orlando killings: some people find it abhorrent!

How Do Blacks Feel Being Compared to Homosexuals?

In Road-Building, Black Soldiers Defied Prejudice

In the early days of World War II, thousands of black U.S. Army soldiers built the Alaska-Canada Highway, defeated mosquitoes, mud, and miles of wilderness in just six months. Breaking the silence of history took another 50 years. This damn country owe US everything!

Great Black North

Trump is right: we're all 'Sitting Ducks'

These stupid Democrats gonna get US all killed!

I'm a token mammy and a little brown bobble head who is owned by Lack, Griffin and MSNBC.

Joy Reid: The token mammy. For 'Black News' these ugly ass Niggers on TV are a gift that keeps on giving

Obama Endorses Clinton: 'The Iron Lady and The Tramp!'

Davontae Sanford home after freed from prison

Kym Worthy defends waiting years to release innocent Davontae Sanford

Above is prosecutor Kym Worthy: You big fat black stinking gatekeeping ass Nigger

Trump: Sometimes it's best to not do something or say something, but just stand there.

This Webcast is special to "Black News"

If Lindsey Graham called Trump a racist, what the fuck does he call Strom Thurman

Racist Republicans against Trump: Like the pot calling the kettle Black?

Something rotten to the core in the Clinton foundation

Hillary Clinton's primary playbook: Woo Black voters with lies to offset Sanders' young backers

Obama-Appointed Judge Will Release Sealed Documents on Trump University Case to Press Before Election (VIDEO)

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is just another Obama political appointment

The Warriors beat them bitches like a Goddamn drum!

How to stop the bleeding?

Who to fault for violent crime in America? The Black Democrats who have been running these cities for over fifty-years — These stupid ass Niggers are the fault!

The dirty little secret no one wants to admit about Baltimore

In 1964, Hillary Clinton campaigned and voted for Barry Goldwater, who promised to overturn the Civil Rights Act and "re-segregate" America.

She hated Blacks then and she hates US now

Top 10 fights of Muhammad Ali's career

Soon, the Black political elite in America will be gone with the wind!

Illegal Immigrants Get Over $1,200 More In Welfare Benefits Than American Families A Year

Census Report: Illegal Immigration Up 57 Percent in 2 Years

These people playing US stupid fools again

Obama Says Federal Judge Is Scaring Illegals

An eyewitness account of the horrific attack that destroyed Black Wall Street

Boy, they treat Niggers so bad in America it's a damn shame, and now they want to know why you Niggers act so damn crazy..

Is Hillary Clinton a pathological liar? Will a Jew sell a blood diamond?

Team Hillary’s latest email lie proves she's a pathological liar who will tell a lie when the truth sounds better

They should have shot the parents and saved the gorilla

Michelle Gregg, 32, and Deonne Dickerson, 37, are being investigated by police

Body count continues in Bloody Chicago

Gang of four won't attend Rebublican contention

GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push

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