Donald Trump’s surging in the polls: can he get the Black vote?



Supreme Court Backs Arizona's Redistricting Commission Targeting Gridlock


AME Church Shooting is NOT an Anomaly – Racism is here to stay…


Wife of Israeli politician tweets racist Obama joke – and social media reacts


GOP’s fear of a black America: The long, racist history which explains Dylann Roof and stains the so-called “party of Lincoln”


It is estimated that over half of the white cops in America are white supremacists


Niggers are just sitting ducks without guns in America


Are Black Americans Cursed In The Land Of Their Birth?


Is this manifesto a declaration of war against Black Americans?


Charleston shooting echoes a painful history of attacks on black churches


Being Gullah or Geechee, Once Looked Down On, Now a Treasured Heritage


Judge who called Roof’s family victims has used Nigger in court in past

Charleston County Magistrate James B. Gosnell


Charleston shooting: Who are US white supremacists?


We Need To Talk About White Culture, but most whites won't talk about nothing Black because the subject of slave reparations may come up


S.C. shooting suspect’s family offers ‘deepest sympathy’ for what their crazy ass son did


Tiger Woods hits the rocks, plus he can't keep a woman — this trick needs to get buying pussy


Charleston church massacre: 'What happened in there was brutal'

They let the Devil in and he turned them out


Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries


For Black Women, Police Brutality And Sexual Harassment Go Hand In Hand


Most Racist States In the U.S.


Another Climate Denial Myth Scuttled as 2014 Confirmed Planet's Hottest Year Ever Recorded


Jeb Bush and the 'Flat Earth Society' slam Pope


What if the Charleston killer had been a Black gang member? The church would have called the police before letting him in!


All 9 Victims in Church Murders Identified


Rev. Clementa Pinckney Dies in Charleston Shooting

What if he had had a gun?


Texas officer in pool party incident was sued over alleged racial profiling in 2007 — for sure Eric Casebolt is a Nigger hater.


Protests follow video of officer drawing gun on black teens at Texas pool party


Apparently praying doesn't work for Blacks: The 9 murdered victims in Charleston were at a prayer meeting


Black children are not even safe from police violence at a pool party


Black on Black snitching is what


McKinney police officer on leave after video shows him pushing teen to the ground Friday night

trators are made of


Emily West; the First Lady of Texas was Black!


Bizarre ISIS Tweets To Ferguson Protesters: “Hey Blacks, ISIS Will Save You”


We can't keep up with all these Niggers we murder each year!



If American slavery wasn't wrong, then no evil in world history is wrong


10 Charts Show How ‘Racist’ America Really Is


Police Killed More Black Americans Last Year Than Terrorists Did On 9/11


Voter education more important than voters rights, because if you're Black and can't get a picture ID, you're probably too stupid to vote in the first place!


Video shows Chicago officer firing on Black youths in car


These white racist American Devil Cops are always justified when it comes to murdering A Nigger!


Police Trial May Move to Almost-All-Black East Cleveland


Georgia man found dead in jail restraining chair ruled homicide


Hepatitis C infection rates triple in central Appalachia, CDC says — getting off using the spike of somebody else ain't good!


Is the Black community ISIS' Trojan Horse?


Body count of innocent people killed by these racist Devil Cops in America


Cleveland's Devil Cop, Michael Brelo, Arrested Days After Acquittal for Murder of Two Unarmed Blacks

Michael Brelo, you devil

America don't want that Nigger buried on the home land


5 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in June


“Islam is the Religion of War,” Claims ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Why does Philly have so few Black police recruits?

What Black person would want to be a cop in the first place?


Obama approval heads down hill — really?


Wreck of 18th-century slave ship confirmed with Niggers still chained to floor


With over 500-years passing, sharks still follow the Atlantic middle passage looking for a meal — got dark meat?


White Fear: The Single Greatest Killer of Black People in the US


No. 2 At Justice Warns Growing Prison Budget Detracts From Public Safety

Whites in America think Niggers are worse than ISIS, and Niggers think that whites are worse than ISIS — who's right?


William Chapman: unarmed 18-year-old shot dead by officer who killed before

Devil cop Stephen Rankin


Beating Niggers down is the only fringe benefit we white Devil Cops have


Missouri Police Stopped Blacks More Than Whites in 2014


Yeah, I shot a Niggers before and gone do it again if I can always get away with it!


Do We Really Know Just How Many People Were Killed by Police This Year?


A demonstration of white privilege in America

Donald Trump’s surging in the polls

He's got presidential potential: he might could be one


Investigators Probe Fires At 6 Black Churches In 5 Southern States


It's a disgrace for Sen. Pinckney to lie in state under the confederate flag

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


Open season: The Nigger hunt is on, kill 'em if you can


Blacks singing 'We Shall Overcome' at Charleston prayer vigil

We have been singing that shit for 500-years — when will we overcome? What year? What time of day? Someday! Well, you better keep your asses out of the Black Church until that day come. Word!


Arizona sheriff sending armed posse into Black churches

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will send armed posses of volunteers to 60 black churches around Phoenix, following the deadly attack on a historically Black church in Charleston.


Slaughter In South Carolina's Gullah/Geechee community could have been avoided

Most Geechees are real dark skinned, love rice, and will cut your throat


Steve Doocy and his son are two of the most racist people on TV

Steven Doocy and his faggot ass son (Peter) make mockery of the news, and when it comes to Black Americans, keep your opinions to yourself and don't let Black come out your damn mouth, you dipshit!


Black state lawmaker could be expelled for calling GOP colleagues "racist"

A racist by any name is still a racist — stand your ground Black woman!


SEE IT: Virginia man threatens Black church one day after Charleston massacre: ‘I’m gonna kill all you’ 

Forgiving the likes of Dylann Roof for mass murder inspires more terror against Blacks — even Jesus wasn't that crazy!


Some of these white devils in the Dirty South like Dylann Roof are still fighting civil war because Sherman didn't do enough to burn them crackers out


The Charleston shooting victims: a poet, a politician, a librarian, women of faith

Left: Susie Jackson | Top Row: Cynthia Hurd DePayne Doctor, and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton | Bottom row: Daniel Simmons Sr., Tywanza Sanders, and Clementa Pinckney


It’s Time to Burn the Confederate Flag

The Racist Flags of the Mass Murderer in South Carolina

South Carolina's racist history puts Hitler to shame


What can you expect from a racist state like South Carolina

They hate Blacks more than Hitler hated Jews


Charleston Church Shooting Suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, Captured

What he did was worse than Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing


Blacks going nowhere fast; we can't kill nothing and nothing won't die

California man beaten by police officers in 'horrific and inflammatory' video


Is Eric Casebolt a sexual predator looking to brutalize young Black girls


McKinney Texas cop who crashed pool should be charged with sexual assault of a minor.

What Eric Casebolt did to that 15-year old girl was worse than rape


'He shoved me and started pulling my braids': Bikini-clad girl, 15, tells — he must be a freak for brutalizing young Black girls!


Here are 40 reasons our jails and prisons are filled with Black and poor people

The 41 reason: We hate you Niggers — you feel me?


The country doesn't need to know how many Niggers the American 'Devil Cops' kill each year — it's so many — we can't keep count!

Being a Nigger ain't easy in racist America!

Being a white devil cop ain't easy too

'Black women unnamed': how Tanisha Anderson's bad day turned into her last

Baltimore Community Engagement Efforts Slowed By Crime Spike


What make Black Americans more accepting of ISIS than the land of their birth?

Well, ISIS has never shown hatred of Blacks like most ( Not all ) white Americans!


Why U.S. billionaires may not be able to buy the 2016 election

US got the best government that money can buy

A look at the Jewish billionaires controlling American politics


Black Americans killed by police twice as likely to be unarmed as white people

It's classic Nigger hunting season


This Could Be the Supreme Court’s Busiest Month in History

Chief Justice Roberts Is Poised To Have A Legacy Of Racism On the Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts is the only Justice more racist than fat, Justice Antonin Scalia

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