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Where is Black leadership, you might ask? They're hustlin as fast as they can!


Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany

Jews to Helen: You'll never work again in our America


Rallies Spread Nationwide in Support of Trayvon Martin


E., The First To Speak-up For Trayvon


Like in Detroit, electing these dumb ass crooked ass Nigger Democrats will get you no where


Broke Detroit's Pension Fund "Trustees" Use Public Funds To Fund Hawaii Trip


Juror B37 A Fool's Fool


Incompetent university president
gets pay raise


Black woman’s failed ‘Stand Your Ground’ claim raises allegations of racial double standard¬†


That Rotten Ass Black Caucus Cuts Deal With That Crooked Ass Obama On Immigration Reform


All White Jury Acquits Zimmerman Of All Charges


Stagger Lee & Red Tape Go To Jail


Yet, Another Lie To Support Illegal Aliens



Experts: Both parties selling out U.S. workers


Black Caucus Takes Million Dollar Pay-off To Support Immigration Reform That They Know Won't Pass


Clashes by Egypt army, protesters kill at least 54


South Africa: Mandela nears a month in hospital


Venezuela And Nicaragua Offer Asylum To Snowden


Essence Festival Rocks


What Is July 4 to African-Americans?


Poll Finds Black Americans More Likely to Be Seen as Racist

Ain't that some shit; the victims of racism are now the racist


Martin's DNA not found on Zimmerman's gun


Trayvon Martin murder trial: Sanford cop testifies George Zimmerman kept following teen, profiling him


Religion Is The Greatest Hoax


Let my people go!



Immigration Debate In Congress Riles Up Texas Republicans


Sentencing Delayed for Jesse Jackson Jr., Wife