Black women have political clout on the left. But they deserve political power too — they can get the vote out — but can not get their children out of jail!

Black News


The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise Black voters — what's new? They been doing that shit for years!


Black Lives Matter supporters march against Hillary Clinton: ‘Hard to trust’


Why is the Black Lives Matter movement happening now?


Why the gap between old and new black civil rights activists is widening — the Toms time running out!


In US, Black people cast as enemies of state & criminals - BLM organizer


Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?


Obama's legacy: Are Black voters still fired up?


Leaked DNC emails reveal details of anti-Sanders sentiment


The rise of Black nationalist groups that captivated killers in Dallas, Baton Rouge


Ohio judge sends lawyer to jail for wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin in court


Pills laced with deadly opioid infiltrating drug market, DEA says


Donald Trump’s Black supporters say the David Duke-supported, Muslim ban-proposing, immigrant-bashing Republican nominee ‘isn’t racist’


Video shows white cop in violent confrontation with black motorist


Black Cop Killers Were Murderers or Martyrs?


Former New Black Panther Party Leader: ‘Highly Likely’ There Will Be Arrests, Tear Gas In Cleveland [VIDEO]


Are These Former Black Panthers Murderers Or Martyrs


New Black Panther Party forms Baton Rouge chapter


Hillary Clinton Expands her Nigger Profile


Obama says Black Lives Matter. But he doesn't ensure they do


“Don’t answer your phone one more time,” Taylor allegedly wrote, “and see if I don’t call your wife.”

Lauren "LaLa" Taylor's beauty was to die for but her heart was to kill for!

Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys: How to Get Killed While Black


Black men below poverty line have lowest overall survival in America

Do White Americans Want to Keep Black Americans Down?


The Black cop who has a problem with 'Black Lives Matter'


Charles Barkley says ‘reason why there’s racial stereotypes’ is because ‘some black people are crooks’ after police-involved shootings 


Amid Protests Over Police Shootings of Black Men, Latinos Note a Disparity

Obama; a discussion about race in America between you and your liberal friends has never worked


These lowdown crooked ass Niggers are killing off the young to feed the old


If Obama wants unity in America; he needs the stay overseas


Stopped 52 Times by Police: Was It Racial Profiling? At The Same Time They Want You To Say Something If You See Something


How Black People Can Avoid Being Killed By Police — Don't Move So Quickly In Getting Your License — That Will Get You Killed Every Time


More Black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow


The cost for Fourth of July security is staggering: over $50 billion


We’ve been watching videos of police shootings for years. It’s time they meant something.


"What to the Slave is 4th of July?": James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass' Historic Speech


F.B.I. Recommends No Charges (sic)Against Hillary Clinton for Use of Personal Email


Why Black Americans were forced to create alternatives to Independence Day


'Driving While Black' explores racial bias, profiling African-Americans experience


A sexually transmitted disease the world thought it eradicated is coming back at an alarming rate


Being Black on Independence Day


Boosie Says Television Is Forcing Homosexuality On Young Viewers


Who were the Black Loyalists? The Blacks who fought against the American Revolution!


Report: Black And White Americans Are 'Worlds Apart' On Views Of Race


Me, Tarzan: Get To Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Ape Man

'Legend of Tarzan' makes a mockery of Black characters in incredibly racist movie


Three-fifths Clause of the US Constitution: Niggers get the fuck outta here — you ain't even human nor and immigrant — you're a fucking slave!

Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI: they should grill her 'til she piss on self


Obama as the First Black President: He Ain't Worth Spit!


President Obama Defends His Record On Race: He Ain't Done Nothing For Blacks But Talk Shit — You Feel Me?


Woman Screams Racist Slurs at Reporter During Broadcast


Kyrie Irving responds to critics about "no black girls allowed" party

Like many Black jocks; he just like white women

Black, Hispanic drivers stopped most often, white drivers most likely to have contraband


Which NBA team has the best chance at signing Kevin Durant?


Black women have political clout on the left. But they deserve political power too — they can get the vote out — but can not get their children out of jail!

Ranked first in the nation, the business of weed booms in the Bay

Either these stupid Black politicians like Elijah Cummings are too dumb to know anything or most Black voters too stupid to care

Keep mouth shut, and people won't know you crazy!

We Need To Stop Saying ‘We Are All Immigrants’ and Blacks Need To Stop Excepting That Shit

Black Men For Bernie Founder, says: ‘Trump Does Not Scare Me as Much as Hillary Clinton Does.’

Bruce Carter, founder of Black Men for Bernie: 'We won't Goose Step Hillary into the White House.'

Crooked Hillary: The Russians did it — it's like the time when the dog ate my homework!

'New Normal' for global security against terrorism

Reports: 6 dead in Munich mall shooting; manhunt underway

Fla. police shoot Black man with his hands up as he tries to help autistic patient: Why did you shoot me, man? I don't know — it seemed like the right thing to do at the time!

Fla. police shoot Black man with his hands up as he tries to help autistic

Charles Kinsey, 46, was shot in North Miami while he was on the ground with his hands up

The story of Doris Miller has been glamorized in motion pictures

California voters getting chance to fully legalize marijuana

FBI agents signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for matters involving Hillary’s emails scandal

Crooked Hillary is a flawed candidate

First Black Miss Alabama suspended after calling Dallas cop-killer a ‘martyr’

Kalyn Chapman James

Hillary Clinton's email scandals make her unfit to serve US as 'Dog Catcher'

Nigger, if you're out there breaking the law and a Robot comes walking towards you; you better run because it maybe a bomb-robot

That Nigger ain't got no sense; anybody can tell that's a bomb

Philando Castile death: Aftermath of police shooting streamed live

Philando Castile death

Durant chooses Warriors on reported 2-year, $54.3M deal

It's just not fair

Know your history and not his story: Shoot that Nigger, first!

In 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution when he was shot and killed in what became known as the Boston Massacre.

FBI agents interviewed Hillary Clinton. What's next for the 'Iron Lady'? A liar is not believed even when they are telling the truth!

Al Qaeda leader warns of 'gravest consequences' if Boston bomber executed

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Drops Hints They Are Ready to INDICT Hillary

Was Lynch promised Supreme Court seat to drop email scandal?

Clinton and Lynch made Hillary’email problems even worse than ever

White House tackles prison crisis with data-driven criminal justice project

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