Even FISA Court Judge Says It’s a Kangaroo Court

Why Carter G. Woodson Is the 'Father of Black History'

Even FISA Court Judge Says It’s a Kangaroo Court

House intel panel could release explosive FISA abuse memo late Monday


House commitee votes to ‘release the memo’ — Don't just say it — do it!

Fire Mueller yesterday; What have you got to lose

Fire Them Fucking All


Is Hip-Hop Making You Stupid? The Hip Hop Word Count Breaks It Down

Illuminati Jews use mainstream hip-hop to dumb-down Blacks

“The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation”


Illegals commit crimes twice the rate of US citzens

Teen victim of former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar asks judge for sentence that sends a message

USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar get a public flogging before being sentenced

Larry Nassar pleads guilty to sexually assaulting gymnasts, judge tells he will be in ‘darkness’


Innocent man jailed for 24 years after being framed over British tourist's murder in New Orleans is freed by two lawyers who exposed a jaw-dropping fit-up that shames the US legal system 

From 'Black News' US prosecutors who send people to prison when they know the person is innocent, Hell is too good for you


This video production is special to 'Black News'

NASA pulled this astronaut from a space station crew. Her brother blames racism.

Reginald F. Lewis, American genius gone too soon

Did You Know America’s First Black Billion Dollar Businessman Was A Nupe


Who'll get the Black vote in 2018? It's the racist you know against the racist you don't know

White women's march fail to attract Black Women: Blacks not wanted

Race And Feminism: Women's March Recalls The Touchy History


How Illegal Immigration Harms Black Americans, According to Civil Rights Commissioner

Do Black Caucus care more about illegal aliens than the healthcare of Black children...

House passes bill to fund children's insurance program without the Black Caucus


Bayard Rustin, Black pacifist at the heart of the March on Washington

Bayard Rustin: A 'Gay Man' in the Civil Rights Movement.


Seal accuses Oprah Winfrey of ignoring Harvey Weinstein’s sex assault rumours for years as he blasts ‘sanctimonious Hollywood’

Black Students Majoring in 'Typewriter Repairman' Hit Hard by For-Profit College Debt

Elegy to MLK: I saw my assassination in a dream

Some ways to know if you’re a 'Slave Nigger' in America.


Has Black Protest Lost Its Power Over American racism?

Raw Data: The Black-White Unemployment Gap

Walmart ready to break its workers off with money — that's a good thing!!


Black News Bring in The New Year — A Good Year for Black Americans in 2018

It's cool when people in America go passing for Black — 'Black News' was Black when it wasn't cool!

Chattanooga Hears Tape Of Racist Remarks By Former Pilot President goes Nigger viral

They say the president is crazy; he says his enemies are all crazy, some say the country is crazy — May be all you stupid mother-fuckers in America are dumb, stupid and crazy!!


Jeff Sessions just injected marijuana in 2020 presidential race, Sen. Booker stands in the gap — weed may land him in WH!!

Sen. Cory Booker Is Tired Of Marijuana Stereotypes


Black unemployment rate falls to record low — Trump finally got Niggers working!

Trump breaks with Bannon, says former aide 'lost his mind'

It's axiomatic: In the dirty game of politics, your friend today will be your enemy tomorrow — Bannon is the worst kind of friend!


2 Democrats to be sworn in as senators, narrow GOP majority — while Blacks get nothing

Jones hires 'Dana Gresham' Black gatekeeper to keep Black voters out

Doug Jones selects Dana Gresham, a black man, for chief of staff


What is the 'Deep State?' and does it really exist?

China has mastered the bait and switch on a sucker

Trump says China's stance on North Korea influences his trade policy


Marijuana is legal in California Jan. 1. But you won’t be able to buy it everywhere.

California's Law for recreational marijuana useage will have illegal drug dealers selling tacos on the streets of South Central, buy one and get one free!


Iranians protests a third day in anti-government rallies for freedom

Is Tennessee the most racist, Nigger hating state in the United States?

A show to bring Black and white students together in Chattanooga failed. Take ownership of your racism .


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Marijuana: is it time to stop using a word with racist roots?


Traveling while Black: Why some Americans are afraid to explore their own country — because the Devil gone get you!


Killer of former NFL running back Joe McKnight guilty of manslaughter



Joe McKnight's killer, Ronald Gasser, found guilty of manslaughter — I know this fool don't want to see another gun


Abortion foes hijack racial justice: This “Black Genocide” argument is particularly dangerous


The story behind record-low Black unemployment


Trump says Republicans will accept citizenship for 'Dreamers' — That's the biggest lie he done told!


Legalized Cannabis Sales Could Be in the Billions — If Retail Can Smoke Out The Black Market


Who is Lynne Patton, the Trump official who fat-shamed April Ryan as Miss Piggy


If Black lives matter, so do historically Black colleges and universities


USC partners with Black AIDS Institute to address the alarming HIV/AIDS rates among Black Women in Los Angeles. Stupid Black women still catching AID?


All women who wear black are not witches, but all witches do wear black — from a witch hunter..




Detroit pastor falls from grace, gets prison for fraud run from church — All them stupid Black preacher you Niggers straight to Hell


The marijuana battle Black VS fairness in Florida


Constitutional guarantees of a 'Free Press' is only afforded to the Jews who own the press — with them being so corrupted and dishonest — the 'Press' could be the enemy of the people


Seeing through the eyes of the cops who kill unarmed Black people


If Six Corporations Control 90% of the Media? That Makes Fake News


White House: ‘Dreamers’ should get ready to leave US


Former Assistant Police Chief Told Recruit 'If Black Shoot Them' Women and Children Too


Why Black voter turnout fell in 2016?


Your Broken Reality


‘Go home and get in line’: Fact-checking Kris Kobach on DACA


That Black Caucus must challenge a ever seat — Because care more about the stinking party than their Black voters


It's an American's civic duty to report undocumented immigrants


Haters on Trump like a pack of hungry African hyenas!


“Abortion as Black genocide”: inside the Black anti-abortion movement


Africans and Haitans better off than Slaves Niggers in America — At least they got a home to go back to. When was the last time you heard a Slave Nigger called another Slave Nigger African American? Never!


Miscalculation of our enemies by our dumb government gonna get US all killed!


Trump was reportedly surprised black lawmakers didn’t personally know fellow Black person Ben Carson


Ugly is as ugly does; Joy Reid goes off on Trump's preacher


Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Will Benefit African Americans (Or Not)


Ohio Teacher Under Fire for Telling 13-Year-Old Black Student He Would Be Lynched by Angry Mob


Black News; Is Not Great Equalizer for Black Americans

This Webcast is special to 'Black News'


Trump's remarks about Haitians and Africans are more 'Nationalism than Racism'


Trump, you would have come out better calling 'em 'Jungle Bunnies!'


Trump's Masterstroke: Bringing Immigration debate live to the American people


Golden Globes: Another round of ‘Hollywood fakery’


Reaction to Trump's comments on Africa and Haiti


Cloud companies consider Intel rivals after security flaws found


Jury awards $4 million to ex-Black Panther: Over two Niggers fighting in a bar


Steve Bannon Out At Breitbart — Hit The Road Jack — And Don't You Comeback Nomore, Nomore



Supreme Court orders review of the role race played in case of black man on Georgia's death row


Black People More Prone To Effects of Marijuana Due To 'Genetics,’ ‘Character Makeup,’ Kansas Republican Says — you're a rotten liar and you smell like shit


H&M apologizes for showing Black child wearing a ‘monkey in the jungle’ sweatshirt


Ivanka seeks the presidency – and other big claims from explosive new book — that's crazy!


The DACA Program: End it don't mend it! To make more jobs for Americans!


New tack in right-wing Trump defense: The Mueller grand jury is too Black — just too many Niggers to be fair to Trump!


Plan for Confederate 'black troops' statue baffles historian, and the Fucking world


Trump calls for 'Book Burning' of Fire and Fury! 'Black News' may disagree with every word you say in your book, but will defend to the death your right to say it!!


Why did Steve Bannon killed statement praising Donald Trump? Because you can't un-ring a bell!!




Inside Donald Trump's White House: the 14 wildest claims in new book Fire and Fury


Ohio police officer who shot and killed Black 22-year-old says he faced 'imminent threat' what the fuck you think?


Bridging Black and white: How St. Louis residents are trying to surmount racial inequities post-Ferguson


After Nazi Rally, Charlottesville Council Votes For A Black Woman As Its Mayor


Donald Trump's jobs promise just about holding up but trouble may lie ahead


Trump threatens to cut US aid to Palestinians — that shit won't work


In 2017 America's racism and hatred of Blacks has sowed the wind, in 2018 US will reap the whirlwind!!


5 Meditation Techniques for Effective Meditation in a crazy world


Israel say they want them Niggers out the country — like the palestinians, they don't belong


Records show no black fought for the Confederates


Stop ducking from the gay debate; Phil Robertson, right and wrong


Trump's victory is because Blacks stayed t home and some even voted Trump


When Teachers Punish Black Kids More Severely Than White Kids


Mother: Alabama police beat black 17-year-old son



I'm gone beat some sense into you Niggers — That's my right as a white man

'If he talks like a racist and tweets like a racist, odds are he's a racist': Black news website causes controversy with video 'summing up' Trump's racist moments of 2017