Taxpayers being played fools over the so-called illegal immigration crisis — ergo most Americans too stupit to know better!



The economy’s troubling double standard for Black men


A voiceless people is a hopeless people; Black Americans are voiceless


Obama's uses the old head-fake to get $2 billion for illegal immigration crisis he created


Patrick Henry

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! — I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

'The Incident' by Countee Cullen

Once riding in old Baltimore,
    Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,
I saw a Baltimorean
    Keep looking straight at me.

Now I was eight and very small,
    And he was no whit bigger,
And so I smiled, but he poked out
    His tongue, and called me, "Nigger."

I saw the whole of Baltimore
    From May until December;
Of all the things that happened there
    That's all that I remember.

New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Moms, Turns Doctors Into Informants



Unknown black volunteer who defended Wrightsville in Civil War being honored


Mississippi Blacks to Thad Cochran: You owe us


Most people believes there's gold in that green: say it loud!



Fired Black Employee Sues Paint Company Over Racist Paint Names


Blacks Regain Sway at Polls in Mississippi


In open primary Southern states, Black voters flex new muscle — that's right — Niggers throwing their weight around!


Malcolm X’s Speech at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity


Social Security: The costs of retiring too soon


Payback is a mother fucker — you feel me?


Why liberals should stop trying to ‘help’ black Americans


'Why did no one come to my rescue?'


Barack Obama orders 'Hellfire missile' drones into Iraq skies


Blacks in Mississippi proved that when whites are evenly divided, it's the Black vote that is the 'king maker!'


With History in Mind, Black Voters in Mississippi Aided Cochran


Mac vs. PC: Here are the real differences


Rush Limbaugh Blames Mississippi Tea Party Candidate's Loss On 'Black Uncle Tom Voters'


With History in Mind, Black Voters in Mississippi Aided Cochran, but what is he gonna do for Blacks?


Mississippi Senate runoff: Can black voters save Thad Cochran? (+video)


Who gives a damn if the Democrats lose control of the Senate


After the Midterm Elections will the House Impeach Obama?

Will a cat lick its ass in public?


Pimpin ain't easy; it's a hard job — carrying life in the joint, now!



God damn the racist all white jury in America


Why Do So Many Jews Hate Black People In This Country?


Why Gay Marriage Isn’t the ’60s Civil Rights Fight


Wishing and hoping that the debate about the bad things done to Black Americans in this country would just go away? That's a pipe dream!



Black voter turnout important to cracker politicians trying to stay in office


Heritage Foundation's Benghazi Panelists Mock Muslim Student


Sorry, George W. Bush, but this whole mess is still your fault


Tea Partier’s KKK Connection


US hand in Saddam’s 1980s gas attacks undermines case against Syria


There maybe Isis killers coming to an US city near you!


The local security force left the town before dawn


When the Economy Goes South, Americans Become More Racist but Say They’re Color-Blind


Is this the end of Lamar Alexander, the racist from Tennessee


Life after death; only in America with this Nigger shit


NBA Finals: No cramps for LeBron James, who gets 35 points to lead Miami Heat to Game 2 win, tie series


No, college isn’t the answer. Reparations are.


Why Is the Black Unemployment Rate So High? Racism!!


What do you do as a child when your country doesn't want you? You come to America and play US for a fool!



Boss; do we have to include them Niggers in everything?


Are the terrorist known As ISIS coming to a city near you?


If gays are born gay; why can't you find a homosexual who is celibate?


Stupid Bush made US fuck a duck in Iraq


Rapper Lupe Fiasco on Obama not being Black American


The illegal aliens keep coming like flies to a piece of shit!


If these little babies can get across the US Mexican boarder by themselves, we got a lot of work to do in securing our boarder.


Uncle Sam, we need milk and money — you got some?


Did Obama set the stage for mass illegal migration from south of the border?


Deport all illegal aliens now!


Obama woos student borrowers with executive order on loan repayments


Is it public-service or self-service? That is the question for politicians!


Governor who touts honesty faces questions about integrity

A married couple yelling "revolution" gunned down two Las Vegas police


Cantor crashed and burned on the illegal immigration runway!


Is our government as stupid as it looks to the rest of the world?


Blacks and whites in America are looking at the same thing, but seeing it differently!


Supervisor threatens to hang worker for drinking from 'white people' fountain


U.S. law firms flock to gay-marriage proponents, shun other side


Separate but equal was a legal doctrine in American constitutional law that justified systems of segregation.


Thousands of prisoners apply for Obama’s drug clemency program


Obama to Israel: you're not the boss of me, I'm the boss of you!


US alarm at growing number of illegal child migrants: it's just too many


And, this the thanks we get for taking you in??


Bowe Bergdahl 'No Hero' To Fellow Soldiers; he's a traitor


Middle School Teacher Suspended For Showing Video About White Actors Wearing Blackface



The Science of Your Racist Brain or are You Just Hating?


He ain't worth five Taliban commanders


When Tears Are Not Enough?


Che — why do we love him so?

10 Che Guevara quotes the left would rather not talk about


"Who Killed Che? How the CIA Got Away with Murder": New Book Ties Johnson Admin to Guevara’s Death


Sadvertising right around a corner near you


Tennessee 'the most racist state in America' implements welfare drug testing law

We got them Niggers with this one, and we'll starve their babies too!


Thad Cochran denied buying Black votes for $15 a piece — it was $2 a piece!


Shannon Maureen Conley: she ain't no Florence Nightingale


Boy, these are some dirty ass crackers in this country


Lonnie 'The Grim Sleeper' Franklin Jr. — a good case for a lynching

180 Naked Women In 'Grim Sleeper' Serial Killer's Photo Collection Might Be More Victims


Taxpayers being played fools over the so-called illegal immigration crisis — ergo most Americans too stupit to know better!

American taxpayers footing the bill for world’s biggest orphanage


The Wrong Way Home

By Steve Talley

We know why the caged bird sings; he doesn't want to be waterboarded again!


They said that Ahmed Abu Khattala was waterboarded so many times on that US destroyer coming to America, the Feds didn't need to put him in cuffs or shackles on the way to court — he was talking shit before he got caught — but now he's changed man!


Racism in Tennessee's new law will single out poor Blacks women who use drugs while pregnant

Does the state of Tennessee hates its Black citizens? Will a cat lick its ass in public?


The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Its Implications for the 21st Century


We can't forget or forgive America's rotten past: they act like devils


Are these Niggers crazy or what!

Somebody needs to beat some sense into these Niggers


Ugly Mississippi Republican Primary Leaves Blood On The Floor — Pun Intended!


On Social Issues, Blacks Are More Conservative Than Whites


Black Voters’ New Path to Power


Poll shows most Georgians — Blacks and whites —hold conservative values


Beastality is common with poor southern whites

Thad Cochran —Thad's babies — Moma's maybe


Are Black Democrats in Mississippi so dumb and stupid that they would vote to keep a racist cracker in the Senate



Top Conservative Links Gay Marriage Opposition To Slavery

Don't let gay haters degrade the civil rights movement with their perverted comparisons


With the crisis on the southern border, Obama is like the fireman who starts the fire to get credit for putting it out



If America is under attack; will Blacks defend the homeland?

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


See you in New York,’ ISIS chief told U.S. captors

Does this statement portends the next battle will be on US homeland?

What Is the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims


ISIS just stole $425 million, Iraqi governor says, and became the ‘world’s richest terrorist group’


Are Black Latinos mistreated by their almost white counterparts?

Do Black people have the right to hate America its racism against them ?


King James and Court are pretenders to the throne


Syria: A leaked video shows Isis terrorists carrying on a mass execution including children


Fighting ISIS is like fighting a fire, you gonna get burned


When we saw Isis coming, we all ran!! Now, I just want to go home...

The Tennessee cannibal invites you over for lunch


Who are Isis? A terror group too extreme even for al-Qaida


Iraqi soldiers dropped their guns threw off their uniforms and ran away.


MSNBC and Al Sharpton race to the bottom

Some people you just can't trust: Again, would you buy a used car from this man? Would you take the chance?


GOP uses a Black clown to get Blacks to the polls and it will not work


Leo Smith, minority engagement director for the Georgia Republican Party is the wrong kind of Tom


Racist rant caught on camera exposes kids to N-word


Justin Bieber — Why that lil old sissy sings about killing Black people and joining the KKK


Is Justin Bieber an undercover racist whose racism was caught on video


Redemption not found in the crooked Black Church for Sterling

You should be embarrassed at the Black church and the crooked pastor —is anything sacrilegious with them?


Fellow soldiers call Bowe Bergdahl a deserter, not a hero

Is Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl a traitor?


Implicit racism is still racism and it still hurts!!


The Death of Che Guevara; was it a CIA doing?


On Anniversary of Che Killing, CIA's Felix Rodriguez Remembers

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