EU and US do sanctions on Russia but support Israel's genocide in Gaza: How hypocritical can you get?



Chicago residents slam push to house more illegal immigrants


Howlin' Wolf- Down On The Killing Floor


We spy on everybody, even your one-eyed mammie


UN school bombing is like when the Nazis tricked the Jews into the gas chambers and then killed them — the Jews tricked women and children into that UN school and then killed them!


Just like Niggers; white people hate black cats, too!


Obama is lying to US about illegal immigration


Cops shoot unarmed in his back while he's already dead: and they want to say something if we see something — bullshit


Obama Eyes Giving Millions Of Illegals Work Status, But The Black Voters Be Damn


ESPN suspends Stephen A. "House Nigger" Smith after domestic abuse remarks

Good riddance; even for a week

Israel's incursion into the Gaza Strip triggered a bloody war


EU and US do sanctions on Russia but support Israel's genocide in Gaza: How hypocritical can you get?



No good deed goes unpunished!


Fuck welcoming the stranger, and get them damn kids outta here!


Turkish PM Erdogan says Israel 'surpasses Hitler in barbarism'


Groups Sue Tennessee Over Medicaid Enrollment Delays

Why does Tennessee hates its citizens


More on Illegal Aliens Destroying Schools




Colorado court tells county to stop issuing gay marriage permits


North Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House


When Black people go missing


Who's gonna pay for these illegal alien children when, they can't speak english, in our schools?


Let Goldman Sachs keep the $1.25 billion, but lock that crook Lloyd Blankfein up


3 siblings dead; carjackers still on the loose

Where is Black leadership in times like these — it does not exist


80-year-old man shoots dead 'pregnant' burglar

'[Miller] says, "Don't shoot me, I'm pregnant, I'm going to have a baby," and  I shot her anyway.'


Israel-Gaza conflict: What is an intifada?


‘We’re coming for you, Barack Obama’: Top U.S. official discloses threat from ISIL


The Republican Party’s problem with black people

Can money buy the Black vote? You damn right!


UN's Navi Pillay warns of Israel Gaza 'war crimes,' and Israel needs to stop blaming the victims


Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm: NASA


George Carlin "The American Dream" Best 3 Minutes of His Career


Nine Countries That Hate America Most


The Koch brothers give United Negro College Fund a $25 million gift


What do you do? when crying is not enough?


Hundreds of protesters Demand a Stop to Israeli’s Strike on Gaza


Obama Alone Will Decide the Immigration Debate


Man Who Took Religious 'Vow of Poverty' Wins $259.8 Million Powerball Jackpot


Maine governor blocks aid for illegal immigrants


On 13th Day of Gaza War, New Israeli Massacre on Civilians



Send them illegal alien children back home, NOW!


Disgust at cop-killer's memorial BIGGER than shrine to officer he shot - as his widow says she wishes he'd killed MORE police


We need to get ISIS to stone these sick freaks


NBC a disgrace to journalism and needs to get the hell out the way!


Control of US Senate in the hands of Souhtern Blacks who have gotten nothing from Democrats


Border Patrol agents being widely infected with diseases; union VP warns all of America at risk


These stupid politicians gonna get US all killed


Is Obama's foreign policy Nigger rigged


Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

It's like the tail wagging the dog: don't dump 'em in my backyard, you dipshits


New Jersey Cops On High Alert As 'Bloods' Gang Threatens To Kill More Officers


Burning wreckage, bodies scattered after airliner crashes in Ukraine



A three-part series looking at the history of France's Black community


Like Hitler; Israel is guilty of war crimes in Gaza


Black Southern Voters, Poised to Play a Historic Role


White Americans Klan Culture is here to stay!


How can the pot call the kettle black?


UN Could Prosecute Bush for War Crimes, Says Ex-U.S. Terror Czar

More Evidence That Thad Cochran Owes Runoff Win to Black Voters


The Disaster Of The Obama Presidency


The willingness of the Obama administration to stoke racial divisions for political gain is astounding


Teen's Rape Goes Viral, Jada's Alleged Rapist Defends Actions: 'She Never Let Me Hit'


Rev. Jesse Jackson Says Obama Shouldn’t “Abandon Urban America”



Eric Holder Stands By Controversial ‘Nation Of Cowards’ Speech


Germany Wins


A Wisconsin epidemic: imprisoning Black men


The Secret War On Black Republicans


Why Can't They Go Back?!' Houston Black Woman Drops Epic Rant on Obama's Failure to Deal with




Houston Citizen Bernadette Lancelin Rants Against Obama Border Policy


Black voters skeptical of Republican Party’s $10 million campaign to win them over


Conservatives and establishment GOP agree: Don’t impeach Obama


A Nation At Risk: Part 1


LeBron James is just another dumb ass Nigger with money and no sense


It appears the shit 'ISIS' has hit the fan

Don't ask why; we all are gonna die

Distrust of Obama makes border fix harder


EU immigration problems — sound familiar?


Illegal alien children bringing all kinds of diseases to America


City leaders, community members speak out after weekend violence


This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps


GOP, why not support your Black candidates


Seven dead after apartment fire in Massachusetts town


Obama called Nigger but the white man who did the calling says he's not a racist —he just hates Blacks


Why Some People Defend the Word Nigger?


Hey Black man quit apologizing for for the word Nigger — you didn't create fool!


Media 'hiding' illegal-alien disease threat


What's the lowest thing a white man in Mississippi can do? Get some Niggers to help him win elections!


Border Meltdown: Obama Delivering 290,000 Illegals To U.S. Homes


Americans are too stupid to know what these illegal aliens are doing to US?


We gonna beat some sense into these Black ass bitches


North Carolina voter law challenged: 'the worst suppression since Jim Crow'


Taken from America's playbook on racial hatred and murder



Black people were denied vanilla ice cream in the Jim Crow south – what an Independence Day?


Is the Phrase "All Men Are Created Equal" in the Declaration of Independence Really as Hypocritical as it Seems?


Black leaders seek Cochran's help after runoff win


'Red Summer: The Summer of 1919 and the Awakening of Black America' by Cameron McWhirter

The Bloody Watts Rebellion (Los Angeles, 1965)



Rena Price Is Dead at 97; Catalyst for the Watts Riots


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me trice, I just need to have my ass kicked

Black votes key in November


How can America condemn Israel for killing women and children on the one hand but give them the ammunition to do it on the other hand? Something is wrong with this picture!


Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn


This bitch too stupid to represent a dog, cat horse, cow, raccoon, Black Sambo, monkeys — what else? Yeah, Niggers too!

The whole Black Caucus is stupid, foolish, senseless, brainless, mindless, idiotic, imbeciles, insane, lunatics, asinine, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, preposterous, silly, inane, witless, half-baked, empty-headed, unintelligent, slow-witted, weak-minded, thieves, liars, and that's their good points.


How Black Americans became the face of the HIV epidemic? Because they're stuck on stupid!

KKK calls for 'shoot to kill' policy against undocumented immigrants


'World stands disgraced' as Israeli shelling of school kills at least 15

Somebody needs to stop these Devils in Israel

Can We Stop Pretending Israel is Being Attacked?


In Florida governor's race, Democrat woos crucial black vote

Here's that powerful Black vote again; we're in the 'catbird's seat' and too stupid to even know it!


Al Sharpton: A snake by any other name is still a snake

This webcast is special — To 'Black New': he's a gift that keeps on giving!

Al Sharpton Worked as FBI Snitch


Stop blaming black parents for underachieving kids


Sheriff’s Deputy Executes Unarmed Man Surrendering With Hands In The Air (VIDEO)

War crime: video shows sniper killing of wounded Gaza civilian


2 In Custody In North Philly Carjacking Crash That Killed 3 Children

Johnathan Rosa 19-year-old and Cornelius Crawford 23-year-old

You two Niggers gonna burn for that shit


If these Israeli Jews would lie about killing babies in Gaza then their story about the Holocaust comes into question


Who gives a fuck if the Democrats lose the senate?

Maybe in the next two-years they will respect the Black vote, and not love these illegals so!

Obama will take executive action on immigration after summer, adviser says

What has Obama done for Blacks? —Nothing — You give the first dance to the person who brong (sic) you to the dance!


Al Qaeda Releases Video of US Suicide Bomber in Syria

It's only a matter of time before they come back to US with suicide bombs


Rand Paul Stands Out in Courting Black Voters

Rand Paul got presidential potential; he might could be one!


Is Israel deranged enough to use Nukes to keep power in Middle East?

Can a fish swim in water?

Hamas calls for 'third intifada' after violent riots in Jerusalem and West Bank


Israel Losing the Moral High Ground

Eugene Robinson


The Civil Rights Movement be damn, if you ain't got no money; you children of Ham!


"Black News," wants Blacks to boycott midterm elections until we are promised more than dry words without actions or money

Keep your asses at home on election day, and stop playing the fool for these crooked Black politicians who promise everything but give US nothing


Jury seated in murder trial of Dearborn Heights man who shot woman on porch

Theodore Wafer — Renisha McBride

To most whites, Black life ain't worth confederate money


85% of Americans Dissatisfied with Government’s Handling of Nation’s Finances

Because these crooked politicians are robbing US blind


Putting these racist white cops over Blacks is the worse crime of all

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

They need to give these white cops a polygraph test to measure their racism


Hezbollah to enter fight in Gaza on Hamas side


America and Israel on wrong side of history in Gaza genocide


Who will/can stop this mass murder by the Devil's chosen people —Israeli Jews?

Agents tracked, cracked massive cocaine ring based in Chattanooga


Open season on Blacks In America: so keep your ass indoors

It's murder, murder most foul


Is the world unraveling before your very eyes, and what role will Blacks play?


What Is the Balfour Declaration?


Bloods threaten to kill ‘sitting duck’ bridge cops


Americans complicit with Israel in Gaza genocide

Hell is waiting for those who kill babies: Jesus said, "Suffer not little children, but come to me!"


Israeli naval shelling kills four boys on Gaza beach: medics

While the world sits back and watch these war crimes take place — it's so uneven — it's like swatting a fly with a shovel


Solution to our border crisis: send the Israeli army to protect the border because they're good at killing babies


Blacks Americans to Obama: The thrill is gone!


Black Chicago activists: Why are illegals at border getting aid while we suffer?

The Democrats have abandoned the Black community, so let's abandon them in November


Cop killed while responding to an armed robbery

The gunman —Lawrence Campbell, 27 — killed Officer Melvin Santiagoin in a cold-blooded ambush outside Walgreens


The killing of innocence

By Steve Talley


Minuteman Project Urges Thousands To Go To Border To Stop ‘Invasion’ Of Illegal Immigrants


Obama, Galifianakis, and Between Two Ferns are competing for an Emmy

Between Two Ferns


How America Controls The Behavior Of Blacks

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture


Eugenics: if the Chicago weekend killings are not innocent bystanders, it maybe a good thing!


Marijuana sales kick off in Washington state – but sellers are in short supply



Are Americans too stupid for democracy?

America has reached its level of incompetence; states the Peter Principle


California protesters block migrants en route to Border Patrol facility

Most Americans blame Obama for border crisis

America's love/hate relationship with Obama; he's the president they love to hate — because he's Black?


Four children die in Philadelphia fire



Obama's gay and First Lady Michelle is transgender, that old Joan Rivers' rants


White Racist Gangs and the 1919 Chicago Race Riot


You know; I hate your damn guts!

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