Remember voters in District 8 for all times. All politics is local! It starts at ballot box! Politics is the way that Black people living in groups can make their own decisions. Not by a chosen few handpicked N-words!

Linking Sounds to Letters is Something Any Mother Can Teach To Their Child!

How “in the Beginning Was the Word” Explains the True Nature of God

10 million more Black voters could determine midterms and beyond. What's the Black votes' worth? 'Five Dollars and a Pork Chop Sandwich'

House panel says Trump ‘chose not to act’ during attack on US Capitol. He acted, like a fool!

With a Graduation rate Rate Within 4 Years 17.0%: Bowie State University is The Worst HBUC Of All Times. No One Leaves This Dump!

What is the Scrotum. The bag of skin that holds and helps to protect the testicles. So-called nutsacks

Smith explains why he didn't apologize to Rock during his Oscar "I was fagged out by that point," he says. "I still had a dick up my ass from the night before."

Researchers around the world prepare to #ShutDownSTEM and ‘Strike For Black Lives'

Do you have a winning ticket for the $1.28 billion Mega Millions? Here are the six numbers: 13-36-45-57-67 with a Mega Ball of 14.

Who first found oil in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Aramco traces its beginnings to 1933 when a Concession Agreement was signed between Saudi Arabia and the Standard Oil Company of California

It hurts the Blacks the most, Abbott pushes back against New York, Washington D.C. mayors over sanctuary cities. We want more!

Chris Rock Says Will Smith Oscars Slap 'Hurt' but He 'Shook' It Off: 'I'm Not a Victim'

Group of Republicans and Democrats form new political party to appeal to moderates. It won't work

A dangerous moment’: China warns of consequences if Pelosi visits Taiwan

Trying to get you N-words out to vote! Who benefits from the Black vote? Jews

You dumb ass N-word. With all that money, you could've bought a meat processing plant! You fool!

The mobs' dumping ground; Third set of human remains found at Lake Mead amid drought, National Park Service says

His life was threatened.’ But Pence isn't talking about it. He's still scared of Trump!

History of the Battle of the Wilderness. Who Won?

Poll: 2 in 3 in US favor term limits for justices. That should have been done after Bush vs Gore

'Dusting' High A Deadly Fad For Young People To Do

Funeral home operator Megan Hess pleads guilty to stealing human remains and selling them!

Cheney and Kinzinger tee up possible January 6 subpoena for Ginni Thomas

Woman sentenced to prison for collecting $400,000 in viral GoFundMe scam

John Coltrane; My Favorite Things

I'd rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log. I'm leaving!

Are Word Recognition Skills Essential To Reading Comprehension?

Read This! How Automatic Word Recognition Contributes to Reading Development? Phonics Are Useless In Reading Comprehention

Vocabulary Word Lists Essential for Middle School

911 calls made in the week prior to Spearman's death add layer of complexity

Viewpoint from Sudan - where Black people are called slaves. Black inslaving Black not new!

Judge Robert McBurney Won't Quash Subpoenas for Georgia False Electors

Trump Jr. Texts Show 'Coup Was the Plan' From the Start. So, what comes after the Coup? Oh you didn't Think it through.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation probes violent arrest of Black delivery driver after traffic stop incident

Black-on-Black crime': A loaded and controversial phrase often heard amid calls for police reform'

Without a functional website, Chattanooga Mayor Kelly says citizens can vote him out if He's wrong on stadium

Tenn. judge Jeffrey M. Atherton refuses to grant straight couple a divorce because … gay marriage

So fat you can't get her away from the bufett table, she won't leave. I an't going nowhere until these chicken wings are gone! Gospel singer Kim Burrell apologizes after referring to 'Broke' and 'Ugly' churchgoers during sermon

Cusing fusing, Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler who met with January 6 panel attacks witnesses, lawmakers in profane and sexist rant

Black scholar predicts 30 years to erase 'big lie' of '1619' victimhood

Wilson & Wilson, Attorneys at Law. His Law Degree Ain't Worth the Paper It's Printed On

Murder and chaos, gunfire, shootings and panic mar American weekend

Fauci says he plans to retire by end of Biden's current term. Good riddance!

Back to the old school making Chow Chow Relish

Just Too Many of These N-words. The Long, Strange History of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories on Blacks.

The 'worst variant of all ' is here now on US ! We're done! So, God please save the Queen!

House GOP plot investigative revenge on 1/ 6 panel as Trump itches for payback. When you seek revenge, first dig 2 graves.

MBS hits back at Biden after the President confronts Saudi prince about the murder of Khashoggi

Election Day is Thursday, August 4, 2022 For District 8 Council seat

Who Is Behind Chattanooga Clergy For Justice? - And Response (3)

In Over His Head, Lke a Sinking Ship That's Kicking All The Rats Off. Most Dems Don’t Want Biden in 2024,

Ivana Trump, an ex-wife of former President Trump, dies at 73

Ivana Trump's death ruled accidental by medical examiner

Here's what's getting more expensive at the grocery store. Biden, don't just stand there, do someting!

What have you done for me, lately or ever? Black voters’ support for Biden has cooled.

Boston's new police commissioner is a former officer who was severely beaten by his colleagues in 1995 while undercover

If you can't beat this fool, who can you beat? Herschel Walker just proved (again) what a massive risk he is for GOP

Broke as Jobs' turkey. China crushes mass protest by bank depositors demanding their life savings back

Ukraine claims arms depot attack in occupied Kherson with Himars rockets

5 Ways Nitric Oxide Supplements Boost Your Health and Performance

Officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice sworn in and resigned from new law enforcement position in the same week, official says

Black educator Mary McLeod Bethune honored in Statuary Hall

Hit the road Jack! How it all fell apart for Boris Johnson

That shit's over! We need to move on to getting some money! Harris to discuss implications of overturned abortion rights with Black women at Essence Festival

In creating APPs Should I Learn C or C++?

Who was Nicolaus Copernicus, and why he was so great?

C Vs C++: 39 Main Differences Between C and C++ With Examples

The Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act

Who is Brittney Griner? Height, Net Worth, Age, Weight, Husband, Boyfriend

Misdirection will fail in designing a Decision Tree

Not lose on Black funeral homes, Colorado funeral home owner pleads guilty in body sales case

At least 6 killed in shooting at Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, shooter white male, 18-20 old

After a Black man is killed by police, a city cancels its July Fourth celebration

Akron Police Officers Placed on Leave After Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Damn, You Just Got There, R. Kelly Sues Prison After Being Placed on Suicide Watch. Them People trying you!

Black Leadership Advisory Council

Black Tesla Workers Say They Were Called the N-Word on Factory Floors

Accounts of Trump angrily demanding to go to Capitol on 1/ 6 circulated in Secret Service

As inflation soars, Black Americans bear the brunt of rising grocery, gas and housing prices. We can't kill nothing and nothing won't die! Because of Biden!

Four current, former Louisville police officers federally charged in Breonna Taylor's death

Fighting for Blacks: Marie Mott for District 8 Chattanooga City Council

Most Charges Bound To Grand Jury Against Protest Leaders Marie Mott, Cameron Williams

Led by Marie Mott; Chattanooga Protesters Take Message To City Council, County Commission; Ledford Says He Strongly Disagrees That Police "Have No Place In Our Community"

Lord no; Bill Russell, NBA superstar and civil rights activist, dies aged 88

Bill Russell, Who Transformed Pro Basketball, Dies at 88. He Was Lord Of The Rings!

The original Bonnie and Clyde: Demetrus Coonrod was arrested and sentenced to prison for charges including child abuse, assault, and armed robbery.

With Much Difference, City Councilwoman Coonrod earns UTC degree

Russian officials requested adding convicted murderer to Griner/Whelan prisoner swap. Fuck no!

The next thing, you gone want Alaska back!

Lizzo Removes Ableist Lyric from Single 'GRRRLS': 'Listening and Taking Action.' Now lose a 100 pounds

What's worse than humping the floor? Too politically correct; disability charity urges Beyonce to remove offensive term from new song. Is the word Nigger an ableist slur. Jews use it all the time behind our backs!

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? US! China conducts military exercises off Taiwan after warning Pelosi to scrap visit

Mayor Kelly Administration Releases "Roadmap To End Gun Violence In Chattanooga"

We'll kill you N-words anyway we can! Parents of Georgia woman Brianna Grier, who fell from patrol car and died demand answers.

The cop looked like a stupid Nigger!

COVID-19 drives new threat to rats bats in China

After 350 years, sea gives up lost jewels of Spanish shipwreck

Sunken 1715 Spanish fleet a treasure trove that keeps on giving gold

Racism ain't on their minds now: Deadly flooding in eastern Kentucky. Too busy hating Blacks, we never learned to swim

“Merchant of Death,” Viktor Bout In exchange for Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan. Is It An Even Swap? Yeah, Buy One Get One Free!

Viktor Bout gets to 25 years in prison

The FBI has reached out to attorneys representing Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles. Be cool Shorty, y'all gone get paid $1 billion claim. Biden got the check in hand!

Simone Biles, other women seek $1B-plus from FBI

Lina Khan may set off a shift in how Washington regulates competition by filing cases in tech areas before they mature. She faces an uphill climb.

Excise Tax need to get our money back! $2,245.62 a second: ExxonMobil scores enormous profit on record gas prices. They beat US like drum!

Exxon and Chevron Report Record Profits on High Oil and Gas Prices

It turns out to be stop and kill! 63% of traffic stops in Chicago targeted Blacks last year, state report shows

Blacks still are victims of hate crimes more than any other group, yet they gone beat them 3 girls down

After being called Nigger all your life, 2 Black girls charged with hate crimes 'after making anti-White comments!' Who's hating whom?

While arresting our kids for hate crimes, Mayor Eric Leroy Adams, you and your crooked brother spreading that monkeypox. More than 1,000 monkeypox cases confirmed in New York City

Black News Podcast. All we have is inflation, aggravation, condemnation with no cessation. Only damnation

Who Designed the March on Washington? The Great Bayard Rustin. The Unsung Hero!

Remembering Bayard Rustin: The Man Behind the March on Washington

Where is the money? Pope apologizes for ‘catastrophic’ school abuses in Canada. Fuck an apology we need money! Be cool, y'all gone get paid!

One thing voters agree on: Fresh voices needed in politics. What you waiting for? Kick the bums out!

Priscilla Presley says her ex-husband Elvis was 'not racist in any way' because he had 'Black friends' Elvis was not racist, but every motherfucker around him was!

Bo Jackson covered all funeral expenses for Uvalde victims' families, governor say

When he wasn't on gridiron, Bo was a baseball superhero and more

Hillsdale College's Dr. Larry Arnn says Chattanooga Is The Dumbest City In The Dumbest State. Y'all So dumb!

‘Uninformed, Misguided, Irresponsible’: Hillsdale President’s Remarks Roil Tennessee Educators

Chattanooga's White elephant won't fly! County plans special session on southside stadium, then cancels it; Boyd says project is being "Shoved Down Our Throats!"

Hoffa’s 1964 trial in Chattanooga tested legal system

Corruption and the fall of Jimmy Hoffa: His conextion with the Black community? He loved MLK!

Put the crack pipe down! Federal investigation of Hunter Biden reaches critical juncture, sources say

A good guy with a gun like Elisjsha Dicken wiil stop a bad guy like Douglas Sapirman everytime!

Watch Maryland, Election 2022: Maryland voters choosing Gov. Hogan successor

Biden Limps to G-7 as Allies Fret Over His Troubles at Home

He's always stepping the same shit twice: Most Americans are discontented with Biden, the economy and the state of the country. His big tent falls down!

What is a digital footprint? And how to protect it from the likes of Bill Gates

A digital footprint is data that is left behind when users have been online. There are two types of digital footprints which are passive and active. A passive footprint is made when information is collected from the user without the person knowing this is happening.

Effect of Early Treatment with Ivermectin among Patients with Covid-19, Gates don't want you to take

Damn, what didn't Trump do? 1/ 6 committee's investigation stirs up fresh revelations ahead of last planned hearing

Booker T. Washington Delivers the 1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech. “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The Dream is in your own Hood!

Atlanta Compromise The Fight between W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T Washington for The Souls of Black Folks and Fight Still Goes On Today!

‘It’s inhumane’: how US prison work breaks bodies and minds for pennies. That's all you N-words worth!

The school-to-prison pipeline, explained

Black households hit harder by inflation, UC San Diego study finds. What's New?

Photograph of JW Milam, Roy Bryant and Carolyn Bryant Donham. The Woman who accused Emmett Till says she didn’t want him dead in memoir

“I did not wish Emmett any harm and could not stop harm from coming to him, since I didn’t know what was planned for him,” Donham says in the manuscript compiled by her daughter-in-law. “I tried to protect him by telling Roy that ‘He’s not the one. That’s not him. Please take him home.’” She claims in the manuscript that Till, who had been dragged from a family home at gunpoint in the middle of the night, spoke up and identified himself.

Unpublished memoir of Emmett Till's accuser raises new questions than answers

It was all white both day and night; would a ‘Black Friends’ fix it? TV’s white N Y still needs a reckoning

The 1/ 6 insurrection: Minute-by-minute. Praytell, will Trump be President again? It's a cautionary tale!

Brittney Griner pleads guilty in Russia, but experts warn next steps may have serious consequences

Gun violence in America: A long list of forgotten victims Black and white

Why would cops handcuff the dead? Handcuffing the wounded: A police tactic hits a raw nerve. 'We don't know if the Nigger's dead or not!'

Why are states banning critical race theory? To lose your history is a tragedy to regain it is a miracle

Jayland Walker was handcuffed when his body arrived at the medical examiner's for autopsy

They only stopped shooting when they ran out of bullets. Black man shot at least 60 times by Ohio police as he ran away



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