Stop that stupid Donna Edwards: is she an illegal immigrant or what?



Scientists Grow A Simple, Human Liver In A Petri Dish


Blacks care more about the news than whites


Muslim Brotherhood given 24-hours to get out of town


How to improve the efficacy of your crazy, stupid mind


With enemies like Israel, who needs friends

With a friend like America, who needs enemies?


High Court ruling On Gay Marriage Not Right


Pick that bitch clean, player


Trayvon Martin 911 call screaming


Supreme Court needs to take training wheels off of Blacks


How Bank of America Defrauded America


Immigration reform will kill health care in America


Senate bill still allows illegal immigration


High Court Strikes Ariz. Voting Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship

Does this lay the ground to undo Section Five of Voter Rights Act


Bloody weekend violence leaves7 dead, 46 shot

Woman sentenced to death walks free, is to go shopping with victim's grandson


Illegal Immigrant Charged In Phoenix Cop's Death


All snitchers come forward


As Trayvon Martin case goes to trial, ghosts of US racial history ever present


Congress less popular than cockroaches, traffic jams


Clarence Thomas: A Traitor For All Seasons


Latest New Black Panther Call for Race War: “Kill a Cracker For Trayvon”


Trayvon Martin Case Goes To Court As Racial Tension Escalates


Missing teacher body found

Terrilynn Monette


Racist or raw


House vote is shot across the bow of immigration reform


Black leaders come out against immigration reform


Blacks Found to Be 3.3 Times More Likely to Be Arrested for Marijuana Possession Than Whites


Flawed Immigration Reform May Hurt Low-Wage Workers


Niggers and dogs not welcome in new South


Rush to judgment; 14-teen year-old George Junius Stinney Jr. executed


What Does 'No Homo' Even Mean? Roy Hibbert Was Unfairly Punished For Using 'Slur'


Do Black politicians care more about illegal immigrants than the Black community?

Is this the Turkish Spring?


Did God Cause The Big Bang?


Notorious B.I.G. - The Day He Died


Issa: Cincinnati IRS employees say direction came from Washington


How do I get to easy street? You can't to it from the Black community!


Racist Supreme Court ready to roll back civil rights gains


Your degree may not be worth the paper it's printed on


Did Obama Make Racism Worse?


Some unions now angry about health care overhaul


Public backlash to immigration reform is coming



Illinois fails to pass gay marriage bill, black caucus reportedly a problem


Put the rack of ribs back or go back to jail



Obama's Economy: A Glass Half-Full And Half-Empty


Some people just can't stand the thought of a Black man with a white woman on TV


Can Black Americans just get along?



These Niggers will fight and kill each other at the drop of a hat


'No Longer in the Cold War': Merkel Infuriated by US Spying


House Republicans Take Foot Off Gas in Drive for Immigration Reform


Stop that stupid Donna Edwards: is she an illegal immigrant?


White Privilege Drives Racist Behavior In America


America a Nation of Pretenders

Webcast special to 'Black News'

Whites Pretend this Country is the Best Invention Since Sliced Bread and Blacks Pretend the are Right


Most Americans Hate Immigration Reform


Racist court bitch slaps civil rights pimps


Can an all white jury give justice to Blacks

Webcast special to Black News

The moment Paula Deen appeared to defend slavery

Get off of Paula, She's no Different than the Rest of these Crackers in the South; because the South won the War


Second Term-Curse Leaves Pox On House Of Obama

Special to 'Black News' from News Weekly Group


Give the man the fucking ring back !


Edward Snowden, An American Hero: Gone Rouge


Hating Obama: Polls show Americans fed up with him


RICO law used to crack down on gang accused in cop shootings


Alleged gang members arrested in a recent crackdown include (clockwise starting at top left) Antwan Davis, Cornel Dawson, Clifton Lemon, Teron Odum, Ulysses Polk, and Jeff Thompson.


Black Caucus Opposes Immigration Reform

Money, not talk can win Blacks over to GOP

Is Obama in over his head because of the 'Peter Principle?


We must drain the swamp of these Black politicians

Webcast special to 'Black News'


The Best Way To Scare A Crooked Politician Is To Recall His Ass


Chattanoogans Recall Rotten Mayor

Let the dead bury the dead

Eating pussy is hazardous to health



Will Al Qaeda get US in the end?

Why they hate US so?


Why The Black Caucus Looks The Other Way On Immigration

They care more about the Democratic party than the people who sent them to Washington


Privacy versus security: Big brother; I got my eyes on you


News To Use From: "Black News"

Hosted By E.



Health care should be an American right


Mass Palestinian grave found in Israel

Is this the Palestinian Holocaust


Israeli Minister Vows a Palestinian "Holocaust"


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