Cost of giving illegal immigrants path not worth it



Nat Turner's Rebellion 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia



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Ann Coulter Rips Marco Rubio For Immigration Reform


Shooting Death Of Chicago Teen Ignites Outrage, Enters National Gun Debate


Most Americans are one emergency from financial ruin

But, we got to take care of Mexicans


Israel is much closer to Nazi Germany than Iran is


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By 2020, cancer will be a manageable disease rather than a death sentence


Black Grassroots Activist: 'Jesse Jackson Family Traitors'


2 Latino Men Arrested For Alleged Hate Crimes Against African-American Family

If you're Black and being bullied by a Hispanic, Call ICE!


'Sick And Tired,' Residents In Southern Mexico Defend Themselves


Moms Mabley Amazing Grace The Movie


'The Chronic' 20 Years Later: A


An Audio Document Of The L.A. Riots


Nut Goes Crazy At CMU, Killed By Cops


Beyonce's National Anthem: Did She Sync Or Didn't She?


When A Black Woman Rolls Her Eyes At You, It's Time To Get Running



Don't be cheating now, I Know The Man Got At Least One Vote


Internet prodigy, activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide


Keep your mouth shut, and people won't know stupid fool


Saudi King Invites Women To Join The Debate ... From Another Room

The bathroom


The Harbaugh Bowl: How Sibling Rivalries Play Out in Sports



Bring It On Home To Me By Sam Cooke, A Part Of The Best Live Recording Ever Made


Alabama Wins: This Is Still Your Father's Alabama


Gay marriage: Cameron's plans are 'divisive' and 'ill-thought through', says Liam Fox


Over the cliff 'cause Eric 'the weasel' Cantor says no again to America!


Ohio Town Reels As Rape Case Accusations Fly


Murder, murder, this murder is most foul


John Boehner Has Been Up And Down And Up Again. Where Is He Now?


Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained The Today Show Interview


Stupid Georgia Voters Got The Best Government Money Can Buy


The American People Will Not Let Them Chicken Hawks In The Senate Mistreat A US Soldier


4 dead after police standoff at Aurora, Colo., townhome


New Year Brings Minimum Wage Hikes In 10 States


Obama's On-Again, Off-Again Relationship With Progressives


Ciara's new video "Got Me Good"


'Stand Your Ground' Linked To Increase In Homicides


What Caused the Scramble for Africa?


So WAS Whitney Houston murdered? Private investigator claims he has video proving singer was killed by drug dealers


ABC7 Exclusive: Sandi Jackson talks about Jesse's health, future


House Republicans sharply divided on 'fiscal cliff' deal


Weekend Box Office: 'Django Unchained' Beats Out 'Les Miserables,' 'The Hobbit' Keeps Its Lead


Ball In Boehner's Court After Senate Approves Fiscal Cliff Deal


What a wealth divide in this country


What is the wealth gap?


North Carolina governor pardons 'Wilmington 10'



Justice delayed is justice denied


Vigilante justice needed to stop gun violence in Chicago


U.N. May Charge Israel With War Crimes


What do Blacks feel about illegal immigration?


Israel becomes first nation to boycott UN rights review


Martin Luther: The Jews and Their Lies

Sunday Times editor apologises over Benjamin Netanyahu cartoon


You can't say nothing about these Jews unless it's anti-semitic


Cost of giving illegal immigrants path not worth it


Texas woman who killed neighbor to die in rare execution

Kimberly McCarthy


From blog postings on the Internet, most Americans are against 'Path To Citizenship' in Immigration Plan

"When you legalize those who are in the country illegally, it costs taxpayers millions of dollars, costs American workers thousands of jobs and encourages more illegal immigration," warned Republican Representative Lamar Smith


White woman could win Jesse Jackson Jr. seat


16 to one: 16 blacks and one white woman going for the seat

The white woman's name is Debbie Halvorson


7 Dead, 5 Wounded in Weekend Violence


Will Crooked Black Politicians Stand Your Ground?


Cornel West: Obama Wrong to Use MLK Bible


Java Security Flaw Is Repaired; Experts Say

Graphene: Patent surge reveals global race

Gun purchasers set new record in December: FBI


Black Americans Must Put Their Special Interest, First

Webcast special to 'Black News'


Aaron Swartz the first Internet martyr


Sam 'The Man' Cooke Portrait Of A Legend

Military Suicide Surpassed Combat Deaths In 2012

Al-Jazeera buys Current TV from Al Gore Media Group


A Night Out With Sam Cooke: 'Harlem Square' Turns 50


America's first black president criticized for white male cabinet


Tyler Perry offers $100K reward in Fla. cold cases

Why Are Black American Just Political Suckers

Never bring a knife to a gun fight because you won't win


Can Blacks criticize other Blacks for acting too white

You can't speak your mind about your kind


Lance Armstrong 'confesses' to Oprah Winfrey not the right place

Fat Oprah is not a journalist anyway with herfatself


Alabama routs Notre Dame for BCS title

How Jews Control America And Buy Their Way

Barney Frank, Back (sic) is Barney Frank Back?


Americans are square as a pool table and twice as green: The Jews done played you for a sucker!


GA_Chris wrote:

Most importantly, he [Hagel] is not a blind supporter of Israel. The USA position on Israel has caused much of the un-rest in the middle east as Israel continues to ignore human rights. We should support Israel, but also withhold funding and support when they expand settlements or kill children. Once Israel stops killing, Hamas will loose support and peace can be a realistic opportunity. But then many don’t want that.


The Mysterious Death of Sam Cooke

Black music is at a curious juncture in American Music

Are Black Athletes The New Slaves In America


Too Old To Govern: Both House And Senate


They so old, in a few hours they maybe dead anyway


"Fiscal cliff" talks stall in final hours


Fiscal Cliff Debate: Why The Few Rule

Eating "soul food"can kill you and me

Often Written Off, Biden Has Long List Of Deals To His Name

E. Will Brings In The New Year For "Black News"

Black oldest American dies at 114

Brazil's Drug: Welcome To 'Crackland'

The long-run effects of the Scramble for African wealth goes on

Mamie Rearden

In era of gridlock, Congress "created a monster" and it's it

'Django' unsettling experience to Blacks

Cliffhanger no more? House pushing to final vote

Constituents Weigh In On Sandi Jackson’s Absentee Record


Bank of America, other banks move closer to ending mortgage mess

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